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Architect creates stunning solar powered re-design of Notre Dame spire made with crystal glass that has a garden at the top the 850-year-old cathedral

***EXCLUSIVE*** An award-winning architect has unveiled his grand plans for the fire-damaged Notre Dame cathedral spire which would even include a garden to grow 21 tonnes of fruit and vegetables each year. Vincent Callebaut has submitted his innovative designs for the rebuild of the famous cathedral, which would transform it into a modern, eco-friendly building. The architect's stunning plans would even see the cathedral in Paris, France, become self-sufficient, producing more energy than it consumes. Mr Callebaut said this would be done through a special crystal glass on his incredible curved spire, which would absorb light and use it to power the building.

Mother-of-two ditches vegan diet she followed for 15 YEARS after it caused her immune system to crash - and now she ONLY eats meat and claims she has more energy than ever before

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: This mum-of-two has ditched the vegan diet she followed for FIFTEEN-YEARS after it caused her immune system to crash and now only eats MEAT which she says has given her more energy than ever before – she also adds that contrary to popular belief it ISN’T BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. Health coach, Nicole Carter (44) from California, USA, went vegan when she was 18 thinking it was the best thing to do for her health and to protect the environment. For 15-years Nicole lived on a diet rich in whole foods, packed with leafy greens, berries and freshly squeezed juices. She also cut out sugar and alcohol and spent her days scouring local food markets, growing vegetables in her garden and making her own flaxseed crackers, veggie burgers and nut milks. Initially Nicole felt great but this soon changed as her immune system crashed and she started to suffer with candida overgrowth, joint pain, anxiety, depression, low energy, insomnia, constipation, digestive problems and was eventually diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in September, 2012. Nicole tried everything to try to improve her health and took natural supplements to give herself a boost, but nothing worked. A year ago, Nicole started to research the carnivore diet, and after reading of the positive ways it had helped others thought she would give it a go to see if it could relive her ulcerative colitis. Almost immediately she noticed an improvement in her gut health, energy levels and mood and found she had more spare time. Typically, Nicole eats a pound-and-a-half of red meat a day and sometimes adds in bacon and eggs, drinking coffee, water and sparkling water. She has also lost weight, going from 9st 4lb when she was vegan to 8st 6lb now and feels better than ever before.

An entire private island in Florida is up for sale, and it’s absolutely stunning

***EXCLUSIVE*** Escape to your very own private island after this 1.4-acre piece of paradise went on the market for around £11.9m. Stunning pictures show the beautiful island from above with a main residence surrounded by sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Other incredible images show inside the property with luxurious bedrooms, a modern kitchen and an extensive decking area as well as a shimmering pool and outside lounging area. East Sister Rock is located in Florida, USA and is currently listed by www.privateislandsonline.com for just under £11.9m.

Green vine snake swallows a WHOLE garden lizard after lunging from a tree branch and clamping the other reptile in its mouth

***EXCLUSIVE*** This green vine snake opens its mouth wide as it swallows an entire lizard. The lethal predator suddenly lunged to clamp its mouth around the helpless garden lizard's head, leaving the reptile dangling from a tree. The snake, which can grow to 5ft long, stretched its mouth and then proceeded to swallow it whole. Venky Kishor captured photos of the snake's attack at Bhadra Tiger Reserve near Chikkamagalor in Karnataka state, India.

Skiers take to the slopes of Ben Nevis in this May

***EXCLUSIVE*** These skiers spent one of the coldest May bank holidays at the peak of Ben Nevis as the mountain remained covered in snow. The Inverness Backcountry Snowsports Club were skiing up to 1,300 metres high during this year's bank holiday weekend, which was one of the coldest on record. They negotiated a treacherous looking route down a narrow chute between a series of rocks.

Pony foal eats grass hanging from it's mothers mouth

***EXCLUSIVE*** Straight from the horses mouth: The young pony was grazing on grass in the New Forest when it decided the grass hanging from it's mother mouth looked much tastier, so trotted over to munch on it. The moment between the two New Forest ponies was captured by Steven Hogan near Lyndhurst, Hampshire.

Florida invaded by millions of ‘love bug’ insects turning skies black as locals say ‘it’s never been this bad’

Millions of lovebugs have descended on Florida in what locals there are calling the worst ever swarms of the insects. The insects get their name because they usually fly around in mating pairs and are particularly attracted to the Sunshine State’s warm, moist weather. Around this time of the year and again in August and September, the insects go on a mating frenzy. Lovebugs are from the same family as flies and hurl themselves toward traffic in suicidal swarms, covering vehicle windshields and bonnets. The insects are oddly attracted to vehicle fumes and hot asphalt, research has shown. The swarms often force outdoor restaurants to close and car washes are busy with drivers anxious to get rid of lovebug remains to stop them corroding paint. While they also congregate in Mississippi they are particularly attracted by Florida’s heat and decomposing plant debris, where they lay their eggs. Across social media, Florida residents are proclaiming this the "worst lovebug year ever", it was reported.