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Cash-strapped labourer, 31, inherits £50m estate after DNA test proves he is secret son of lord of the manor

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man who inherited one of west Cornwall’s grandest estate homes has described the bizarre tale of how ended up moving in but said he’d have traded it all for the chance to steer his father away from the drug abuse that claimed his life. Cornwall Live last week reported the inquest of Charles Rogers, who was found dead in his car in August last year aged 62. Charles was part of the Rogers family who have lived in the 1536-acre National Trust Penrose Estate between Helston and Porthleven for generations, gifting it to the National Trust in 1974 in exchange for a 1,000-year lease to continue living there. Charles had struggled with drug abuse for many years and his inquest heard he led a reclusive life but now his legitimate son, Jordan Adlard Rogers, 31, has come forward to speak out about the remarkable tale of how he has ended up inheriting the lease and lifelong income from the man he didn't even know was his father. Jordan has known Charles could have been his dad since a young age but a DNA test was only carried out once Charles had passed away.

This 10-year-old boy is channeling his inner Iron Man after becoming the youngest person in the US to be fitted with a bionic 3D-printed ‘Hero Arm’

***EXCLUSIVE*** For the first time in his life, Zak Dubin is able to use two hands to ride a bike, read a book, play video games and hold binoculars to go birdwatching with his dad. Unlike other 3D printed arms, the bionic, FDA-approved Hero Arm is the first to be controlled by muscle signals. This enables users to manoeuver their digits in many different positions such as the “tip grip” to tie shoelaces or the “lateral grip” to hold a book.

'The luckiest person in the world': Lorry tyre obliterates car roof after bouncing down the M6 – but the Peugeot's driver is able to stop on the hard shoulder and walk away from the wreck

***EXCLUSIVE*** A driver has been called the "luckiest person in the world" after a tyre came off a lorry and crashed into his car on the M6 motorway. The tyre detached from an HGV, crossed the central barrier and smashed through the window of the oncoming Peugeot at junction 28, the Leyland interchange.  Lancashire Road Police Tweeted that the driver's son had wanted to join him in the car but "thankfully was unable to". The tyre had crushed the car seat where he would have been sitting.  How the driver "got to the [hard] shoulder and got out with minor injuries is beyond us," Lancashire Road Police said.

The incredible moment a falcon attacks a pelican and grabs it by the tail is captured in stunning photographs

***EXCLUSIVE*** The moment a protective mother falcon attacked a group of pelicans has been captured in a series of stunning pictures. The incredible images show the angry falcon grab at a pelican’s wings with her talons as it tries to escape from her clutches. Other action shots show the falcon attacking the pelican’s beak and head in an effort to protect her nearby nest. The remarkable incident was captured on camera in San Diego, California, USA by amateur photographer Alex Phan (44), from Corona, California.

How the (PR) war was won: Carefully constructed propaganda pictures of British troops 'fighting' that were used to drum up support for the First World War back in Blighty

***EXCLUSIVE*** Harrowing photos show the death and despair British soldiers faced every day whilst battling in the trenches of the First World War. “Everything visible or audible or tangible to the sense – to touch, smell and perception – is ugly beyond imagination.” So recalls war correspondent William Beach Thomas after spending five months in the bloody and battered Somme during the First World War. Remarkable photos, taken in 1915, show the brutal reality of a World War One soldier including bullet-ridden Tommies laying lifeless after attempting to assault a German trench, infantry men desperately pressing themselves against an embankment wall as a shell explodes just feet away, and Highlanders hunkering down in a trench to protect themselves from a hail of bullets.