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Man sets new world record for „the greatest distance covered on a treadmill within one week”

‘Adventureman’ Jamie McDonald from Gloucester celebrates setting a new world record for ‘the greatest distance covered on a treadmill within one week'. Jamie McDonald, also known as ‘Adventureman’, will have to run more than 500 miles in a week, that’s the equivalent of three marathons a day. Gloucester fundraiser Jamie has so far run over 350 km. The 32-year-old from Tredworth will have to run more than 500 miles in a week. Jamie is no stranger to epic challenges, just a month ago he ran the equivalent of 210 marathons across the USA. Money from the challenge will be going to The Superhero Foundation, a charity that provides money for treatment not available on the NHS.

I suffered a massive stroke during an emergency c-section and now I’m in a wheelchair for life

***EXCLUSIVE*** A disabled mother has spoken about how a massive hemorrhagic stroke caused by an unsolicited emergency c section destroyed her whole life. Samantha Wilkinson, 37, was rushed to Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan, as she went into labour with her third child in 2010. But she suffered a debilitating stroke during an emergency c section -- and was unexamined by hospital staff for a whole hour. Now wheelchair-bound for life, Samantha is epileptic and has chronic headaches.

Baby girl born with 2 formed teeth shocks mom, doctors

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum was astonished to discover her newborn baby was born with two front teeth. Nerissa Woodward, 18, was stunned when she gave birth to little Emilia Harper Jaymes Bridge and found the baby girl had entered the world with her two front bottom canines intact. The baby was in the breech position so medics performed a c-section at St Mary's Hospital, Manchester on 31st December last year and the little girl - who weighed a healthy 6lbs 12oz - was placed straight in her mum's arms. It wasn't until an hour after the delivery that Nerissa and her bus driver partner, Michael Bridge, 20, realised their daughter had been born with the gnashers - when she went to feed the tot.

Mum pleads with parents to vaccinate kids after baby son almost dies from measles

***EXCLUSIVE*** Experts are warning the UK could be facing a „vaccination timebomb” as more young parents turn to anti-vaccination sites online. Research revealed half of parents - including 59 per cent of those under 25 - feel the so-called „anti-vaxx” movement is becoming more influential. A significant 83 per cent of young mums and dads with children aged five and under - the age when most vaccines are administered - admit reading anti-jab scare stories, compared to 65 per cent of parents overall. Currently, just over half of parents carry out their own research before deciding whether to vaccinate their child, the study for UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health and parenting site ChannelMum.com found. Mum Sophie Dale is campaigning for parents to give their children the MMR jab after her son Levi almost died from measles aged just 11 months. Although initially unsure about vaccinating, she decided to inoculate the tot after carrying out her own research.

These King Penguins look like they are wearing unusual fur coats over their feathers or in one instance a fur hat

***EXCLUSIVE*** The moment was captured of the birds moulting their downy feathers as their adult plumage comes in which will allow them to go to sea. Gordon Petersen, 63, photographed the penguins on the South Georgia Island which is considered one of the most important breeding grounds for seabirds in the world. Gordon from Alberta, Canada said, "The downy feathers protected them as chicks. The King Penguin chicks look rather odd and funny, especially compared to the gorgeous, sleek adults. The chicks look even funnier with the scraggily bits of down still attached here and there."