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'My pregnancy saved my life': Anorexic woman whose weight plummeted to a life-threatening 37 kilos says a surprise baby gave her a reason to live

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the proud mum who had NO PERIODS for YEARS due to anorexia that plummeted her weight to under SIX-STONE and was told she could DIE until she had a surprise pregnancy that SAVED HER LIFE. Full-time mum, Iris Doyle (22) from Albany, Australia, had struggled with anorexia since she was just seven-years-old that was triggered by lack of control in her life. With her family being alcoholics and drug addicts, she felt like she had a ‘toxic’ childhood. She used her restrictive diet as a way to self-harm and escape the troubles she faced growing up. She was diagnosed with anorexia in 2008 when she was just 10-years-old, after she would restrict herself to eating just crackers, fruits and vegetables. At her lowest points, she would only consume 400 to 500 calories a day. Her habits lead to her weight decreasing to just 5st 13Ib and a UK size four. Iris has been struggling to regularise her periods from the ages of 15 to 18 and before her pregnancy, would go years without one. Her doctors, worried about her health, warned her that she would die if she didn’t get the help she needed. It wasn’t until she was 19-years-old when she discovered she was pregnant with her son, Oliver (1), that she made the conscious decision to get her health back on track. She has since been keeping to a healthy diet and consuming an average of 2,200 calories a day and is now a healthy 7st 10Ib and UK size eight to 10. Despite suffering a relapse after her mum committed suicide in 2018, she has been keeping on track with her health for the sake of her son. She claims that her pregnancy saved her life and that the experience of carrying her son in her womb was an amazing experience and motivated her to get better.

Heterosexual drag queen, 24, reveals he introduces his DATES to his female alter-ego and has pictures of her on his dating profile - as he admits he is often mistaken for a woman by strangers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the heterosexual man who takes his drag alter ego to the STREETS at least one day a WEEK where he has been mistaken for a WOMAN by strangers - and he even introduces his female counterpart on DATES. Freelance videographer, Logan Tritt (24) from Kansas, USA, was first fascinated by drag in October 2014, during his first year of university where he was still settling in and finding friends. As a creative outlet, he decided to explore the world of drag. The feminine look he created called Jess Anderson, was inspired by Zooey Deschanel’s character Jess from New Girl and as an aspiring filmmaker, he wanted to merge two of his passions together. Over the next few years he began taking Jess out in public and he says that strangers assume that he is a woman until he speaks and the ‘illusion is over’. He had one negative experience while trying clothes in a local charity shop; an employee, after hearing his voice, pulled him out of the women’s dressing room and told him he needed to be in the men’s. After years of Jess being half of him, he has now decided to tell the girl he is dating on the third date about his alter ego and even posts pictures of him as Jess on his online dating profiles. He says that Jess has taught him so much about the female experience and now empathises more with women through his drag personality, as he takes an hour-and-a-half to transform into Jess, including wearing makeup, shaving, wearing skirts, dresses and he even wears fake boobs.

I live with 12 love dolls

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE: A retired psychiatric nurse has been given a new lease of life through one of his more peculiar passions - sex doll photography! Dean Bevan, 59, from Ipswich UK, shares his home with a harem of 12 plastic women and interchangeable heads, regularly mixing-up their look by applying their make-up and dressing his dolls in a collection of   outfits. The fascination with his synthetic subjects began after watching the Channel 4 sci-fi drama Humans. Unable to shake the allure, Dean promptly purchased Sarah a voluptuous blonde who boasts a 30DD bust. The former mental health nurse acknowledges he doesn?t have a physical relationship with all of his dolls, although he confesses, he is very fond of Sarah, sometimes sharing a bed with her.

The vet parents of a tot saved by a heart operation returned the favour by curing the same condition - suffered by the hero doctor's pet dog

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mattia Ferasin, now four, was born with a hole in his heart and needed a seven-hour operation to save his life. One of the cardiac surgeons on the team - Dr Caner Salih - revealed his French bulldog Budu was also struggling with a heart problem - and was remarkably diagnosed with the same heart condition at the same time as Mattia's vet dad. And when Mattia's parents Luca and Heidi - both veterinary cardiologists - found out, they offered to treat the pooch and nurse him back to health. Now Budu and Mattia have both made a full recovery, and are the best of friends. Heidi, 38, from Four Marks, Hampshire, said: "We are forever indebted to the whole team of doctors who helped Mattia.

Victorian Britain laid bare: rare photographs show the grinding poverty many britons endured in the 19th century

***EXCLUSIVE*** Three bedraggled street children pose for a picture, only one has shoes, all of them look mischievous. The picture which was taken in London in the year 1892, when street photography was in its infancy. The starling image encapsulates the plight of poor Britons in the Victorian era. The photographer recorded the caption: „I called them human squirrels” wrote Paul Martin, „for when they caught the sight of the school inspector, they were over a six-foot paling in a flash, and made off to Lambeth Walk.” The mischievous lads were supposed to be in school, instead they were running the streets - dodging the authorities determined to improve their lives. The rare image is in a set of recently unearthed photographs taken by Victorian photographer Paul Martin. Martin stood out from his peers because he liked to capture „ordinary” people and had a fascination with the lower classes - in a time when it was acceptable to look upon such people with disdain. The remarkable photographs also show children in Lambeth dancing to Pas de Quatre, made famous by Swan Lake. Martin commented „The dance entails plenty of leg twisting, which is restricted by the children’s clothing.” Another picture shows three „street” children larking around showing off for the photographer’s camera by doing head stands on a beach somewhere in Britain.

Toilet brush with a figurine resembling U.S. President Donald Trump

A view of a toilet brush with a figurine resembling U.S. President Donald Trump in Shanghai, China. The product, once made for foreign markets, now finds its market in China.

A pipe-themed cafeteria in Chongqing

A view of a cafe featuring booths made in 2.2-meter-wide cement sewage pipes in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality. The cafe has 13 such booths, attracting customers coming for its unique style.

Widest suspension bridge in the world

CAIRO, Egypt: Opening of Rod al-Farag Axis Bridge, the widest suspension bridge in the world, state-run Nile TV reported.