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Man has impossibly beautiful hair and women arre jealous

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the man who has been growing his hair for SEVEN YEARS and plans to keep it long despite being called an ‘ugly woman’ and has even been accused of TURNING women’s SEXUALITY. Actor and model, Cristiano Braga (28), from Minas Gerais, Brazil, has been growing his long hair since 2012 when he decided to take the plunge, despite feeling hesitant in case he got bullied at school. His striking look has attracted a lot of positive and negative attention, some from women who say it’s ‘unfair’ for a man to have luscious locks like his and from men who accuse him of wanting to ‘turn’ women’s sexuality due to his long hair. He has learned to brush off cruel trolls and says he is proud of his hair and treats it with care. He maintains it with natural oils such as aloe vera, avocado, camomile, mint, rosemary and vegetables. Despite his hair being two-foot-two in length, he says it only takes him five minutes to wash it and has been compared to Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Israeli scientists brew biblical beer using 5,000-year-old yeast from ancient pottery discovered in the Holy Land

Israeli experts have brewed beer with 5000 year old yeast colonies from ancient vessels. The yeast colonies had formed in the pores of excavated ceramics used to make beer and had survived for thousands of years, as the antiquity authority writes in a press release. The clay fragments were found during excavations in Tel Aviv. Archaeologists and microbiologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority and four Israeli universities teamed up to study yeast colonies found in microscopic pores in pottery fragments. The shards were found at Egyptian, Philistine and Judean archaeological sites in Israel spanning from 3,000 BC to the 4th century BC.

Woman, 26, woke up paralysed week after 'doctors failed to diagnose broken back'

***EXCLUSIVE*** DOVER, UK: A horrifying fall broke this woman’s SPINE but doctors failed to notice and sent her away without realising until she woke up a week later PARALYSED from the waist down. Tattoo artist, Holly Witney (26) from Dover, UK, was prescribed Quetiapine in January 2017 to control her mental health. However, in the days after starting it, she started to black out randomly, with no control over when it happened. The first blackout was in a pub with her friend, but the second time was more troublesome. Holly was stood at the top of her stairs when she lost control and fell down the stairs in her house. When she awoke, her back hurt but she hoped it was just pain from the impact. Holly went to the hospital to get it checked and no issues were found, so she was given a shot of Valium before being sent home. Holly went to work but couldn’t shake the pain and by Saturday, six days after falling down the stairs, Holly woke up unable to move her legs, paralysed from the waist down. She was taken to hospital in an ambulance where an MRI confirmed she had broken her back. The damage from the fall had caused disc protrusions, sequestrated discs and moderate spinal stenosis. An emergency microdiscectomy was necessary to remove the discs which were herniated. Holly’s struggles with pain didn’t subside after surgery, and although she regained movement in her legs, she lives in fear. She can no longer go for long walks, do gardening or go ice skating because if she were to fall over, she could become permanently paralysed. Since April 2017, Holly has been seeking referrals to help her recover, but doctors have dismissed her queries repeatedly. Holly felt ignored and started to lose faith in the staff who didn’t seem to want to help her recover, despite telling her that she was too young to be experiencing problems with mobility.

Making waves underwater

***EXCLUSIVE*** Freestyling freedivers have been making waves underwater with a sensational sub-aquatic dance party. The underwater party, held in a volcanic lake in The Philippines, shows some of the world’s finest freedivers showing off their best moves during a recent Deep Week Freediving Festival. Freediving is the art of diving under water without the use of breathing apparatus, especially in deep water, holding their breath for staggeringly long amounts of time and reaching unfathomable depths. Adam Stern, a world record breaking free diver who has dived 106 metres below the ocean’s surface – the same length as the Wembley football pitch - without scuba equipment, was delighted to capture the dancing on film.

A woman was struck down by a rare illness which left her paralysed - after she dismissed the symptoms as a COLD

***EXCLUSIVE*** Danielle McGuinness, 29, was rushed to hospital when she began to lose the feeling in her hands and legs hours before she was due to jet off on a dream holiday. Danielle, from Glasgow, had spent months planning a four-week holiday to Cambodia and Vietnam, where she was going to volunteer to teach English. She had been suffering from a bad cough and sickness in the weeks leading up to the holiday but had put it down to having a cold.

Woman, 20, caught life-threatening infection after botched butterfly tattoo from unlicensed artist

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nancy Anderson, 20, paid to have a cheap butterfly image tattooed on her left wrist after being told that her favourite licensed, high street studio was fully-booked. But the following day she woke and could not feel her arm which had become seriously infected by the bodged tattoo. After calling her GP she went straight to hospital where she was told she had a serious life-threatening infection which needed urgent treatment. She needed six immediate antibiotic drips to treat a festering hole in her wrist.  Nancy from Wickford, Essex, said: „It’s not worth the risk just to save some money.”

Kestral from prey perspective

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer waited patiently for 6 hours before capturing this close encounter with a Kestrel - a view that it's prey would fear. The male bird of pray flew within yards of the camera lens, as it landed for a rest in a nature reserve in Chorley, Lancashire. The image was captured by photographer Graeme Cuerden, 46, from Lancashire.

Barbara Windsor: tv legend flaunts pins and bust in eye-popping unearthed snaps

***EXCLUSIVE*** Saucy snaps show a stunning young Barbara Windsor before she hit stardom and went on to become one of the most beloved stars in British television, theatre and film. Remarkable photos, taken in 1960 when Barbara Windsor was in her early twenties, show the TV icon and former sexpot posing seductively on her bed, precariously balancing on a brick wall, and cuddling her pet pooches on the coach. The photos were captured just one year before Barbara got her first regular TV role in The Rag Trade. He was soon catapulted to nationwide fame when she became a star of the raucous ’Carry On’ films and later as the much feared and admired pub landlady Peggy Mitchell in EastEnders. English actress Dame Barbara Windsor was born Barbara Ann Deeks on August 6, 1937. She took the stage name Windsor in 1953 – seven years before this candid shoot – after she was inspired by the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Aerial shots of boats

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of moored boats fan out from the shore to create incredible wooden patterns. The narrow boats, which are used to bring stone from the bottom of a river to shore, are tied together, reaching out into the water from the muddy bank. Thousands of local people in Sunamganj, Bangladesh rely on the wooden boats to feed their families, with the stone they find sold as building material. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie captured the stunning patterns created by the moored boats using a drone, which he flew 1,200ft above the ground.

Flamingo aerials

***EXCLUSIVE*** A flock of flamingos fly over a dry salt lake which is covered in beautiful patterns. The aerial shot shows over 30 flamingos flying across the lake - which is partially dried up because of the dry season which creates stunning colours and patterns from above. The beautiful blue patterns were constantly changing shape because of the water current below. Photographer Siyu Liu said the patterns were 'clearly visible' from the helicopter they were flying in. Mr Liu, a scientist and Wei Du, a biostatistician, both from Blue Bell in Pennsylvania, USA, captured the stunning pictures of the flock - known as a 'pat' - above Lake Margadi in Kenya.

Large amount of waste flytipped in rural village

***EXCLUSIVE*** Callous fly-tippers have dumped tonnes of rubbish on the outskirts of a picturesque millionaire's village. Residents were dismayed to find a huge pile of waste, including plastic syringes and batteries, left on the outskirts of Upton Grey, Hants. The site covers a public bridleway near the pretty village, which is home to an Elizabethan manor house, thatched cottages, a duck pond and where the average house price is £1.1 million. A second dump was made near farmland in historic village Long Sutton, Hants, approximately four miles away.