Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Fitness fanatic who was spat on by bullies for being 'fat' reveals she now goes to the gym SIX-days-a week - and is the most confident she's been thanks to her curvier size 16 figure

***EXCLUSIVE*** This body positive fitness fanatic with a whopping 955K Instagram followers had cruel bullies SPIT ON HER at school for being ‘fat’ and has been criticised for her curvy weight gain transformation and told that she can’t be her size and fit and healthy – despite working out up to SIX DAYS A WEEK. When growing up, IT worker, Nicole Herring (23) from London, UK, was bullied for how she looked throughout school and when her body started to develop more curvy than her friends, she was labelled ‘fat’ by nasty bullies who threw drinks on her and spat at her. This had a major impact on Nicole’s mental health and self-confidence as she would often comfort herself with sugary snacks when she came home from school in tears and would always make sure she was covered up in loose clothing. In 2013 Nicole joined a gym with the aim of losing weight and would do an hour of cardio a day and over time she started to change her mindset towards her body. After a few months, Nicole started lifting weights and was surprised with how she could completely transform her shape by using them and can now lift up to 110kg. In June 2016, Nicole started her Instagram account to chart her progress at the gym and before long realised that instead of losing weight, she was gaining it. However, she felt more confident and with her body than ever before and started to break outside of her comfort zone with the clothes she wore. Nicole has gone from 10st 3lb and a UK size 10-12 to 12st 12lb and a UK size 14-16. Despite working out five to six times a week, Nicole has people ask her how she can be her size yet still go to the gym and even tell her that she can’t possibly be fit and healthy, but Nicole is eager to breakdown the gym stereotype and wants to encourage other people of all shapes and sizes to love themselves for who they are and make the gym inclusive for all.

Strudel the baby alpaca vists cafes, care homes and the local pub

***EXCLUSIVE*** This joyful alpaca is putting smiles on faces as his carer takes him on adventures to some of the most unlikely PUBLIC PLACES including a car dealership, a cafe, and the local PUB. Hilarious photos show Strudel the alpaca strolling with his owner, fitness instructor and massage therapist, Shandelle Peters (32) from Cessnock, Australia, at the beach and at a bar. Strudel can be seen putting a smile on her gran’s face as he visits a care home for the elderly and being a passenger in Shandelle’s car. Quirky pictures illustrate Strudel’s love of books and wearing various hats, while another shows him being carried by Shandelle. This baby alpaca, who is 10-months-old, was bought by Shandelle from a breeder, they have since been on various adventures together and she is planning to buy another alpaca soon to serve as a playmate for Strudel. He has been to her kids’ playgroup, the beach, cafes, vineyards, the pub, the elderly care facility, a car dealership and her friends’ houses.

Wheelchair Rapunzel

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: A passionate advocate for body positivity is on a mission to challenge stigmas surrounding disability and body image by posting risqué photos of herself online. Alex Dacy, 25, from Chicago, was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a progressive, genetic disease that causes muscle wasting and mobility problems. Under the name, „Wheelchair Rapunzel”, Alex has become an online advocate for disabled-body positivity, often Instagramming „risqué” photos of herself in her underwear to break the stigmas. She has also become an entrepreneur - creating merchandise that raises awareness for disabled bodies.

Incredible colourised pics reveal life in the Russian Empire before communist takeover

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible photos show how subjects of the Russian Empire lived over 100 years ago in vivid colour. Thanks to today’s modern technology, it is very likely your social media feeds are a festival of vibrant photos and exotic locations as your friends and family travel far and wide, chronicling their travels and happily snapping away. But were it not for the pioneering work of one train-hopping chemist, travel photography may have been a far more dark and dismal affair. Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, who would celebrate his 156th birthday this year, was a master of early colour photography and journeyed throughout the vast and largely agrarian Russian Empire in the early 20th Century, capturing the life and times of his fellow countryman.

Quirky electric car for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** It has been claimed that in the future we will all be driving electric cars but a box-like attempt from the 1970s has now emerged for sale. Made by legendary Italian coachbuilders Zagato, the Zele 2000 was conceived in the midst of a fuel crisis in the 1970s. The quirky motor is powered by a 2,000cc electric motor and has a range of just 50 miles. Just a few hundred were ever made making them incredibly rare in today's market.

Overweight chihuahua, who had to be WHEELED in a cart because he was too fat to walk, loses more than half his 35lb weight, after being put on a special diet

***EXCLUSIVE*** ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA, USA: Meet the formerly podgy pooch who never played with toys and even had to be carried outside to go to the toilet but he has been given a new lease of life after more than halving his bodyweight in less than a year. Incredible pictures show the unbelievable transformation of the adorable purebred chihuahua, Cleatus (15) from St. Augustine, Florida, USA, who had been overweight for most of his life after being free-fed dried kibble since he was a puppy. Unlike other dogs, Cleatus, who ended up tipping the scales at 2st 5lb, had no interest in playing with toys, had very little energy and never wanted to go outside, having to be wheeled in a cart when on walks and carried outside by his owner, VP-roofing contractor, Austin Lee, to go to the toilet. It wasn’t until Austin’s girlfriend veterinary technician and IFBB athlete, Laura Norton (28) moved in in May last year that they decided to make some changes to Cleatus’ lifestyle. They started with a dental clean and Cleatus had most of his teeth removed due to dental disease starting to take hold but after blood tests, the pooch was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid which was slowing his metabolism and affecting his energy levels. After being put on thyroid medication in June 2018 which he will be on for the rest of his life, Laura and Austin changed Cleatus’ diet, switching to a different brand of dog food with only two set meal times a day. After just four weeks, Laura and Austin noticed that Cleatus was much happier, had bags of energy and would even greet them when they got home from work which he never did before. The couple took Cleatus on walks with their golden retriever, Cooper (7) and by the end of November he was able to keep up and walk their full one-and-a-quarter-mile route up to three to five times a week. Now Cleatus weighs a slim 1st 2lb and Laura and Austin’s friends and family can’t believe he is the same dog.

Build your own Ferrari: Classic 1972 supercar is set to sell for £165,000 even though most of it is still packed up in 60 cardboard boxes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ferrari Box...ster - all the parts are there...you've just got to find them. A classic Ferrari has emerged for sale for a whopping £165,000 despite the fact the vast majority of its parts are currently sat in boxes. The Dino 246GT was dismantled in the 1970s by its then owner as part of a restoration project, which never got off the ground. The parts were meticulously filed into around 60 cardboard boxes where they remain to this day filling several shelves.

Medieval castle that is near Prince Charles' estate and was left in ruins by the Roundheads in English Civil War is for sale at £10m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 800 year old castle that stands over Prince Charles' Highgrove estate and was left a ruin by the Civil War has gone on the market for £10m. Beverston Castle, on the outskirts of Tetbury, Gloucs, is only partly habitable today but has a charming seven bedroom manor house built on to it. The historic property, that comes with a huge 693 acres of land, had been owned for 70 years by the late showjumper Major Laurence Rook and his wife Jane. The couple were famed for the hospitality they laid on to visitors of the week-long Badminton Horse Trials which is nearby.

Large Chinese elephants up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ker-Qing! ...Auctioneer Monika Wilk with a pair of 19th century ornate chinese elephants for sale in Dorset. The large pair of caparisoned cloisonne elephants from the much sought after Qing Dynasty are being sold at Dukes Auctioneers in Dorchester, Dorset - but you will need a jumbo sized bank account for the £40,000 estimate.

Last days of the Nazis: Remarkable photos of the last days of WW2 show Allied tanks entering Germany, soldiers treating an injured Italian boy and troops posing in the ruins of the Reichstag

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable previously unseen photos documenting the momentous closing stages of World War Two and its historic aftermath have come to light. They were taken by Sergeant Charles Hewitt, of the Army Film and Photographic Unit, who later went on to work for the Picture Post and the BBC. He was present at many of the important offensives of 1944 and '45 including the Battle of Monte Cassino during the Italian Campaign and the Allies advance into Germany following the D-Day invasion.

Haunting pictures of abandoned family home show bric-a-brac of 1950s family life: An old passport, diary and scrapbook in once-loved residence now trashed by squatters

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peek inside the once-beautiful British family home known as Rose Cottage that now lies abandoned and unloved. Eerie images show how the house was abandoned with all the possessions left behind including an old British passport, a diary and scrapbook from the 1950s and old women’s magazines. Other striking shots show a greenhouse filled with forgotten furniture, family photographs and a mattress that was being used by a squatter. The stunning photographs show the abandoned remains of Rose Cottage in Shropshire, UK and were taken by an urban explorer known as The Elusive.

Stunning Grade II eight-bed mansion where the 'Queen Mother used to stop en route to the races' hits the market for £2.9m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning country house the Queen Mother would reputedly stop off at en route to the races has come on to the market for £2,975,000. Grade II listed Skeynes Park, built in 1840, was leased at the start of the 20th century by her uncle, The Honourable Patrick Bowes-Lyon. It is believed that the late horse racing fanatic would pop in to see him on her way to Lingfield Racecourse five miles away. The spacious property in Edenbridge, Kent, has eight bedrooms, five bathrooms and an indoor swimming pool and sauna complex.

Manor house mentioned in the Doomsday book and 'once owned by King Harold II's father' goes on sale for £2.75million with a swimming pool, tennis court and 18 acres of gardens

***EXCLUSIVE*** Old Riffhams, in Little Baddow, Essex, is referred to in the 1086 manuscript as the 'fief of Richeham'. It is thought to have once been owned by Earl Godwin, the father of the 11th century monarch King Harold II. The present red brick building nestled in 18 sprawling acres of grounds and gardens is believed to date from the the mid 16th century.

Last surviving British eight-ton armoured train that hauled munitions to WWI front line is restored in £20,000 revamp 100 years later

***EXCLUSIVE*** The last surviving armoured locomotive used to pull munitions to the front line in World War One has been painstakingly restored a century later. Volunteers at the Greensand Trust based in Leighton Buzzard have spent the past decade bringing the historic Simplex 40HP engine back to full working order as part of a £20,000 project. The 8ft high, 10ft long loco, resembling a tank, was built in Bedford in 1917 and encased in full armour plating to protect it's plucky driver from enemy shell fire on the Western Front. It's petrol engine made it more discreet to use at night close to the front line than larger, noisier and more visible steam trains, which were easier targets for the German guns. In a world before health and safety the brave driver sat on the noisy engine, with the petrol tank and a radiator next to him in a fume filled cabin - but despite these privations he was infinitely safer inside than out.

Invasion of the caterpillars

***EXCLUSIVE*** The invasion of the creepy-crawlies has led local residents to come out in rashes, develop blisters and even suffer breathing difficulties. The brown tail moth larvae caterpillars, that are covered in hairs that can be toxic, have been found crawling all over some properties on Portland, Dorset. One mother claims the numbers are so great she has been unable to leave her home with her two-year-old son as the caterpillars keep falling into his pushchair.