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Miracle baby born without skin defies the odds to survive: Boy who was born ten weeks premature finally goes home with his parents despite doctors' predictions he would not survive

***EXCUSIVE*** A premature baby has defied the odds to survive despite being born without the top layer of his skin on nearly his entire body. Kaiden Jake Shattock, now six months old, was born with an undiagnosed condition which meant he was missing 98% of his epidermis. As soon as he was born, he was whisked away from distraught parents Jessica Kibbler and Jake Shattock, both 20. When they eventually got to see him nine hours later they said the tiny newborn was "red raw, like a piece of uncooked meat".

Woman defies bullies who branded her 'fat' by becoming a plus size model

***EXCLUSIVE*** MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: This sexy plus size sex positive woman is embracing her incredible figure after years of being bullied for being ‘the fat girl’ and being rejected by men for being ‘so large’ but is now married and wants to show women that they shouldn’t be shamed for enjoying sex. Social worker and model, Karla Crowe (28) from Melbourne, Australia, wants to show women how to love themselves for who they are and that there is nothing wrong with pursuing a fulfilling sex life. Karla’s empowering mindset comes after years of being bullied throughout school for being ‘the fat girl’ and excluded from social events by girls and laughed at by boys which caused her to hide away in baggy clothes and not eat throughout the day as she was too afraid to let anyone see her eating. It wasn’t until her early twenties that Karla started to see her body in a completely new light after speaking to the frontman of a band she went to watch who assured her that other people didn’t actually care what she looked like. Karla took this with her and as her confidence in herself grew, she was surprised, after not having relationships through school, to learn that men actually wanted to date her and found her and her fuller figure sexy. Despite this, at 18st 12lb and a size 20 Karla has been victim to men she’s dated not wanting to see her again because they considered her too big to introduce to their friends, something she attributes to a side effect of today’s fat shaming society. However, in 2011, Karla met her now husband, Xavier, who has encouraged her to pursue modelling and helped her embrace sex positivity.

Figure skater whose weight dropped to less than SIX stone after she developed anorexia reveals how she battled back by 'letting go of the thing that was trying to kill her'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This young woman has beaten her anorexia that made her want ‘to die’ as she became so fixated on her athletic ability as a figure skater that she wouldn’t eat anything unless she knew its exact calorie content and lost four-stone in a year but says that recovery has helped her restart her life. Growing up, restaurant supervisor, Demi Alexia (20) from Hampshire, UK, loved sports and wanted to be the best at everything she did and was a keen dancer and runner as well as an accomplished figure skater, which she trained for every morning. In college Demi became increasingly fixated on her athletic ability, became vegan and started to train for longer. Before long she wouldn’t consume anything unless she knew its exact calorie value so that she could burn it off in the same day and feared fats, oils and carbs to the point where she would mainly survive on liquids; black coffee for breakfast; a sachet cup soup for lunch and a dinner of either two eggs or sweet potato. Coupled with the stress of her A-Levels, 5ft 9in Demi started to see food and exercise as the only things in her life she could control and in just a year she lost four-stone to weigh 5st 12lb. With no energy to do anything, getting out of bed was a chore for her and Demi felt like she wanted to die. In summer after completing college, Demi’s parents took her to the doctor who put her on anti-depressants and referred her to an eating disorder service where she was referred to an inpatient stay for six months where she went hoping that she would be able to get better. During this time Demi was reluctant to eat but was fed through a NG feeding tube when she refused to comply with her treatment but gradually as she started to gain weight, she realised that she wanted to live and have a fulfilled life like she did before she was poorly. After being discharged from hospital she was then treated as an outpatient for another six months and was officially discharged last week. Now 9st and a size eight, Demi says that choosing to recover has given her a new chance at life and she is now thriving at work and is able to go out with her friends like any other 20-year-old.

Stunning tribe jewels

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of indigenous tribeswomen show off their stunning necklaces which look like wool scarves but are actually made using wicker, mud and hundreds of beads. The women wear the jewellery, with mud packed around their necks, day and night as part of an age old tribal tradition, also putting beads in their hair. Each tribe in remote Angola has different colour schemes for their necklaces, known as vilanda, with the colours representing different stages of their life. The women also plait their hair, coating it with mix of oil, crushed tree bark, dried cow dung and herbs.

Harry Potter-mad couple wed dressed as their favourite Hogwarts characters - and they even included a Severus Snape quote in their vows

***EXCUSIVE*** A Harry Potter-mad couple had a magical day when they got married dressed as their favourite Hogewarts characters. Ria Scriggins, 34, and Matthew Tipper, 31, fell for each other after discovering they were both obsessed with the JK Rowling novels. The couple, who have nine-month-old daughter Luna, arrived for the ceremony at Glenfield Town Hall, wearing Hogwarts gowns and carrying wands.

Live in this luxury four-bed flat in a grand converted Victorian school… but it will set you back £4.29m

***EXCLUSIVE*** School’s out forever with this stunning four-bed apartment set in a converted Victorian education facility. Incredible images show the large building and its gardens as well as its picture-perfect views of London. Other striking shots show the spacious bedrooms, modern kitchen and the huge living areas with windows providing plenty of natural light. The four-bed apartment is located in The Village, Amies Street, London and is currently listed by Cluttons for £4.29m.

Eczema sufferer who’s been battling itchy, flaky skin since ditching steroid creams says strangers fear she’s contagious

***EXCLUSIVE*** NIJMEGEN, NETHERLANDS: After learning about TOPICAL STEROID WITHDRAWAL through Instagram this woman quit the steroids which doctors had prescribed her for over a DECADE - but now she faces stares in public as people fear that her condition is CONTAGIOUS. Council worker, Irene Tempelaars (29) from Nijmegen, Netherlands, was only 10 years old when she and her parents noticed patches of eczema forming on her arms before being prescribed her first steroid cream by her GP. As she was young, Irene was only prescribed a low potent steroid to control her eczema, but as the years progressed and she consistently returned to her GP with worse eczema, the GP would simply prescribe a stronger steroid cream. Irene’s eczema spread to behind her knees, her neck, back, stomach and hands, but the stronger creams seemed to be her only option. Irene started off using Hydrocortisone, a mild steroid, to later using the potent steroid Betamethasone Valerate for over 10 years. At times, Irene tried to phase out the steroid creams, but her eczema became worse and dermatologists would just suggest another steroid. In 2009, Irene tried to use tar ointments to control her eczema, unfortunately they didn’t have a significant effect. By the summer of 2018, Irene’s eczema had spread to her face and it was getting itchier and more painful across the rest of her body. The eczema was soon covering all of her body apart from her lower legs and feet as the steroid creams stopped working and could no longer control Irene’s eczema. In need of a new solution, Irene searched the hashtag ‘eczema’ on Instagram and came across profiles of people who were going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW). The images showed the pain that sufferers endure, but they showed Irene that steroids weren’t her only option, leading her to stop using them on November 25, 2018.

George Harrison's Futurama electric guitar upf or sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** An iconic guitar used by George Harrison during The Beatles' legendary Hamburg tours is expected to fetch £300,000 at auction - having spent 55 years unseen because a magazine couldn't give it away. Beat Instrumental Magazine offered the 'Futurama Resonet' guitar, which will be auctioned in its original case embellished with Hamburg stickers, as a competition prize in 1964 but the winner instead opted for a cash prize. As a result the magazine kept hold of the sunburst-coloured instrument until it folded in 1980. The guitar is now being offered at auction by a relative of the former editor.  Harrison was just 16 when he bought the guitar at Hessy's music shop in Liverpool in 1959 with Paul McCartney.

The owl appearing to hop between fence posts as it tucks its wings in midflight

***EXCLUSIVE*** An owl tucks its wings in mid-flight as it is captured on camera hunting for prey.  The bird was photographed in the unusual pose flying between fence posts. Camera repairer and amateur photographer Gary Austin captured the scene in Cannock, Staffordshire, and admitted he had never seen an owl fly in this position before.

Swallows struggle

***EXCLUSIVE*** A heron looks as though it has bitten off more than it can chew while struggling to swallow a big fish.  The bird flipped its dinner about in its beak for five minutes before finally managing to get it down. Photographer Richard Shepard, 58, saw the great blue heron in the Viera Wetlands, Florida, US, moments after it speared the 12-inch-long Nile tilapia using its long beak.

Gull eats rabbit

***EXCLUSIVE*** This little bunny rabbit ended up as lunch for a hungry seagull. Photographer David Higgins, 50 captured the heart breaking scene while on a tour of Inner Farne, Farne Islands, on the Northumberland Coast. David explains, " It's very difficult not to feel for the animal being attacked in these situations, it must have been both terrifying and painful for this poor rabbit. But it is a natural event and part of predator-prey interactions. Also, when you're concentrating on getting the shot, you sometimes forget the horrendous experience the prey is enduring, which does help when faced with this kind of raw natural scene".

A giant earth sculpture has been unveiled for Salisbury International Arts Festival

***EXCLUSIVE*** The work of art by Luke Jerram titled, 'Gaia' is a huge, seven-metre wide sculpture featuring detailed NASA imagery of the earth’s surface, it is displayed in the spectacular surroundings of Salisbury Cathedral for the duration of Salisbury International Arts Festival which runs from the 24th May - 9th June.