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A grandfather who was given weeks to live after being diagnosed with aggressive terminal cancer has made a „miracle” recovery after taking a revolutionary new drug

***EXCLUSIVE*** Donald Cheetham, 77, was diagnosed with malignant melanoma which had spread to his lungs, liver, brain, lymph nodes, spleen, bones and skin.  Doctors found tumours the size of tennis balls in his lungs and told him he had just weeks to live and advised him to say goodbye to his family.  But just weeks after taking newly available immunotherapy drug Pembrolizumab as an outpatient his health began to improve.   Astonishingly, just two years after taking the drug Mr Cheetham was given the all clear after scans showed the cancer had been completely eradicated.

My monster Mastiff weighs 250lbs

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, MINNESOTA, USA: A Minnesotan man lives with three giant English Mastiffs who weigh a combined 630lbs. Joe Thompson lives with his three English Mastiffs and his family in Duluth, Minnesota. The largest of the three dogs - two-year-old Harrison - weighs a whopping 250lbs, while his housemates Ringo and Paul weigh 218lbs and 170lbs respectively. Joe got the first of the three dogs six years ago after his dad was diagnosed with cancer and then began breeding the huge dogs. English Mastiffs are renowned for being the world’s heaviest dogs and Joe’s pets are in huge demand for breeding - charging up to $3000 a time.

A stroke stole my voice

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, EAST NORWICH, NEW YORK: An inspirational stroke survivor is using her new-found voice to advocate for disability rights. Courtney Gabrus, 24, from East Norwich, New York was born with a rare defect in the LMNA gene, a form of muscular dystrophy that is thought to affect one in a million people. The uncommon muscle weakening condition meant by the time Courtney had reached 16 years old, she could no longer stand or walk without the use of an aid. On 19 December 2016, at the age of 22, she had a stroke that changed her life forever. It paralysed the whole right side of her body and she lost her ability to speak. But with the help of friends and family Courtney learnt to speak again, and has now launched a start-up promoting advocacy for disability welfare.

An artist was investigated by trading standards because his drawings were so good people thought they were done using an app

***EXCLUSIVE*** John Fisher, 36, was visited at his home by two inspectors from the authority over the authenticity of his highly detailed pencil drawings. An anonymous source reported John to Trading Standards claiming he was „scamming” people by using an app to produce his work. John, from Ayr, South Ayrshire, showed the officers examples of his photo-realistic artwork and it didn’t take long to convince them that it was genuine.

Fancy Nessie at the bottom of your garden? Stunning Scottish mansion and 1,200-acre estate overlooking Loch Ness go on the market for £2.4m

***EXCLUSIVE*** Spot Nessie from the comfort of your own home as this stunning 1200-acre mixed Highland estate on the banks of Loch Ness could be yours for £2.4m. Incredible images show the stunning three-bed main residence from outside as well as the sprawling grounds and Loch Ness in the background. Other striking shots show the spacious interior of the property with large living areas, cosy bedrooms and a modern kitchen while windows provide spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Bunloit is a residential, forestry, farming and sporting estate near Drumnadrochit, Inverness, Scotland. It is for sale for offers over £2.4 million through Strutt & Parker and John Clegg & Co.

Forgotten heroes of the First World War: Remarkable photos show Gurkha, Indian and Sikh soldiers fighting for the British Empire

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable photos show the sacrifices made by the forgotten heroes of the First World War, the frequently overlooked Indian soldiers who fought and died for the British Empire. Incredible images show Gurkha soldiers who have paid the ultimate price in an assault on a German trench in France, masked Indian soldiers nervously awaiting an incoming gas attack, and a group of Sikh men performing religious chants in the shelter of a dilapidated French barn. Staggeringly, nearly 1.5 million Indian soldiers fought in the First World War, risking their lives to protect the British Empire. But the sacrifices of those brave men is rarely remembered today.