Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A seven-year-old girl was left unable to recognize her own parents after contracting a rare disease from a mosquito bite

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum is warning about the dangers of mosquitoes in America after her seven-year-old daughter suffered terrifying seizures and hallucinations from an invisible bite. First-grader Lauren Zehner spent six days in hospital after she was bitten by the infectious insect and was left unable to recognize her own parents for a short time. Thankfully she was correctly diagnosed with a rare condition called La Crosse encephalitis and received the treatment required for her to recover. The viral disease, which is spread by the eastern tree hole mosquito, can easily be misdiagnosed and can cause paralysis in extreme cases. Mom Holly Zehner, 33, a wellness advocate, became concerned about her daughter on August 16 when her fever spiked to 105 degrees. ER doctors initially diagnosed Lauren with a typical UTI, but when she returned home the typically sweet-natured child became angry and disoriented.

Lock up your fridge! Burglar badger is caught on camera raiding mother's freezer to gorge on mashed potato, crumpets and ice lollies

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum has been forced to lock her freezer after a BADGER kept creeping into her home and gorging on her food. Hannah Carver, 29, spotted the huge animal coming in through the cat flap on her front door after wrongly suspecting a fox was to blame for the nightly raids. She had been waking up to the sound of crashing and banging from her kitchen - and found the room covered in half-eaten frozen foods and wrappers. When the barmaid told pals they wouldn't believe her - so she set up a camera and saw the badger creeping in, clawing open the fridge and gorging on frozen treats.

'Police won’t arrest the man who raped me – even though he CONFESSED'

Rape victim Bonny Turner in London. Turner waived her right to lifetime anonymity to speak out. My rapist confessed, and the police dropped my case – no wonder women are taking matters into their own hands." Miss Turner was allegedly attacked by a man she knew in a London hotel in 2016. He left Britain after the incident, but in a written exchange on the Facebook Messenger app she says he ‘confessed’ to raping her.

Woman, 42, wakes up with a BLACK EYE and swollen face after being scratched by her cat that left her on an IV drip for four days

***EXCLUSIVE*** COCHRANE, ALBERTA, CANADA: This woman wasn’t FEE-LINE fine when she woke up with a BLACK EYE and SWOLLEN FACE after being scratched by her own cat whilst trying to calm her down and ended up on an IV for FOUR-DAYS. When digital marketing consultant, Heidi Plamping (42) and her three-year-old cat, Storm, from Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, travelled to British Columbia at the start of this month to stay and work with friends for the summer, their trip didn’t start as smoothly as Heidi had imagined. When they arrived on May 2, Heidi let Storm out on her lead as she had done countless times before when they’ve visited. However, since their last visit, Heidi’s friends had got two Great Danes who were very friendly and excited to meet Storm but the large dogs scared her and she started to get tangled in her lead as she panicked to get away. Heidi rushed to Storm’s rescue and started to untangle her beloved cat as she climbed up her face to the safety of her head. As a result, Heidi had seven scratches on her face and three more on her hand and arm and the next day she woke up with a black eye, thinking that would be the end of the drama, Heidi thought nothing more of her injuries. When she woke up on May 5, Heidi had a swollen hand and eyes but due to having sensitive skin thought that she could possibly be having a reaction to any dust that could have been present in her new surroundings and brushed it off. The next day her symptoms were worse, and she went to a doctor where she was given pills and told to come back the next day if her condition deteriorated. On May 7, Heidi’s face was significantly more swollen and covered in rashes so she went back to the doctor who was shocked and explained to her that cat scratches can be very serious and cause sepsis or even death. She was put on an IV and had to return every day for four days to get a new dose of antibiotics administered. Following her allergic reaction to the scratches, animal lover Heidi says that Storm looked at her funny for a few days whilst the swelling went down but they forgave each other instantly and Heidi says she wouldn’t hesitate to rescue Storm again if the situation arose.

'I went to sleep on the backseat of my friend's car and woke up paralysed'

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: This woman woke up from a nap in the backseat of her friend’s car to find herself upside down and paralysed from the chest down after a horrific CAR ACCIDENT left her unable to EAT or DRINK and relying on people to SPOON FEED her. Disability support advocate, Tammy Le (28) from California, USA, was asleep in the backseat of her friend’s car when another driver cut them off and caused Tammy’s driver to swerve. In trying to avoid the car in front, the car Tammy was in went straight into a concrete lane divider. When Tammy awoke, the car had flipped over, and the windows were shattered all around her. Paramedics rescued her and her friends from the wreckage and transported them to the nearest hospital.  Despite having little recollection of the events of the crash in April 2008, she remembers waking up in the hospital and overhearing the doctors say the word ‘paralysed’, to her disbelief. At the time, she assumed it was all a bad dream, so she forced herself to go back to sleep, however, when she woke up the next time, she realised it was indeed true. The crash had shattered Tammy’s C4/C5 vertebrae, requiring emergency surgery to reconstruct her cervical spine with rods being inserted. Tammy spent three months in hospital as she came to terms with her new life as a quadriplegic. Tammy is paralysed from the chest down, but the magnitude of the situation only became clear when nurses told her that she couldn’t eat or drink independently after an emergency tracheostomy. The shock of something so simple being taken away from Tammy was incomprehensible. Tammy went from feeling utterly defeated to now accepting her new way of life and cherishing being able to feed herself, as she admits that not being able to do anything for herself felt inhumane.

Dirt the railway cat

***EXCLUSIVE*** USA: Meet an historic railway’s purr-fect employee who draws people from hundreds of miles away just to get a glimpse of the celebrity kitty. Dirt, the aptly named railway cat, is an unofficial employee of Nevada Northern Railway, a heritage organisation featuring some of the United States’ oldest steam engines in the middle of the desert. The history of the railway is literally engrained in the eleven-year-old cat, as he loves nothing more than rolling in the coal dust left on the engine house floor, giving him his distinctive sooty style. Striking photos of the work cat include a proud Dirt posing in the engine room where he was abandoned by his mother, joyfully rolling around in catnip, and greeting an enchanted guest at the railway museum.

The dark world of Hitler's elite Brandenburger troops

***EXCLUSIVE*** Death, despair and deception: the fascinating memoirs of one of Hitler’s elite soldiers shows what life was really like for soldiers of the Third Reich fighting the Allied Forces. Retrieving dead bodies after a fierce shootout, burying and mourning lost brothers in arms, and exploded vehicles in front of a conquered bridge. These remarkable photos are included in Sepp de Giampietro’s Blood and Soil: The Memoirs of a Third Reich Brandenburger – a bloody account of his time as a soldier in one of the Nazi’s most feared units, translated into English for the first time. The Brandenburgers were Hitler’s Special Forces, a band of mainly foreign German nationals who used disguise and fluency in other languages to complete daring spy missions into enemy territory. Overshadowed by stories of their Allied equivalents, their history has largely been ignored.