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Man 'mobbed by screaming Elton John fans' speaks of his new-found fame

***EXCLUSIVE*** A retired accountant has spoken out just days after the release of Rocket Man to reveal he is regularly stopped in the street by Sir Elton John fans - convinced he’s the real deal. John Sims, 64, was first compared to the English musician - who was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight - 10 years ago. He bears a striking resemblance to the popstar legend and remarkably even has the same gap in his teeth.

A 21-year-old student who suffered from crippling breathing problems discovered her nose was actually blocked with growths - the size of giant SLUGS

***EXCLUSIVE*** A student who suffered from crippling breathing problems discovered her nose was actually blocked with growths - the size of giant SLUGS. Julia Khalil, 21, has told how she can inhale and now feels like a „vacuum cleaner” after having the monstrous growths removed by surgeons. She had complained for years about poor breathing and often woke up gasping for oxygen, she struggled to exercise and was even left with agonising cramps in her back, ribs and chest. Worse still, Julia was also too ashamed to study in the library because her breathing was so loud she’d get dirty looks from other students. Now Julia, from West Hampstead, north west London, has discovered the cause of her anguish - enlarged „turbinates” which are projections of soft tissue in the nasal cavities.

Crazy cheese rollers hurtle down hill after bouncing Double Gloucester

They think it's roll over... it is OW! Hundreds of dotty downhill daredevils sparked multiple-injury mayhem in an annual cheese-rolling contest - with emergency services kept busy treating the victims. Competitors hurtled out of control as they ran, then tumbled, then spiralled, out of control down steep Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire during one of Britain's most bizarre and dangerous sporting traditions. Men and women could be seen lying in pain after their bodies spun around like rag dolls in the wind, before skidding and thudding along the ground. The questionable aim of the event is to chase a wheel of cheese that is rolled down the hill in front of contestants. The strange competition was initially just for locals in the village of Brockworth.

Number of puffins on Lundy Island rises from less than 20 to 375 after £50,000 project to exterminate killer rats

Seabird numbers on a rocky British island are soaring after predatory rats were exterminated there. The £50,000 project to get rid of 40,000 rats on the island of Lundy, off the coast of Devon, was introduced when puffin numbers fell to fewer than ten pairs at the turn of the millennium. Now experts have counted 375 of the native birds on the island, while the population of Manx shearwaters has grown from 297 pairs to 5,504.