Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Woman left paralyzed from the waist down after being hit by a drunk driver reveals she walked down the aisle at her own wedding after surgery to remove shards of bone that shattered in her spinal canal

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHICAGO, USA: After being hit by a DRUNK DRIVER this woman was left PARALYSED from the waist down after shards of bone shattered in her SPINAL CANAL - but only two years later she managed to successfully WALK down the aisle at her own dream wedding. Freelance journalist, Erin Rollins (33) from Chicago, USA, was driving her car in November 2014 when a drunk driver travelling the wrong way came around a corner and collided with her, hitting her head on. Paramedics said Erin was lucky to survive the collision. In the hospital, staff ran tests and checked Erin over while a nurse warned that she was putting a catheter in so not to alarm Erin, although Erin didn’t feel anything. Erin initially thought this was due to the pain medication, however she was found to have suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury and two burst fractures which sent shards of bone into her spinal canal, resulting in paralysis from the waist down. The also caused holes in Erin’s colon, small intestine and bowel and internal bleeding, requiring emergency surgery to repair her organs and stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, Erin became septic following surgery and further surgery was needed 10 days after the crash. Surgeons were horrified by the extent of the sepsis as Erin’s colon was spouting at them when they operated. Three days after the collision, surgeons had to operate on the spinal column to remove the shards of bone, which if left, could result in permanent paralysis. Erin began physiotherapy on December 6 and by December 18 she was able to walk with a walker and a harness for support. The crash brought Erin’s flourishing life to a standstill and she’s spent years regaining her strength, so she is now able to walk independently but requires braces on her feet as certain nerves and muscles don’t work, and she must catheterise intermittently. Remaining optimistic has helped Erin to recover much of her movement and in October 2016 she walked down the aisle to marry her husband, Dennis (39).

Flight attendant lives life as a MERMAN when he's not in the air

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the real-life merman who says he was inspired by The Little Mermaid to buy a tail and live as a half human half fish in his free time – and when he swims as a regular human he feels WEIRD. Stunning pictures show John Rodriguez (29), looking up admiringly at a statue of his other, childhood icon, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, while wearing his scaly green tail. He can also be seen hugging his biggest adult inspiration, Shakira, while on a plane working as an air steward and also sitting on a plane’s engine. A landscape photo shows him peering through lustrous green leaves while he sits on a rock overlooking the crystal blue waters of the ocean. While the transformation has been a simple one, John says that having to switch from a merman to a flight attendant is the hardest part.

A super yacht that you can surf onboard

***EXCLUSIVE*** A new super yacht has been designed that is so luxurious you can go surfing on board. The California features a machine that creates artificial waves in the vessel's swimming pool, allowing passengers to grab their boards and ride the swell without having to get in the sea. The 135 metre long boat -which will cost an estimated £350 million - also boasts its own waterfall on board and as well as its own desalination system to turn seawater into drinking water. The mega design concept was created by Norwegian yacht designer Kurt Strand.

Humanwash - The lazy persons shower

***EXCLUSIVE*** An inventor has created the ultimate shower device for the lazy Briton - a 'human car wash' which makes washing easier than ever. The 'Humanwash' is a shower instalment which means users don't need to scrub away with their hands to become clean. It is built with two motors which rotate the brush and move it up and down during the shower - similar to the brushes in a real car wash. Not only is the £4,100 Humanwash perfect for the lazy Briton, it can also serve people with mobility issues and hospital patients.

Become neighbours with royalty! Stunning four-bedroom house just round the corner from Harry and Meghan's Frogmore Cottage goes on sale for $1.4million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Become neighbours with Harry and Meghan with this stunning four-bed house on the market for £1.125m. Incredible images show the spacious garden and exterior of the large terrace house which is just around the corner from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s residence. Other striking shots show the cosy living areas, comfortable bedrooms and sleek bathrooms. The four-bed terrace house is located on Kings Road, Windsor, Berkshire and is currently listed by Winkworth for £1.125m.

Incredible photos show the construction of the USS Akron before it crashed in the world's deadliest airship disaster killing 75

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable photos show the construction of the world’s deadliest airship which was responsible for the loss of 75 lives. On April 4, 1933, the world watched in horror as reports came in of a calamitous airship crash off the coast of new Jersey following a fierce thunderstorm. The USS Akron – the largest aircraft in the world when it was built by the US Navy – had crashed, killing 73 of the 76 crewman and passengers. A thorough investigation into airships was conducted, with thousands of photos analysed by the Joint Committee to Investigate Dirigible Disasters to determine responsibility for the crash. These iconic photos include an inside look of the hull of the ill-fated ship, a snapshot of the a 785-foot dirigible floating  serenely above Manhattan, and a photo of the three men who survived that fateful day.

Prayer time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Up to 40,000 Muslim men pray together side-by-side in one of the biggest mosques in the world. Thousands gather in long lines at the national Mosque of Bangladesh, known as 'The Holy House', to share Friday prayers. The service lasted for 90 minutes which took place while Ramadan was being observed. Freelance photographer Azim Khan Ronnie witnessed the prayer in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Coots build nest (partly from rubbish) in tyre fender of boat

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 'very sad impact' of plastic pollution in our oceans is laid bare as a pair of water hens build their nest using discarded waste. While the mother cares for her egg in the makeshift tyre nest, her breeding partner sets off in search of twigs to make it comfortable and homely for them. Sadly, with almost 12 million tonnes of plastic floating in the oceans around the world, the male water hen ends up using old food packaging and other waste. Photographer Romain Doucelin captured the heartbreaking images this week at the dock in the French town of Thonon-les-Bains, which overlooks Lake Geneva.

Deer trails 10 foot long plastic tape from it's antlers

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 10 foot long trail of plastic tape dumped in a pretty National Park became tangled in a young deer's antlers. The animal got the white plastic caught around its head and then feet as it tried to move. Amateur photographer Ray Whitfield, 58, captured these images at Stoney Cross in the New Forest, Hants, and said it is a 'shame' careless littering affected wildlife. Database administrator Mr Whitfield, from Eastleigh, Hants, said: "After about 25 minutes in the New Forest I saw the deer with what appeared to be plastic tape wrapped around its antlers.