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Teenager, 14, with cerebral palsy celebrates visiting 30 countries with his loving family as he refuses to let his condition hinder his passion for travel

***EXCLUSIVE*** An inspirational teenage foodie with Cerebal Palsy isn’t letting his condition hold him back and has already travelled to 30 COUNTRIES aged just FOURTEEN and his family say everyone should ‘just do it’ – even though they almost LOST THEIR DAUGHTER on a train in China. Australian Cooper Smith has a condition known as Dystonic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around, but that hasn’t stopped him from globetrotting and sampling various cuisines right across the world. Due to complications during his birth Cooper has brain damage and but whilst it has impacted on Cooper's mobility and speech, it has not affected his intellectual ability. Stunning photos show the Smith family, who are based in Melbourne, in various exotic locations around the world, including India, Mongolia, Sweden, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka. Cooper’s mum Bronwyn Leeks (43) believes that a positive outlook and forward planning can allow anybody to travel to exotic locations.

Woman, 25, who suffered miscarriage after four years trying for a baby has triplets after vowing second cycle of IVF would be her last

***EXCLUSIVE*** Niketa Bell, 25, struggled to fall pregnant after her husband Mark, 30, discovered a congenital defect meant it would be difficult to have children naturally. Niketa fell pregnant after the first but the couple's joy quickly turned to despair after she suffered a miscarriage at 12 weeks in May 2018. She initially refused a second round of IVF because of the emotion and trauma both her and Mark had already suffered. But not giving up hope, she plucked up the courage to give it one last go and fell pregnant again in September last year.

Teenager with a facial birthmark reveals she's proud of the port wine stain and never tries to cover it - despite receiving abuse from strangers

***EXCLUSIVE*** This British teen wears her facial birthmark with pride and has never felt the need to cover it with makeup despite having strangers shout, “WHAT THE F*** IS ON YOUR FACE?” at her in the street and being constantly stared at wherever she goes. Student, Eleanor Hardie (19) from Ascot, UK, was born with a port wine stain birthmark on her face but thanks to her parents teaching her to love it and not let it hold her back, she never considered it an issue. It wasn’t until Eleanor was eight that she first started to question what her birthmark was as she noticed people staring at her. Growing up at primary school, her peers would ask her about her birthmark but would often move on once Eleanor explained. Despite this, Eleanor was called “ugly” because of her port wine stain by one girl and has since been shouted at when walking down the street on holiday in Croatia with a person driving by shouting, “what the f*** is on your face?” and has had people laugh at her on the train. Having grown up with people noticing her for her birthmark, Eleanor has learnt to brush off the comments and defiantly never covers up with makeup as she loves her birthmark and is proud of it. From the ages of six months to 16-years-old Eleanor underwent 24 laser surgeries under general anaesthetic to prevent her birthmark from getting darker or any bigger. Thanks to her stunning birthmark, Eleanor has been the willing subject for her friend’s art project showcasing different aspects of beauty.

Back to school! Stunning former Victorian school house-turned two-bedroom home hits the market for £1.2million with spiral staircase and four-poster bed

***EXCLUSIVE*** Head back to school with this stunning two-bed house located in a former Victorian school, which could be yours for £1.175m. Incredible images show the exterior of the former Victorian school, the modern kitchen inside and the spacious living area with a high-vault ceiling. Other striking shots show the cosy bedroom with a four-poster bed, sleek bathroom and study area overlooking the living room. The two-bed school conversion is located in The Lycee, London and is currently listed by Unique Property Company for £1.175m.

Remarkable photos reveal how African-American soldiers fought bravely shoulder-to-shoulder with their white comrades in WWI - only to return home to face widespread racism

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible images from the First World War show the brave African-American men who fought for a country which actively oppressed and segregated them. The remarkable shots, which were taken circa 1918, depict a proud father holding up eleven stars, one for each of his sons serving; jubilant soldiers returning home after valiantly fighting for their lives in France; and rapturous crowds welcoming their heroes home. In April 1917, when the United States entered the Great War, regulations known as the ‘Jim Crow Laws’ were fiercely enforced to ensure that white and black people could not or would not mix. A hangover from United States’ slavery system, many African American men hoped that the First World War would give them a platform to fight for their country and for rights to full citizenship.

Frock and roll! Behind the scenes at BBC's Six-Five Special

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures have offered a glimpse behind the scenes of top British TV show the Six-Five Special in 1958. Incredible images show compere Jim Dale introducing the debs’ chaperone for the night Lady Donegal, debs and their escorts dancing during the show and Olga Loubcheny whose moves ‘made all the boys stare’. Other striking shots show one woman looking adoringly at Calypso singer Philippe Fornando as she dances, the crowd arriving for the recording of the show and some of the debs and their escorts sitting out after the pace got too much. The remarkable photographs were taken at the Six-Five Special television show in 1958. According to the original caption, top British TV show the Six-Five Special invited the top people to the studio. Britain's Debs clad in the latest fashions - sacks, chemises - went along and rocked and rocked and rocked.

Hummingbird drinks from tap

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tiny sunbird drinks from a drop of water hanging from the spout of a tap. The bird, which is no more than 8cm long, hovers at the water source in a back garden, taking a sip with the long, curved beak it ordinarily uses for drinking nectar from flowers. Photographer Budi Gunawan, 45, set up a light in his garden to capture the silhouette of the bird. Having seen the creature drinking at his garden tap, he set up a paper backdrop and wore camouflage to wait for the bird to return for another drink. Sunbirds are found in tropical Africa and forests in Southeast Asia. Their long, tube-shaped tongues let them drink the nectar from flowers, which they also help to pollinate. It is rare to see them hovering to drink nectar, as they usually prefer to perch as they feed or drink.