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The husband and wife with thousands of tumours

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, EDMONTON, ALBERTA: Despite being born with Neurofibromatosis that has left 90% of her body covered in tumour „bubbles”, a woman has found the love of her life - who just happens to have the same condition. 58-year-old Gail Appelgren inherited a severe form of Neurofibromatosis (NF) from her mother at birth. Causing tumours to form on nerve tissue, they can develop anywhere in the nervous system, including on your brain and spinal cord - often making the condition life-threatening. Since she was first diagnosed at 12 years old, Gail, who lives in Edmonton, Canada, has received more than 40 surgeries to try and correct the thousands of tumours on her body and counter the skin cancer that has formed as a result. Over the years, Gail has been accused of being contagious and has been banned from public swimming pools because of the way she looks - however, her luck began to change in August 2010 when she met her now husband, Tim Golumbia, a fellow sufferer of the condition. Tim, 55, was born with a more mild form of NF, but understands more than most what it’s like to live with such a visual, and different, appearance. And after just a string of dates, the happy couple found great comfort in one and other and haven’t looked back since.

Student who spends two hours a day covering her severe acne with make-up REFUSES to date for fear men will feel 'catfished' when they see her real face

***EXCLUSIVE*** GLASGOW, SCOTLAND: This student refuses to date because she doesn’t want to CATFISH anyone, but she credits moving to UNIVERSITY for helping her leave the house without makeup after years of spending TWO HOURS every day covering her cystic acne. Sales advisor and criminology student, Abigail Collins (19) from Glasgow, Scotland, was only 10 when she started noticing breakouts on her face, but over the years her occasional breakouts became more frequent, and by 2014 Abigail was dealing with severe cystic acne. Getting ready for school grew increasingly difficult as Abigail would spend up to two hours doing her makeup every day before school, trying to ensure that her acne was completely covered. This often made her late to school as a result. Abigail endured years of cruel taunts, negative comments and frequent staring due to the severity of her acne. Being the only person she knew of with acne made Abigail feel like the ‘elephant in the room’ and her low self-confidence made it difficult to make friends. Abigail avoids dating because she doesn’t want people to think she’s hiding her true appearance. The prospect of moving to university made Abigail nervous in case she received further criticism for her appearance. Initially, Abigail skipped lectures because she didn’t want to leave the house, but over time she became more comfortable as she realised that nobody cared how she looked. As a student, Abigail had less time to spend doing her makeup and eventually started leaving the house without any makeup at all. Now, it’s rare that Abigail wears any makeup to university as she prefers to save it for going out. Abigail began sharing her journey on Instagram because she felt underrepresented in the media and this created a way to connect with others going through the same thing. After years of feeling ugly and unworthy because of her blemished skin, Abigail wants to show others that acne doesn’t define them and that they aren’t alone, as she once believed.

This is the moment a mother saw her twin babies for the first time after she went BLIND during her pregnancy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adama, 30, was five months pregnant when cataracts developed on her eyes and by the time her son and daughter were both born she was totally blind. She had no access to affordable, safe surgery to restore her vision, and was forced to move in with family who she relied on for everything. But she was finally able to see her babies for the first time after hospital boat operated by charity Mercy Ships docked nearby, and medics operated to remove the cataracts.

Iconic pearl-wearing moments set in chocolate

***EXCLUSIVE*** More than one in ten women, polled via OnePoll, admit Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, have made pearls popular again by updating the public’s image of the traditional gemstone. The most iconic image featuring pearls was voted as Marilyn Monroe’s iconic ensemble in hit movie ‘Some Like it Hot’. Princess Diana’s signature sapphire and pearl set came in second, and Vermeer’s masterpiece ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ placed third. To celebrate the enduring popularity of pearls as a fashion accessory, Thorntons has recreated some of the nation’s favourite iconic pearl-wearing moments – with a twist.

This is the moment a lightning bolt strikes the tallest building in the world during a violent thunderstorm in Dubai

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dubai based photographer Teemu Jarvinen, 24, was taking pictures of the city's skyline when he caught these jaw-dropping pictures of the 828m-tall Burj Khalifia in the UAE. The professional photographer "was lucky enough" to capture the powerful lightning bolt striking the highest point of the huge skyscraper.

Graphic photos from the American Civil War capture the death and destruction of America’s bloodiest conflict

***EXCLUSIVE*** Graphic photographs from the American Civil War capture the death and destruction of the USA’s bloodiest conflict. Harrowing images from the brutal American Civil War, which lasted from 1861-1865, show countless rows of freshly filled graves, dead soldiers slumped in trenches, and packed hospitals doing their best to deal with the hordes of suffering countrymen. The remarkable shots were captured by renowned Civil War photographer Mathew Brady, who travelled throughout the conflict meeting the war’s key players and collecting photos of the war’s devastating consequences, which led to the untimely deaths of over 620,000 soldiers – nearly as many Americans soldiers as died in all the other wars in which the US has fought combined.

A mother who piled on the pounds to take away the pain of losing both her son and fiance has revealed her slender new look

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sheila Henshall, 54, had always struggled with her weight following the birth of her two children who were both later diagnosed with epileptic conditions.  But following the death of her son, Dean, who suffered from GEFS+ Syndrome, in October 2009, Sheila found comfort in food to hide away from the grief she was feeling.  Sheila was dealt a second crushing blow when her partner of seven years, Conrad, 49, died in August 2011 from a stomach aneurysm - days after proposing while on a cruise.  Her weight spiralled out of control and she tipped the scales at just over 15 stone after gorging on chocolates, junk food and sugary snacks.  Sheila, who is 5ft 5 inches tall, decided to overhaul her lifestyle to help give daughter Lucy, who suffers from Dravet Syndrome, the best life possible.