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I won’t hide my vitiligo

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: Years of bullying and judgement have not stopped one young model from embracing her skin condition and throwing off the shackles of a cover-up make-up regime that would take close to an hour each day. Storm Frederick, of East New York, has a new-found confidence after choosing to celebrate the Vitiligo she hid for years and modeling with the condition on full display. The 20-year-old student spent years being bullied and feeling ashamed of her appearance, and says during middle school she even had to be walked home from school by her brother when the bullying became too much. Storm told Barcroft Studios: „I used to just get insult after insult. People were just judging me and thinking that my skin was gross or asking me if I got burns or did I bleach my skin”.

Wild women of the wild west: photos reveal the notorious brothels and prositutes of boom state colorado

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the fascinating photographs of brothels and the women who worked there in the Old American West. The rare pictures that were taken around the turn of the 19th century in the state of Colorado show „soiled doves”, girls in white dresses who came to boom towns such as Denver to keep the working men company. Other photos feature the infamous bordellos, showing madams, men, women, maids and even babies having a time of it in the Wild West. The highly mythicized American Frontier saw economic workers traipsing out the Western states of the Union in search of lucrative work. Boom town and villages that struck gold became magnets for prospectors who would then flock to a town to work on the mine. One such Coloradan town was Cripple Creek where gold was struck in October, 1890. The town’s population increased from a sparse five hundred to a bustling ten thousand in just three years. And where men went, women would follow.

These adorable pictures show a pair of adorable miniature ponies being paraded around a care home to help boost morale among elderly residents

***EXCLUSIVE*** The pint-sized pets called Buttercup and Daisy measure just 2.5ft tall and have the perfect temperament to interact with OAPs, according to owner Helen Bellis, 44. Animal lover Helen said the introduction of ponies into a care home provides residents with a "breath of fresh air" and a "genuine sense of joy". Images taken at Magdalen Park Nursing Home in Hull, East Yorks, show excited OAPs stroking and feeding the peaceful ponies. Research shows contact and companionship with animals can reduce the stress hormone cortisol and provide an overall boost to well-being.

This stunningly detailed image of outer space showing luminous stars and swirling clouds of gas has been captured by an artist

***EXCLUSIVE*** Diego Gravinese, 47, spent 12 hours standing from his rooftop in Buenos Aires, in Argentina studying the sky when he captured the largest stellar nursery in the sky. Stellar nursery is an area of outer space within a dense nebula in which gas and dust are contracting, resulting in the formation of new stars. A nebula is a cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other gases - originally, the term was used to describe any diffuse astronomical object, including galaxies beyond the Milky Way.

Where eagles stare! Incredible photograph shows bald eagle looking straight into the camera as its reflection is caught as it flies low across a lake

***EXCLUSIVE*** An amateur photographer has captured an incredible image of a bald eagle staring straight into the camera with a perfectly symmetrical reflection in the water below. Steve Biro, 53, was shooting photos at the at a nature conservation area when an eagle named Bruce was brought out. Steve, from Windsor, Canada, says: „I was so excited when they brought Bruce out as the water was fairly calm and I knew I might get a decent reflection. I love getting reflections from a low vantage point and hoped to get a couple of decent pics of Bruce. He flew across the pond several times. He was flying close enough to my head to feel the breeze from his wings but I was determined to keep shooting. I have many wonderful images from the visit but I loved the symmetry of this one in particular and the way he is staring right through me and looking mean and powerful just blew me away.” Steve, who took up photography ten years ago, was at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Ontario when he captured the images two weeks ago. Steve shot the photos on his Canon 5D Mark IV and a Canon 100M L macro lens. The symmetrical shot was captured at f/7.1, 1/2000s and ISO 2500.