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Couple who travel the world full-time taking stunning pictures share their tips

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British couple that travel the world full-time posting envy-inducing photos on their Instagram account have revealed the secrets of their incredible lifestyle. The twosome run @twotickets.toanywhere, an Instagram page where they detail their amazing lives of travel for their 25,000 followers - as they traverse the globe visiting exotic locations. Jack Goodwin-Jones, 26, and Becky O’Connell, 25, met when they were studying at Sheffield Hallam University. And despite meeting in the rainy northern city of Sheffield, the young couple had dreams of escaping the 9-5 lifestyle that most graduates are faced with after university and traveling to more colourful locations than the steel city. Their first holiday was to Cyprus in June 2014, and after series of mini-breaks they realised how much they love exploring places together. Now their Instagram account is filled with wanderlust photos from Cambodia, Australia, Thailand, Spain, Slovakia, Singapore and many more. And whilst other young graduates are chained to their office desk, Jack and Becky have visited a staggering 34 countries together - an average of 6.8 per year.

I’m more than just my wrinkly skin

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, MINNESOTA, USA: A model whose saggy skin makes her look years older than her 28 years, is determined to change the face of beauty - even as she battles poor health. Sara Geurts from Minneapolis, Minnesota has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that means her body lacks collagen. While most people with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome show no visible signs, Sara’s rarer form of Dermatosparaxis EDS causes her skin to sag excessively. Two years ago, Sara went viral in a Barcroft TV video about her condition and since then has been making waves in the modelling industry. But in spite of her success, Sara continues to battle with poor health and the last year in particular has been one of the hardest.

Dad spends £15,000 on epic gaming den with over 1,100 retro video games

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the avid video gaming dad who has spent over £15K on his massive collection of 1100 retro games and even has an ENTIRE ROOM devoted to them. Retail manager, Cameron Lasby (36) from Milton, Ontario, Canada became obsessed with gaming as a child and over the course of his life has acquired quite the collection of old retro consoles and hard to come by classic games. Cameron and his wife, Marie Davidson (32) met in early 2007 on the rave scene through her brother and they just moved into their first home with their five-month-old son, Edward and their Siberian husky, Kain. When he was a young child, Cameron was surrounded by games that his older brother, Noel (47) used to play. His earliest memories were of his brother and his friends playing Vanguard, Moon, Patrol, Dig Dug and Pitfall on the Atari 2600, which were played on an old black and white TV. His favourite games are all the fourth and fifth generations. The release of the Wii’s virtual console on November 19, 2006 was a real game changer for him as he was able to access all of his old favourites. Then in 2012 he found all his old games and realised that virtual games can never be a match for having the actual cartridges and his hobby in collecting them began. Since then Cameron has amassed over 1,100 items all related to retro gaming, including games, consoles and other paraphernalia.

Man’s arm is eaten alive by aggressive bug that’s like a ‘forest fire burning your skin’

***EXCLUSIVE*** Doctors thought that this man had cellulitis when he woke up to a lacrosse ball-sized lump on his elbow - to his surprise it turned to be a VERY RARE bacterial infection that EATS THE SKIN alive. On March 21, 2015, special education teacher, Chris Gordon (44) from New Ulm, Minnesota, USA, found that overnight he’d developed a large lacrosse ball-sized bump on his right elbow which was sore and felt warm and within the hour he went to see his doctor. At first, he was told he might have a type of inflammation and swelling called bursitis or cellulitis which is an infection under the deeper layers of skin. The doctor recommended that he went home and kept an eye on it. So, he headed back home and through the day became more lethargic and by the evening he was admitted to the emergency room at the hospital. The hospital didn’t know what was wrong with him so Chris was flown to another clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and received the devastating news that he had contracted necrotising fasciitis and that he would need lots of his skin taken off from a large part of the right side of his body from his hand, to his neck, chest and back. Necrotising fasciitis is a bacterial infection and due to its toxicity, it destroys skin, fat and tissues around the muscles. The infection is very rare and when it takes hold the flesh-eating condition spreads in a matter of hours and days and can lead to sepsis and even death.

Stunning pics celebrate incredible beauty of the moon on 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s first landing

***EXCLUSIVE*** Beautiful cosmic photos capture the ethereal qualities of the moon’s jagged landscape and explore the mysteries of six decades of space exploration fifty years after man first set foot on the moon. On July 21, this year, at 2.56am, it will be exactly five decades since Neil Armstrong became the first man to firmly plant his foot in the Sea of Tranquility as well as the history books. To celebrate one of the pinnacles of human achievement, Piers Bizony has compiled Moonshots: 50 Years of NASA Space Exploration Seen Through Hasselblad Cameras - an outrageously handsome book that brings the story of America’s journey into space to life. The exquisite images, many snapped by the astronauts themselves, include an out-of-this-world selfie of Buzz Aldrin on a spacewalk, Armstrong’s famous lunar bootprint, and a dusty set of tyre trails created by one of Nasa’s magnificent moon buggies, all captured in rich, eye-catching detail.

Stunning 125-year-old photos of New Zealand's Maori community

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning 125-year-old pictures capture the life and times of New Zealand’s indigenous population. Māori were the first inhabitants of New Zealand or Aotearoa, meaning ‘Land of the Long White Cloud', having arrived on the islands approximately 700 years ago. Incredible images, snapped in 1895 as part of an epic world tour, show how the Maori community thrived in the19th Century including a wholesome photo of a family playing with their puppies whilst enjoying a game of cards, a shot of Māori boys bathing in some of the country’s famed hot springs, and some exquisite wood carvings made by local craftsmen.

Staff at a north London high school were in for a surprise when they spotted a fox - with his head caught in the lid of a bin

***EXCLUSIVE*** Staff at Saracens High School in Barnet, North West London spotted the trapped wild animal in the school grounds, and called the RSPCA for help. RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Mariam Adwan said: “This juvenile fox had got himself into a real pickle! Somehow he’d managed to put his head through the hole in the lid of the bin, but then couldn’t get out.  He was really scared, poor thing. “I managed to calm him down and checked whether I could gently ease him out, but his cheeks seemed to be the sticking point. This wasn’t going to be an easy rescue and I had to to find a solution fast.