Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A woman discovered her fiance was a match in more ways than one when she received a life-saving kidney transplant from him

***EXCLUSIVE*** A care home worker has saved his fiancee's life by giving her one of his kidneys. Geraldine Chingosho, 22, was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease soon after meeting Aldo Cataldi in 2017.  The trainee nurse told him they shouldn't pursue a relationship because she'd be in and out of hospital and 'didn't think it was fair to lumber him with a sick person'. But Mr Cataldi stuck by her - and when relatives turned out to be incompatible donors, he came up as a perfect match. 

Injecting my 59’ booty was a big mistake

***EXCLUSIVE VIDEO AVAILABLE*** Miami, USA: A Miami-based influencer is determined to slim down her 59 inch booty so that people will take her seriously as an author. Courtney Barnes, known professionally as Ms Miami, underwent three rounds of illegal butt shots at black market pumping parties, beginning when she was 22 years old.  But the 35-year-old is now planning to get them removed and has written a book to warn other women about the dangers they can cause.

A mum-of-three who suffers from a rare sleeping disorder has told how she has spent £3k in bizarre internet shopping sprees - while fast asleep

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mother-of-three who suffers from a rare sleeping disorder spent £3,000 in internet shopping sprees while fast asleep. Kelly Snipes, 37, regularly woke up in the morning to find email receipts for items she had unconsciously bought online during the night. One day a delivery lorry turned up outside her home containing a full-sized plastic basketball court she didn't realise she had bought. Other items she has purchased while 'sleep shopping' include hundreds of pounds worth of Haribo sweets and £58 worth of cookie jars. Ms Snipes had to return all the items, which had been easily purchased because her credit card details were stored on her phone. Her nocturnal shopping behaviour started seven years ago, after the birth of her first child, when was found to suffer from a condition called parasomnia. She thinks the disorder was sparked by her sleep apnoea.

Girl living with rare tumour

***EXCLUSIVE*** India (Gujarat): Surbhi ben, age 12, lives in Gujrat state of India. A rare disease has left surbhi with a football sized tumour covering her neck and attached with internal organs also. Her father parshuram bhai variya is unable to afford the treatment due to poor financial condition. According to her father, they started noticing small lumps on her face when she was 3 years old and since then tumour has been growing and covered her neck and extended internally. Initially they went to the local doctors of the area but their medicines did not impact surabhi's health. Surbhi's father could not go to the specialist for surbhi's further diagnosis due to financial constraints and lack of knowledge. Surbhi is a very vibrant girl and loves the company of her friends. Nobody in her town makes fun of her. She is full of life and very optimist. She is optimistic about her treatment but family is worried if she won't get corrected then her future will be ruined. Surabhi living in joint family so everybody in family take care of her.

Heartbreaking images taken at the height of the Great Depression show children barefoot in the snow and living in squalid conditions

***EXCLUSIVE*** Heartbreaking photos show the squalid conditions children were forced to live in during the height of The Great Depression in the United States. Striking images, taken in the 1930s,  show a shivering child sitting barefoot in the snow as he digs for scraps of coal to fend off the cold, a dejected mother clinging to her child in a ramshackle hut in a poor state of repair, and the hopeless faces of the children of miners with little or no hope of employment. The upsetting snapshots were captured by humanitarian photographer Lewis Hine, a pioneer of photography in the United States who used his talents to document the life and times of the country’s most vulnerable people and used his eye-catching shots to call for social reform.

Soggy moggy! Lion shakes water out of its mane in the Serengeti National Park

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment a Lion creates amazing patterns from water droplets while shaking his mane dry after taking a dip to cool off on a hot day. This incredible shot, taken by American Gary Herman, shows a soaked Serengeti lion shaking his massive mane to dry off from torrential rain. Gary took the picture in the Southern Serengeti, Tanzania.

Patient undergoes surgery after an iron rod penetrates chest in accident

VARANASI, INDIA: A 20-year-old pickup driver, Narendra Kumar, resident of Bhopal, India met with an accident when his high speed pickup truck collided with  another truck. A two feet long and a two-and-a-half-inch thick iron rod penetrated the right chest puncturing his right lung. He also sustained severe injuries on his head, face and foot. Dr. Siddharth Lakhotia and his team working at BHU Trauma Centre carried out the operation whcih lasted for nearly 3 hours. The patient has now recovered and will be discharged within a few days.