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Guardian Angel: I carried my triplets to full term knowing one had already died in my womb

***EXCLUSIVE*** KENT, UK: This brave mother endured half her TRIPLET pregnancy knowing that one of her babies would be STILLBORN, and she insists that there’s not enough support for bereaved parents after only finding solace through sharing her journey through INSTAGRAM. Kirsty Alexander (33) from Kent, UK, and her husband John (39) were delighted to welcome their firstborn daughter, Bonnie, in July 2017 as they celebrated their family growing. By July 2018, Kirsty found out that she was pregnant again, much to her astonishment after requiring IVF to conceive Bonnie. She felt different the second time around, and from four weeks gestation Kirsty noticed bleeding. After the initial excitement, Kirsty and John feared this was a sign of miscarriage, so they booked an early ultrasound at seven weeks. The consultant reassured the couple that all was fine, and that there were in fact three heartbeats. Unfortunately, at 18 weeks, a scan revealed some issues with one of the babies’ developments. In October, Kirsty and John saw a consultant who looked at her brain in more detail and believed that there was a development issue, causing that baby to pass away. Early on, Kirsty had joked that the babies looked like dots on their initial ultrasound scan, but after finding out they had lost one of the triplets, they looked back over the ultrasounds and were amazed at how much they’d changed over the weeks. Kirsty named their angel baby Dotty from then on, mesmerised by how much more than dots they were. Dotty, Delilah and Wilfred were born March 6, 2019 at 36 weeks via caesarean section, but Kirsty had to go through her pregnancy knowing that one of her triplets would be stillborn. Her anxiety soared and she became terrified that something would happen to her other two babies. Aside from her supporting friends and family, little bereavement support was offered, but after a few weeks it was suggested that Kirsty share her feelings, but she couldn’t bring herself to do this with anyone face to face. It was during this time that Kirsty formed her Instagram page to share her feelings without having to say them out loud. Others who had gone through similar experiences connected with Kirsty and she found a supportive network in the most unlikely of places.


Age defying mother-of-two, 47, puts her toned physique and youthful looks down to drinking nothing but WATER for THREE weeks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the former party girl and mum-of-two who after living a lifestyle of heavy drinking and binge-eating has finally got her life together and at FOURTY-SEVEN-YEARS-OLD has people asking her how she looks SO YOUNG – and she puts it down to fasting for up to TWENTY-ONE DAYS on WATER. Stunning pictures show yoga and wellness coach and mum-of-two, Nicola Arthur (47) from Sydney, Australia, looking more radiant than most women her age and she puts it all down to decades of yoga, healthy eating and even water fasting to defy ageing. However, it wasn’t always this way as when Nicola took on a hairdressing apprenticeship at the age of 17, she became more social and to fit in began indulging in a party girl lifestyle of heavy smoking, binge drinking sometimes even two days in a row on weekends and overeating. When she turned 24, she decided to make a change because she didn’t like the habits she had picked up, so started her journey to become healthy. Nicola had personal training sessions three times a week and during this time, she began preparing for fitness competitions to keep her on track and motivated. Nicola stopped her fad diets, smoking, drinking and partying but quickly became obsessed with her new ‘healthy’ regime and for 10-years would starve herself all day only to binge on sugary snacks in the evening that made her feel terrible. It wasn’t until Nicola got married in February 2000 and fell pregnant with her first child Lucia in May 2002 that she found the motivation to really change her lifestyle and started only eating raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. She also began practising yoga and believes it has helped her to reduce negativity and accept herself. She has just finished a full 21 days of consuming absolutely nothing but water and believes that this keeps her feeling and looking young.

Living with the Dead

***EXCLUSIVE*** MANILA, PHILIPPINES: Manila North Cemetery, which opened in 1904, is one of the oldest and largest in the Philippines. Its elaborate mausoleums and endless stacked tombs are home to an estimated one million of the dead. Hundreds of families have made the cemetery their home. It’s like a fully functional residential compound. People live in the crypts and mausoleums of wealthy families. Illegal wires tap into the main electrical supply and power the homes whilst water is brought in plastic containers filled from a deep well inside the premises.

A green-fingered couple have created an oasis at their home in the industrial heartlands of the Black Country which boasts 3,000 species and attracts visitors from 28 countries

***EXCLUSIVE*** Marie and Tony Newton, both 67, from Walsall, West Midlands, have spent 22 years transforming their back lawn and flowerbeds into a spectacular paradise, known as the 'Four Seasons' garden.  Bursting with vivid colours, the third of an acre garden boasts 140 Japanese maples, 20 ilex golden kings, 15 juniper blue stars and two huge Virginia creepers.

A 14-year-old who hasn't eaten in months was told she had mental health problems until doctors discovered parts of her body were crushing her arteries and veins

***EXCLUSIVE*** Grace Jackson-Matthew, 14, was told for eight years her eating problems were psychological until a new test in Germany revealed she had four different illnesses that were putting severe pressure on her major blood vessels. Her parents say life-changing surgery that will stop her deteriorating is not available in the UK and they face a £50,000 bill to take her abroad. So far they have raised over £11,000 in an online Crowdfunding campaign.

A series of stunning photos capturing impulsive moments at special events have scooped awards in a national photography contest

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Event Photography Awards (EPAs) held its sixth annual celebration which saw 12 category winners and three overall. The theme of the category winners included - private events, corporate events, conferences, experiential events, brand activations, music events, trade shows and weddings.