Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

She’s my fiance AND my carer

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, LONDON: An inter-abled couple have revealed how their life of "shared experiences" has made their relationship stronger than most, even in the face of judgement and ignorance from others. Max Stainton, 28, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, met his fiancee Candy Parfitt, 29, three years ago when she became his PA at work, and they have since developed a unique bond. The Londoners are to be married in September, and say that Candy's dual-role as Max's carer and partner has enriched both their lives, rather than hindered them. Candy even supported Max on his ambitious project to become the first disabled person to reach Mount Everest Base Camp on horseback - a feat they accomplished together in April 2018.

Vincent Van Gogh’s head shaped, incredible 27m tall hot air balloon sores over the morning Melbourne skyline

***EXCLUSIVE*** A massive hot air balloon in the shape of famous artist Vincent Van Gogh's head was spotted soaring through the sky. The reproduction of one of the artist's most famous works, Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat, has been turned into a 27m tall balloon. Printed from a high resolution image of the 1887 self-portrait, the balloon by Dutch company Bavaria BV reportedly cost around £220,350 to make. The work of art - complete with TWO ears - took to the skies over Melbourne at 7am for 50 minutes.

Farewell Jeepney! Phasing out the Pinoy's Pride

Markun likes to drive "fast and furious" as he quotes. One of his passengers jokes "we all go to heaven". Markun is driving the jeepney since 15 years. He hopes that the phaseout won't happen that soon, as he got so used to this job. And he loves it. Common practice of payment is by saying the word "bayad" or "bayad po", saying also how many passengers you are in the group and your destination point. Your payment (bayad) can reach to the driver through hand transfer inside the jeepney. The Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) was launched by the Department of Transportation of the Philippines in 2017, with the goal of making the country's public transportation system efficient and environmentally friendly by 2020.

Britain's oldest Judo master is fighting fit as he still teaches the martial art after 60 years - at the grand age of 90

***EXCLUSIVE*** Super-active Bill Root reached the birthday milestone on Tuesday and celebrated with a surprise party arranged by the judo club where he still teaches.  The grandfather-of-one first took up the martial art at 29 and has been teaching it for 59 years.  Now a 6th Dan judoka, he wears a red and white belt, which is six times higher than the standard black belt.  After having his own club for 30 years, Bill now teaches the seniors at the Ichiban Martial Arts Dojo - seniors being around 40 - 50-years-old - training them to coach.  In each hour-and-a-half long session every Wednesday he can be seen arm locking and choking opponents, throwing them to the floor and holding them into submission.  Widower Bill, from Keighley, West Yorks., said: "Judo is something that you get into and you can't leave it alone. I will never stop practicing and learning."

Two bear cubs play fight

***EXCLUSIVE*** These adorable pictures show two mischievous baby bears having a play fight. Wildlife photographer Caron Steele, 45, managed to capture the moment the young cubs woke from their nap and started to "mess around with each other". Caron, from Worcestershire, said she was sitting around 30 metres away from the bears and spent a week waiting and watching the bears to take this perfect image.

Moo-ving fast! Hilarious footage shows man riding a motorbike with a huge cow

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the hilarious moment a man is seen riding a motorbike with a giant COW calmly seated in front of him. In the viral footage, a fellow biker films the male driving his vehicle as the huge bovine sits on his lap. And the tranquil cow seems to be thoroughly enjoying the ride. The outrageous clip is believed to have been filmed in rural Pakistan this month. The video has amused social media viewers across the world. Kashif Cheema commented on the daring rider in the footage: „That’s a true cowboy!” Many individuals have mentioned how riding with your pets Ð no matter how large - is a norm in Pakistan.