Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A woman has told how her pet dog became a medical hero - after learning to spot symptoms of her super-rare condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Michelle Sutherland suffers from Addison's disease - a condition which means her body not enough cortisol, the "fight or flight hormone". This means Michelle could slip into a deadly coma if shocked unexpectedly and relies heavily on her cockerspaniel, Clive, to warn her when she needs to take her medication.  After her diagnosis, Clive would repeatedly try to get to Michelle's mouth to claw and lick at her face - behaviour Michelle put down to her pup being very clingy.

An urban explorer has achieved his lifelong dream of exploring the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone -- and snapped these amazing pictures to capture the adventure

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ryan Longstaff, 22, spent four days traversing with three other daredevils through the 1,000 sq mi contaminated area last April, where they fed on army rations and camped out in homes abandoned after the 1986 nuclear accident. The credit controller from Newcastle upon Tyne, who’d always wanted to sneak into the Exclusion Zone, reached out to two Ukrainian stalkers who organised the illegal tour for just £500 through the Instagram account chernobyl_urbex_tour. Rather than get a permit to go on a public tour to the Exclusion Zone which is on offer by multiple companies Ryan went private "for the thrill of doing something where we could sneak in and see more stuff than they’d show us".

Soppy couples can now show off their love by getting these flip flops with each other’s faces on

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kanye West's love for sliders inspired London hipsters to design the £39.99  'face flop' - that can have anyone printed on them. The freaky flip-flops are being sold by online retailer Firebox, who are famed for their barmy customisable gifts. A spokesman claimed its summer footwear was perfect for 'sliding into your crush's DMs'.

A new relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex – much smaller than the huge, ferocious dinosaur made famous in countless books and films including Jurassic Park - has been discovered

***EXCLUSIVE*** Named by a Virginia Tech paleontologist and an international team of scientists. The newly named tyrannosauroid dinosaur – Suskityrannus hazelae – stood roughly 3 feet tall at the hip and was about 9 feet in length, the entire animal only marginally longer than just the skull of a fully grown Tyrannosaurus rex, according to Sterling Nesbitt, an assistant professor with Department of Geosciences in the Virginia Tech College of Science. In a wild twist on this discovery, Nesbitt found the fossil at age 16 while a high school student participating in a dig expedition in New Mexico in 1998, led by Doug Wolfe, an author on the paper. In all, Suskityrannus hazelae is believed to have weighed between 45 and 90 pounds. The typical weight for a full-grown Tyrannosaurus rex is roughly 9 tons. Its diet likely consisted of the same as its larger meat-eating counterpart, with Suskityrannus hazelae hunting small animals, although what it hunted is unknown. The dinosaur was at least 3 years old at death based on an analysis of its growth from its bones.

A Devon couple say they are stuck in a derelict 'hell hole' holiday village that is worse than a war zone

***EXCLUSIVE*** The couple flew into Corfu from Exeter on Friday night and have been sharing shocking photographs on social media and say other holidaymakers are paying £200 each to fly home from the village of Agios Gordios. Former solidier Mick Clark from Cranbrook in Devon says the village reminds him of his time serving in war-torn Bosnia. His wife Jayney suffers from a 'ticking timebomb' health condition and they wanted a peaceful break. They thought they had chosen an idyllic, sleepy village on the west coast of the Greek island.

From a close-up toothy croc encounter to gannets attacking a ball of fish under the ocean, some of the best underwater pictures in the world have been revealed in a top competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** More than 4,000 pictures were entered for the underwaterphotography.com contest across 17 categories - from macro close-ups to wide angle and fashion shots, with some Brits claiming gold medals. One of these was Leena Roy, 59 from Basingstoke, who scooped a gold in the Wide Angle Divers category with her shot of a diver swimming through a cluster of silverfish in the Cayman Islands. German Daniel Flormann captured a beautiful mirror image of a crocodile in Jardin de la Reina in Cuba which bagged him a gold in the Wide Angle Marine life category, whilst a closer-up shot of another American croc in Cuba where you can count its teeth won US snapper Susan Meldonian a bronze in the over/under category.