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Baby boy who was never expected to survive pregnancy is thriving after an in-utero surgery - and six operations in his first year - repaired his fatal heart condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** WASHINGTON, USA: This brave mother discovered that her son had a fatal heart condition at SIX MONTHS pregnant and required immediate IN-UTERO surgery to save his life – but he survived and is now celebrating his first birthday. Investigator, Sara Toner (21) from Washington, USA, was experiencing a troublesome pregnancy in October 2017 as she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, severe morning sickness which caused her to lose 1st 3lb in the first trimester. At the couple’s 20-week scan, Sara and her husband Ryan (32) were warned that they needed to see a paediatric cardiologist for further testing as their sonographer noticed some unusual developmental signs. Sara had an anatomy scan as well as an echocardiogram before reviewing the results with a cardiologist at the local cardiac children’s hospital. The cardiologist explained that the couple’s unborn son had hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) and aortic valve stenosis. Sara was 22 weeks into her pregnancy when she found out, and just a week later she underwent an in-utero operation to save her son’s life. Surgeons performed an aortic valvuloplasty in which a needle was inserted into Sara’s stomach, going directly into her son’s chest, through to his aortic valve. From there, a small balloon was inflated in his valve to open it up and allow blood flow. In the weeks subsequent, Sara’s son had four more valvuloplasties and a thoracotomy to repair his aortic arch. Sara was monitored weekly and it soon became evident that the left side of the baby’s heart was starting to develop. On May 21, 2018, Tyler was born, 7lb, much healthier than if he wasn’t operated on while Sara was pregnant. Without the in-utero surgery, Tyler’s survival rate was below 10 per cent, but the surgery increased that to 60 per cent.

Woman, 31, who was diagnosed with Lupus just after her wedding and left unable to walk or talk FINALLY gets to go on a dream Disneyland honeymoon THREE YEARS after tying the knot

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who experienced severe HEADACHES just weeks before her wedding and was eventually left unable to WALK or TALK after a delayed LUPUS diagnosis – but despite having to reschedule her honeymoon to Disneyland THREE TIMES is finally living out her dream trip. Just six weeks before her wedding, former fashion consultant, April Mouton (31) from California, USA, began having bad headaches that she initially passed off as stress and didn’t think much of it. So, in March 2016, she got married to her now husband, account manager, Shane (36). Her headaches got progressively worse, so she ended up quitting her job, working out and running and was hospitalised four days after they got married. One day she woke up and her arms felt weak and she lost the ability to talk and walk. She was then transferred to a different hospital and after a year and a half of trying to find an answer to what was happening and being accused by some doctors of faking her symptoms, April was officially diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), a long-term condition causing inflammation to the joints, skin and other organs. She became wheelchair bound and all of her hair fell out within the space of a week. She attended physical therapy sessions three times a week to learn to walk again and by the time of her diagnosis she learned how to talk again. For years she was on 25 different medications to alleviate her symptoms, including high doses of steroids for two years. She has recently reduced them to 15; she gives herself an injection of chemotherapy once a week and she has medicines for her heart, bladder, brain, skin and kidneys. Over time she has gained 5st 10Ib, going from 7st 7Ibs and UK size four to 13st 3Ibs and a UK size 16. The one event that was keeping her going was her planned trip to Disneyland for her honeymoon and after having to delay it three times due to her condition getting worse and being in and out of hospital, April and Shane both achieved their dream honeymoon in October 2018. April has since learned to manage her symptoms by getting sufficient rest prior to any events or nights out with friends or family and wearing sunscreen, a hat and an umbrella, whenever she is exposed to the sun.

'Chinese Picasso's' painting sells for £2.6 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A large painting of a Chinese mountain that was gifted to a British businessman over afternoon tea has sold for a staggering £2.6m. The 75ins by 40ins scroll painting was the work of renowned Zhang Da Qian - the Asian equivalent of Pablo Picasso. The Chinese modern impressionist produced the tall painting, called Grand View of Chao Mountain, in 1965 using an innovative splashed-ink technique. The work was then given to the unnamed Brit by a Chinese businessman he was having afternoon tea with in the 1970s. It has been passed down to his family who live in Berkshire.

A widow is travelling the world with a cardboard cutout of her late HUSBAND - so he can see the places he missed out on during his life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Michelle Bourke, 58, has taken the lifesize effigy of hubbie Paul to places including the Grand Canyon, Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge.  The pair, who enjoyed 25 years of happy marriage, hoped to travel the world together but he died of cancer aged 61 in 2016.  Michelle promised to honour their dream in a conversation before his death - so went on an epic journey with the cardboard doppelganger.  The cut out uses an image of Paul aged 34 when they wed - and he's still wearing his wedding suit.

Rusting 1936 Aston Martin which was bought for just £300 before spending 50 years rotting in a garage is now set to sell for £55,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A clapped-out classic car that has spent almost 50 years languishing in a garage is tipped to sell for £55,000. The rare and original Aston Martin Mk II saloon car was built in 1936 and was one of just 24 made by the famous British marque. The model now for sale was bought in 1951 for a mere £300 by the late Philip Kenyon. The war hero electrical engineer happily drove it throughout the 1950s and '60s before its handbrake broke and put it in a garage.

Tiny 300-year-old Chinese tea bowl bought for £20 by a British traveller in the 1980s sells for a whopping £40,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 300 year old tiny tea bowl bought for £20 by a British traveller in China in the 1980's sold for a whopping £40,000. Made during the reign of Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty between 1723-35 the simple vessel represents a high point in Chinese cup design. Auctioneers Sworders had given the simple item a conservative £8000 estimate but frenzied bidding from several Chinese bidders who had flown in caused it to soar to £40,000.

Man has ‘world’s largest’ brain tumour removed after mass grew for 20 YEARS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Weighing 5kg, the monstrous growth - thought to be the largest brain tumour ever recorded - was cut out during a 10-hour operation in Madurai, India on 16 May.  Sakthivel, 31, had lived with the growth on his head since childhood.  The daily wager from a southern Indian town called Dindigul chose to ignore the growth, though, because he apparently couldn't afford treatment.  And the debilitating memory of his brother's death during a surgery meant he let the tumour grow unimpeded for 20 years.  But when it grew to monstrous proportions two years ago, Sakthivel experienced restricted neck movements affecting his day-to-day life.  He became socially introverted, and eventually decided to seek help - first from private hospitals, and then through the welfare state.  Sakthivel was diagnosed by local doctors with the cancerous growth during the second week of May, and was subsequently referred to the Government Rajaji Hospital.  Dr J Srisaravanan, the neurosurgeon who led the six-man team which operated on him, said the 11lb tumour was "almost equal in size to his head".   The surgery, lasting 10 hours, required a 10-pint blood transfusion.

Geisha: Panama's most expensive coffee

Panama, Boquete: "Geisha", a variety of coffee grown in this region at an altitude of 1200-1700 metres, reached a price of 803 dollars per pound in 2018. In a café in San Francisco the cup "Geisha" is served for 75 dollars. "That doesn't necessarily talk about the quality of this coffee," says expert Wilford Lamastus Jr., who works for Elida Estate. "The price was reached thanks to the great Asian interest. Nevertheless, Panama is the leader in the region in this respect," Lamastus adds.

Amazing storms across Nebraska

***EXCLUSIVE*** Storm chasers captured 'once in a lifetime' pictures of a huge supercell thunderstorm in the United States. The epic storm, also known as a rotating thunderstorm, caused ferocious winds of 70mph and giant hailstones 'the size of baseballs'. Stunning photographs taken as the storm raged for five hours show black clouds sweeping across the grassland and forks of lightning breaking through them. Photographer Robert Postma photographed the storm in McCook during a chase across Nebraska, USA.

Shelf life: Uncovering the secrets of the London Library

***EXCLUSIVE*** It’s a bibliophile’s delight and the capital’s best kept secret. Tucked modestly into a corner of St James’s Square hides one of London’s little-known treasures. The London Library, founded by Thomas Carlyle in 1841, is probably the most wonderful library in the world. And if a Victorian temple to quiet research and physical books sounds irrelevant in an age of smartphones and Alexa, think again. Chances are, your favourite book, film, play or TV show was researched here. Stanley Kubrick and Virginia Woolf, Tom Stoppard and Bram Stoker, Jeremy Paxman and Agatha Christie, Kazuo Ishiguro and David Hare - all members who got and get their inspiration inside this nondescript building. Anyone can apply to join Ń there are currently 6,592 members.

Modern mansion inspired by Arts and Crafts Movement built from scratch on industrial wasteland goes on the market for £5m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning new Arts and Crafts style country manor which comes with its own lake, swimming pool, tennis court and summer house has come on to the market for £4.95million. Recently built Thakeham Manor, which also has a helipad, is set in 16 acres of landscaped parkland near Pulborough, West Sussex. Its eye-catching design, inspired by the famous early 20th century architect Edwin Lutyens, includes a slate roof, stone quoins and brick buttresses, while inside it is full of glamorous modern touches. The luxurious property has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and six reception rooms, and its grounds contain a heated swimming pool and decking area, a circular cushioned seating area and a tennis court.

RAF war room where Churchill first uttered immortal title for Battle of Britain heroes reopens

***EXCLUSIVE*** The historic room from which the Battle of Britain was won has opened to the public after Hillingdon council acquired the site from the RAF. The defence of the capital and much of southern England was conducted from 11 Group control room at RAF Uxbridge during the dark days of 1940 and later the air support for the D-Day landings in June 1944. And Churchill even came up with his 'Never in the field of human conflict was so much been owed by so many to so few' on climbing the stairs out of the concrete bunker after witnessing a ferocious days fighting at the height of the Battle in August 1940. The new visitor centre is now fully open to the public after a multi million pound redevelopment that recreates exactly the control room at 11.30am on the 15th September 1940...Battle of Britain day.

Chimpanzees spotted cracking open tortoises and eating their meat in world first

***EXCLUSIVE*** Chimpanzees eat tortoises after smashing their shell against a tree trunk, reveals stunning video footage. The male hunters then share the nutritious meat with other members of their family and group. It is the first time our closest cousins have been seen killing tortoises. The surprising discovery adds to evidence of their intelligence. The footage was recorded by scientists in a national park in Gabon, West Africa.

Go glamping in your own back garden: Country estate with its own farm, tea rooms and posh camping business goes on the market for £2.25m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A country estate that has its own farm, tea rooms and glamping business in the heart of the Lake District has gone on market for those looking to escape the rat race. Backside Farm sits on the banks of Ullswater - the second largest lake in the Cumbrian National Park - and has one mile of water access as well as stunning views of the mountains. The outgoing owners have been on the 195 acre estate for over a decade and in that time they have renovated the large five bedroom farmhouse. They also set up the tea rooms and two holiday rental cabins and have established them as a business.

Cows rest in dry river bed

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning drone pictures show hundreds of cows surrounding a tent as they rest half way across a dry river crossing. Six farmers lead their herd of cows across huge sandbars in the River Jamuna in Bangladesh. They even set up a tent halfway across the river to rest and make food, tying up each cow individually outside. Photographer Abdul Momin captured the river crossing during his visit to the sandbars.

One of Britain's oldest post offices closes after 224 years in Dorset village

***EXCLUSIVE*** One of Britain's oldest post offices has permanently closed after 224 years due to the government's 'disgraceful and illogical' modernisation of the service. The popular branch, which was run by veteran postmasters Steve and Gill Pile, had served the seaside community of Charmouth in Dorset since 1795. But they have decided to retire after the Post Office Ltd insisted the post office was downsized and moved to another shop in the village under their 'Network Transformation Scheme'. Since Post Office Ltd have so far not been able to find an alternative venue, the village of 1,300 people is currently without a post office which also provided its only free cash point service - leaving some villagers 'in tears' and wondering how they will cope.