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I have the worst Tourettes in America

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE IOWA, USA: A 17-year-old has been diagnosed with one of the most extreme cases of Tourette’s in the world - but with the help of ground-breaking treatment, his constant tics are beginning to ease. Trevor Smith, from Iowa, US, received an initial diagnosis when he was just eight years old, with doctors identifying mild tics in his hands, neck and around his eyes. Now a freshman at college, Trevor has spent his teenage years experiencing uncontrollable jerks and twists to his body, with none of the available treatments working. Apart from brief respite when he plays guitar and piano, Trevor has been searching for a more consistent option to help his disorder - and now, he seems to have found the answer. Trevor has received a deep brain stimulation; a surgery that is usually performed on people living with Parkison’s and involves implanting electrodes in the brain to send electronic signals through the body. And thankfully, the early signs of this last-ditch attempt for treatment are looking promising, with Trevor’s tics beginning to reduce.

Nine sets of twins at the same school about to sit 360 GCSE exams

***EXCLUSIVE*** A staggering nine sets of twins at the same school are preparing to take more than 360 GCSE exams between them this month.  The siblings, who make up seven per cent of their year group at Robert May's School in Odiham, Hants, are revising for exam season which begins on May 14, and many are being driven by sibling rivalry as they take on hundreds of hours of revision. All of the twins joined the school in year seven, and amazing photos capture how they've grown from their first weeks in year seven to sitting their final exams in year 11.  Among them are a pair who are predicted top grades in the 49 exams they will take between them, and a high-flying pupil who earned one of just nine places on prestigious course run by world-leading F1 team Williams.

Meet Scotland's youngest mountaineer - a little baby who first went up a Munro aged just six weeks old

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lara Mills, now aged five months old, is beating all her developmental targets, which her mum, Deborah MacDonald, 32, attributes to the amount of time the family spend enjoying the outdoors. Carried in a pack by either Deborah or partner Scott Mills, 33, Lara has now been up 13 hills and mountains in Scotland, most recently Ben Vrackie in Perthshire, where they walked on Saturday. The longest walk Lara has been on was about six hours long, but most are much shorter, and she travels in a little red outfit which looks like a sleeping bag, and always wears a hat to keep her head warm.

Largest great white up close

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating underwater pictures reveal this husband and wife duo as they venture to the depths of the ocean and encounter one of the LARGEST GREAT WHITE SHARKS ever recorded by divers – in a bid to show that sharks aren’t ‘MAN EATING MONSTERS.’ Nail-biting images reveal the true personality of the largest great white shark at approximately 22-feet wide, thought to be a terrifying predator, swimming calmly with free-diver, Kayleigh (30), taken by her husband, underwater photographer, Cam Grant (28), from Hawaii, USA. She can also be seen posing alongside thousands of tiger sharks as if she was one of them and even touching one with her hand as it glides through the waters off the island of Oahu. Further pictures show Kayleigh playfully socialising with sting rays as part of her freediving lesson. Cam has taken the stunning photographs to change the public’s fear of great whites into ‘fascination’ as well as to raise awareness of trying to take better care of the world’s oceans.

A 14-year-old schoolboy has become the youngest Brit to fly solo in a powered aircraft - three years before he's even allowed to DRIVE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Junior aviator Maksim Ferguson bypassed British laws - which will not allow him to get his wings until he is 16 - by travelling to Canada for the privilege. Canada is the only country in the world where a 14-year-old is allowed to fly on their own. Teenager Maks received a certificate after he took to the skies at Burlington, Ontario, Canada, on Monday April 15 at age 14 years, one month and 28 days old.

Woman who was almost ABDUCTED says she lives in fear after her narrow escape - as she reveals she has since learned how to use a GUN, and carries a siren and pepper spray with her

***EXCLUSIVE*** This mum of two was so TERRIFIED after a man attempted to ABDUCT HER that she thinks about the attack ‘HUNDREDS’ of times a day - but you wouldn’t want to mess with her now as she has since joined self-defence classes, learnt to use a PISTOL and carries a siren with her wherever she goes. In August 2017, mortgage customer support manager, Lindsey Alexandra (38) from Michigan, USA, was on one of her regular walks during lunch when she noticed a car driving alongside her with the window down. The man poked his head out of the window and offered her a ride, to which she rejected politely and kept on walking. He kept persisting, while continuing to drive beside her, when he eventually pulled up into a coffee shop driveway in front of her and blocked her path. He started begging her to get into his car and despite ignoring him, he parked in the driveway and got out, pleading her to get into his car, claiming that he needed a friend and had no one to talk to. After continuing to resist, he became more aggressive and grabbed her elbow, then put his arm around her shoulders, when Lindsey spun out of his arm. She ran away from him towards a nearby fire department, which was 600 feet away from where he was, yelling for help, when a firefighter heard her and chased after the man, however, the man managed to get away in his car. Despite reporting the man, nothing could be done as Lindsey couldn’t identify him, so for protection, she took a friend with her on her walks. A year later, he appeared again on their route and her friend made a note of the vehicle. However, when another report was filed, the man wasn’t part of the line-up.

A man who avoided dating because he was so self-conscious of his „man boobs” has finally had surgery to remove them after 17 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alex Moore, 30, was 13 when he began to develop gynecomastia, a condition in which men develop breast tissue because of a hormone imbalance. Alex, of Los Angeles, California, USA, has spent almost two decades concealing his ‚Äėmoobs‚Äô in over-sized clothing and strapping them down with muscle vests while playing sports. The Uber driver and gymnastics teacher said the condition has taken a huge psychological toll on him. He has even avoided dating because his insecurities about his breasts made him anxious of being intimate with a partner. After almost two decades of turmoil, Alex underwent breast reduction surgery on April 23, which he said has greatly impacted on his happiness. Alex said: "It just feels kind of like a new lease on life to be so cliche and it feels great. It really does. "I have to wear a compression garment and that has to continue for the next seven weeks now.

Kids Pub

***EXCLUSIVE*** At first glance it looks like a normal pub scene but take a second look and you’ll notice this is a pub for kids, which ran during the 1950s. The stunning retro pictures show children happily going round to their own kid’s bar where eight-year-old Peter Clarke, the landlord’s son, serves soft drinks while the parents are on the stronger stuff next door in the real pub. Other incredible images show how everything was to scale for the children’s enjoyment as tables, chairs and a slot machine kept them amused while some boys gossip and girls read comic books. The remarkable photographs were taken at the Bridge House in Bracknell in March 1955 after a new large industrial housing estate was constructed nearby.

Sleep well! On the track

Christophe Boyer runs a restaurant and an event location at Rehagen station on the disused line of the Royal Prussian Military Railway. With funds from the crowdfunding the railway car of the sleeping car hotel was extended for winter. Christophe Boyer runs a restaurant and an event location in Rehagen station on the disused line of the Royal Prussian Military Railway. With funds from the crowdfunding the railway car of the sleeping car hotel was winterproofed.