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Rise of the 'peach pose': How celebs make their figures look curvy on the red carpet by copying an influencer known for her VERY pert posterior

An influencer whose perky posterior has won her over a million followers has revealed her simple tip to making yourself look curvier in pictures - and it's a trick seen across the red carpet. Daisy Keech, 19, from LA, has dubbed the pose the 'Keech peach', and it involves arching your back, tilting you shoulder towards the camera and cinching your stomach in. The pose is often used on the red carpet, with reality star Kylie Jenner, model Haily Bieber and singer Rita Ora among the celebrities plumping for a peachier posterior. 

Rita Ora, seen in Cannes this month, is a pro at posing and is seen tilting her pelvis towards the camera and angling her shoulder

Hailey Bieber is seen at the Met Gala, arching her back towards the camera in what influencer Daisy dubs the 'Keech peach' pose

J Lo strikes this pose professionally at the Met Gala in 2019

New Victoria’s Secret model, Barbara Palvin has to top on fashion trends – like poses also – so she try i tat Sports Illustrated party in May 2019.

Kim Kardashian is on trend like always – she shows her famous back at MET 2019 gala

The pose is often used on the red carpet, with reality star Kylie Jenner, seen at the MET Gala last year, poking out her posterior to maximise her body shape

Kendall Jenner – seen at Fashion Awards 2018 in December – looks like she knows the new poses fro next season, and shows her bum in risqe gown.

Beyonce at the Met Gala in 2016 brought the derriere into the mainstream before the influx of reality stars and 'influencers'.