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Woman, 20, who thought she was just clumsy is diagnosed with degenerative condition and now needs a walker – but she is not letting it get in the way of her dreams

***EXCLUSIVE*** DALLAS, USA: This inspiring woman’s degenerative condition was initially brushed off as CLUMSINESS and even though she now relies on walls, furniture and A WALKER just to get around her home she isn’t about to let FRIEDREICH’S ATAXIA stand in the way of her becoming a teacher. University student Madelyn Frederick (20) from Dallas, USA, was always known as the ‘clumsy’ one in her family, but it was just thought that her constant stumbles and inability to ride a bike was nothing more than a lack of balance. Madelyn was falling down the stairs multiple times a week, and she started noticing chest pains while running. Doctors diagnosed Madelyn with exercise-induced bronchospasms, however this didn’t explain the fatigue she noticed after walking short distances. In December 2012, Madelyn was rushed to hospital because her heart rate was at 234 bpm, which led doctors to explore Madelyn’s symptoms further. In March 2013, Madelyn was diagnosed with Friedrich’s Ataxia (FA), a degenerative disease which causes the loss of sensation in arms and legs and can impair speech over time. By the time of her diagnosis, Madelyn’s condition had deteriorated substantially, leading her to sleep for most of the day, and her muscle spasms caused a great deal of pain. In the years since, Madelyn has gone from being able to walk with minor balance issues, to now having to use a walker around the house and a wheelchair when she goes out. While studying, Madelyn works at a primary school as becoming a teacher has always been her dream, and although she feared FA would deny her of that, she now refuses to let it define her. The pupils are curious about her condition and her wheelchair, but Madelyn uses that as a teaching opportunity to raise awareness for FA amongst the next generation. When Madelyn was diagnosed with FA, she feared that her life would be halted and she would never accomplish anything more than brushing her own hair – which she feared would one day become impossible – but she has since gone on to walk across the stage at her school graduation, travelled to Italy and Greece and learned to drive.

Woman, 38, with a red facial birthmark reveals how cruel bullies branded her 'tomato face' and left her SUICIDAL - before her husband helped her to love her looks, and stop hiding them under makeup

***EXCLUSIVE*** ONTARIO, CANADA: This brave mother has endured a lifetime of cruel stares and was even branded ‘TOMATO FACE’ by bullies leaving her suicidal until she learned to love herself, but now she is calling time and urging people to ASK strangers about their birthmarks instead of STARING. Administrative assistant, Michelle Daoust (38) from Ontario, Canada, was born with a birthmark which spans across her 75 per cent of her face, half her neck, her right arm and hand and 75 per cent of her back. Michelle was diagnosed with Sturge-Weber Syndrome (SWS) at birth, a condition very few people were aware of at the time. At eight months old, it was discovered that SWS had caused glaucoma in Michelle’s right eye, making her 80 per cent blind. The problems continued as Michelle suffered a terrible seizure at 18 months old which left her learning how to walk and talk again. The seizures became a frequent occurrence for the following two years as it was discovered that Michelle’s birthmark had led to epilepsy.  Michelle recounts her struggles through growing up which saw her attend frequent hospital appointments and receiving constant teasing at school for looking different. This grew more difficult throughout her teens when Michelle’s confidence plummeted because of bullying. Questions Michelle was often cruelly asked were whether she had eaten a red Crayola, if she had drunk too much Kool-Aid or if she was in a fire. On top of this, Michelle was also frequently called ‘tomato face’. The taunting dramatically impacted Michelle, who even tried to take her own life when she was 16. At the age of 16, Michelle’s friend asked her to a school dance but told her not to cover her face with makeup, telling her that if people refused to accept her, then they didn’t deserve the pleasure of knowing her. This changed Michelle’s perspective on her birthmark, and she has since learned to accept it and is grateful that it taught her courage and strength.

The librarian, the turncoat and the amputee chef: Pictures capture the fearless women who have put their lives on the line to defend Ukraine from pro-Russian separatists

***EXCLUSIVE*** UKRAINE: The traitor, the career soldier, the librarian, and the amputee chef - meet the women who have put their lives on the line to defend Ukraine. Remarkable photos from the frontline of the war between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatists, show the fearsome females who have devoted their lives to keep the ‘aggressors’, reportedly backed by Moscow, at bay. The striking images include a former cook who lost her foot during a bombing raid, a championship brawler prepared to shoot at her own countrymen, and a mother-of-three beaming whilst cradling her assault rifle.

Young blind roller skater sets record of Ukraine

Afina Ostapenko, 6, of Kyiv who is blind since birth has set a record of Ukraine for the youngest child with blindness who roller skates, Kyiv, capital of Ukraine.

Monster hunter! Devon fish merchant holds aloft his latest beast... an octopus with gigantic 10ft tentacles

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fisherman has caught a giant octopus with 10ft tentacles off the British coast. Josh Perkes, 33, is well known for snapping up giant creatures which he pictures and shares on social media. The octopus, his most recent purchase, was spotted by a top chef online and was rushed off to London as soon as it was landed at Brixham, Devon. Other bizarre giants of the deep Josh has pictured include an 80-year-old Turbot weighing in at 15kg, and a huge Monkfish.