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Couple who discovered they were pregnant 4 months after their first baby was stillborn share their journey

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the grieving mum who endured a FULL TERM STILLBIRTH but to her surprise she fell pregnant again FOUR MONTHS after the loss of her first baby and has since decided to share her journey in the hopes that she can encourage other mums to speak out about pregnancy loss and grief. Photographer, Amanda Feltmann (30) and her husband Mitch (31), from Minnesota, USA, found out she was pregnant with their first child, Juniper, in December 2017, and experienced a ‘normal’ pregnancy according to her doctors. At her 20-week ultrasound scan, Juniper was shown to be measuring smaller than average, which prompted the doctor to refer her to the maternal foetal medical clinic. Her doctor hadn’t done an earlier due date ultrasound, which meant that her due date was changed from August 25, 2018, to September 3, 2018, because of a typo. Around week 26 of her pregnancy, doctors had confirmed that Juniper had a condition called intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), a poor growth of a foetus while in the mother’s womb during pregnancy which is often caused by a placental insufficiency. Juniper was stillborn in August 2018, just days before her scheduled induction due date, which came as a shock to Amanda and her husband, Mitchell (31). They agreed to name her Juniper. They spent the next 24 hours holding and cradling their stillborn daughter and had a Christian ceremony to surround her with laughter and happiness, despite feeling heartbroken. In a bid to show how proud they are of her, they decided to post pictures of her and share her story on social media. In December 2018, almost close to the day, a year later, Amanda found out she was pregnant with Juniper, they got some bitter-sweet news. She is pregnant again with their second child and is now around 24-weeks pregnant. They were filled with mixed emotions when they received the news; they cried with happiness, anxiety and hope.

MET Dog Gala

***EXCLUSIVE*** These funny portraits of dogs wearing luxury outfits which only have the "very best materials" have been designed to celebrate the annual Met Gala. Celebrity "pet couturier" Anthony Rubio, from New York, has personally designed and produced each garment himself - especially for his Chihuahua boys Bogie and Kimba.

Woman, 24, who found a lump in her breast while getting ready for a night out was dismissed doctors who said she was 'too young' for cancer - until she demanded a scan that revealed a tumor

***EXCLUSIVE*** FLORIDA, USA: This stunning woman found a lump in her breast while applying an adhesive bra, but doctors told her it was NOTHING until she DEMANDED it be tested and was diagnosed with BREAST CANCER - resulting in intense chemotherapy that left her with memory loss, shortness of breath and muscle deterioration. Culinary and hospitality publicist, Alexandria Whitaker (25) from Florida, USA, was getting ready for a night out with her friends in January 2018 when she noticed a lump in her breast. Alexandria remembered the lump the next morning and decided to get it checked to be sure it was nothing. However, Alexandria’s doctor soon dismissed her, saying that she was only 24 and had no family history of breast cancer so it was nothing. Alexandria wanted a more thorough examination rather than a quick judgement, so she pushed to be given an ultrasound and mammogram later that week. Unfortunately, the ultrasound revealed an object in her breast, leading to the decision to carry out a biopsy in February 2018. On February 8, 2018, Alexandria’s doctor, who initially was against her getting tests done, called to tell her that she had triple positive breast cancer. Alexandria was devastated but she immediately started meeting with new doctors and surgeons to begin treatment. In March 2018, Alexandria began chemotherapy and simultaneously started her medically-induced menopause to preserve her fertility. Alexandria did five rounds of chemotherapy and hormone therapy for a year. Just two weeks after her first session, Alexandria started losing her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, she became weak, nauseous and suffered memory issues. Having a double mastectomy was a straightforward decision for Alexandria once she completed chemotherapy because she struggled so much with the treatment and she knew that she couldn’t endure that again. Alexandria’s double mastectomy took place in July. Despite the journey, Alexandria has learned to love her body more than she ever did before her diagnosis because it has fought so much to get her where she is today.

Life-sized VW camper van made entirely of LEGO is painstakingly built out of 400,000 bricks

***EXCLUSIVE*** GERMANY: A fullsize replica of an iconic campervan has been painstakingly built out of FOUR-HUNDRED-THOUSAND LEGO BRICKS. Incredible images of the VW T2 Bulli van, which was unveiled at the German leisure and tourism fair ‘f.re.e’ last week, show exceptional attention to detail with working headlights, a step for easy access and even a LEGO spider making themselves at home next to the camper’s kitchen unit. More stunning shots shows a toothbrush and toothpaste set in a washbag, and pictures hanging up on the motorhome’s walls at the Munich exhibition. The extraordinary creation was built by LEGO builder Rene Hoffmeister, one of only twelve certified LEGO model builders worldwide, and his colleague Pascal Lenhard who spent six weeks straight completing the epic project.

Woman whose baby was born with a port wine stain covering half of his face was left in tears when strangers mistook his birthmark for MEASLES

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shawntel Newton was stunned to see the dark purple mark stretch across the entire left side of her newborn Leo’s face with a patch on his right cheek. The former funeral director, who made it to the final four in The Bachelor’s 2010 season with Brad Womack, learnt that her son, now six months, suffered with Sturge-Weber Syndrome. The rare neurological condition is associated with port wine stain and sufferers often experience neurological difficulties including seizures and eye problems. Little Leo had his first laser treatment when he was just five days old and is also taking anti-seizure medication which doctors hope will prevent him suffering a stroke. Shawntel, 33, revealed that ignorant comments about her son had left her weeping. The mum-of-two, of Granite Bay, California, USA, said: “It can be a struggle when I am out with Leo after he has had laser treatment and people will stare and wonder what is on his face.“The treatment makes his birthmark darker and there are red blotches on his face. “One time I had someone ask me if he had the measles.

How they got away from it all in 1958! Tourists could see the sights while beating the weather in this fantastic motorbike sidecar that turned into caravan

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures have revealed a road trip with a difference as two women enjoy a weekend away staying in a sidecar-cum-caravan in 1959. The incredible images show the two friends on a motorbike and sidecar as they begin to transform the sidecar into their accommodation for the night. Other striking shots show the various stages of the transformation as the women create a caravan from the sidecar. They are then pictured relaxing inside the caravan alongside a baby and enjoying a well-earned rest after the hard work of building it. The remarkable photographs were taken in the UK in 1958 as two women enjoyed a weekend away during the British summer.

These beautiful pictures show harvest mice coming out to play in the blossoming flowers after days of rain

***EXCLUSIVE*** The heart-warming snaps captured by wildlife photographer Alex Meek, 32, show a rare glimpse of the wild harvest mice - which measure just 55mm long.  Alex, of Scarborough, in North Yorkshire, says he stood around two feet away from the tiny creatures which nestled themselves in the tulips heads and dandelions.