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He's a miracle! Boy missing 20% of his brain survives against all odds

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brave toddler born with 20 per cent of his brain MISSING has been praised by medics as a "miracle' for defying their predictions.Little Kaiden Daley, aged 14 months, has been diagnosed with epilepsy, cerebral atrophy and right side hemiplegia - paralysis of one side of the body. Cerebral atrophy affects the brain and means a reduction in the size of the brain cells.

A 53-year-old single mother started riding a BMX four years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Now the oldest female rider on the British BMX squad, Lesley Reynolds from Truro believes she is the oldest woman racing BMXs competitively in the UK. The former science teacher, who for years suffered from clinical anxiety, which saw her on medication and signed off work, says that since taking up BMX racing, she has never felt fitter - both physically and mentally. Having raced nationally last year in the 2018 British BMX Racing National Series - and taking first place at seven regional events - Lesley has qualified for the 2019 BMX Racing World Championships which are being held in Zolder, Belgium, at the end of July.

A midwife was left stunned after discovering she delivered her own student 19 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emma Reevell has delivered hundreds of children over the last three decades while working at the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust. But she was shocked after realising that one of those babies, Laura Woffendin is now training alongside her as a student midwife. The coincidence came to light when Laura’s mother recognised Emma’s name who helped the student deliver her first baby on the labour ward at Pinderfields Hospital. That night Laura and her mum searched through all their old photos before digging out the picture taken straight after her birth at Pontefract Hospital. The next day she took it into work to show Emma and explain the amazing Emma said: „I was amazed when Laura showed me the picture. It’s crazy to think that this small child I brought into the world is now training to be a midwife.”

A British family is suing after their dream Cyprus home slid downhill leaving them living in crumbling ruins which look like they've been hit by an earthquake

***EXCLUSIVE*** Simon and Jenny Phillips, and their two daughter sold everything to move to Cyprus more than a decade ago.  But rainy winter triggered underground landslides which caused huge cracks to open up in their £200,000 home. Now parts of the villa have slid a metre downhill, and a dangerous steep drop has opened up at the front of the house. The garage has tilted and large cracks have appeared across the front of the house, which experts reckon will cost £210,000 to repair. The distraught family from Hemel Hempstead, Herts., is defying an order banning them from the house - and are suing the government and the builders.

A photographer has made realistic miniature scenes come to life using toy cars and creative lighting

***EXCLUSIVE*** Benedek Lampert is a miniature expert and spent days working with tiny motors to design hyper-realistic shots of Skoda cars. He said: "My goal with these pictures is to create dynamic and spectacular images.

Hasani the baby giraffe has been given adorable therapeutic shoes

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cute baby giraffe is learning to take his first steps thanks to his new therapeutic shoes. Little Hasani was fitted the specially crafted footwear at Woodland Park Zoo in a bid to help straighten his back legs. The adorable calf was on his feet within an hour after his birth at the US zoo where keepers quickly spotted his hind legs were misaligned. His new custom made shoes were designed by a horse vet specialised in foot conditions and have grooves which fit in his feet.

A toddler survived a 30ft fall from a building and being impaled by a 6ft long iron rod

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nadeem, three, was playing with children on the third floor of a building under construction on 8 April when he fell 30 ft in the fetal position on iron rods below.  One of the rods pierced the toddler's left thigh, and entered through Nadeem's lower abdomen before rupturing through the upper back - missing all his vital organs.  Fortunately, Pankaj Parma, an electrician working close by, saw the freak accident and cut a portion of the protruding rod to rush the boy to King George Hospital 9km away.  Hospital staff conducted an emergency surgery at 4.45pm, an hour after the boy arrived, where they had to cut open his thigh and left abdominal side to remove the rod.  Three hours later, the rod had been extracted - and following 14 days in hospital, Nadeem had recovered and was discharged on 22 April.  Dr Samir Mishra, who was part of the team that saved Nadeem, said the rod passed just 2 cms away from his liver, but punctured his diaphragm and small intestine.