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Mother, 51, who has a better figure than she did in her 30s after ditching processed foods and taking up weight-lifting claims men are constantly asking her on dates

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the stunning mum who at the age of FIFTY-ONE regularly gets told that she looks better than girls in their twenties - and she claims that men are constantly sliding into her DMs with dating requests because of it. Despite being a naturally slim woman, personal trainer and holistic health practitioner, Laura Heikkila (51) from California, USA, didn’t feel very confident in her own skin and would eat processed food, while solely focusing on cardio at the gym. At just 7st 9Ib and UK size six, Laura never took her health very seriously, it wasn’t until she was pregnant with her daughter, Jayden (now 16), in 2002, that her attitude to fitness changed. Being in her mid-thirties meant that she found it harder to lose weight and this led to her passion for weightlifting and cooking healthy meals. Over the next 15 years she re-focused her fitness on weights rather than cardio and this helped her build muscle and lose her baby weight fast. Her figure has maintained its shape at 8st 6Ib and UK size six, despite increasing her calorie intake by 600 a day. Her muscular figure has prompted many positive comments from strangers who tell her she looks better than girls in their twenties. She has since created a fitness community called Ageless Women and has over 26,000 followers on Instagram and now gets requests from men who slide into her DMs (direct messages), which she says her husband, Jay (49) is cool with as they have been married for 20 years.

German Duchess of Cambridge super-fan reveals she's spent almost £5K copying Kate's outfits - and looks up to the royal like a 'big sister'

***EXCLUSIVE*** BOCHUM, GERMANY: This royal family super fan spends her time finding ‘repli-KATES’ of the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfits and says that mum-of-three Kate feels like a ‘big sister’ to her and has spent almost £4.5K on her hobby to date. Student and self-confessed anglophile, Saskia Moldenhauer (24) from Bochum, Germany, has always been fascinated by the magic of English culture, traditions and the royal family. After watching a documentary about Prince William and Catherine’s engagement in 2011, Saskia fell in love with Kate’s impeccable fashion sense and started to follow her outfit choices online where she soon discovered ‘repli-Kate-ing’ and people who were dedicated to finding copies of the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfits for themselves and decided to give it a go herself. Saskia started watching Kate’s fashion choices each time she stepped out and if her budget allowed would buy the exact same or similar outfit to incorporate in her everyday look. Luckily for Saskia, many brands worn by Kate are both affordable and ship internationally, so she has been fortunate enough to get her hands on some of the Duchess’ more notable looks. Since spring 2016, Saskia has replicated between 20 to 25 outfits, spending more than approximately £4,414 (€5,000). Incredible pictures show Saskia in her take on Kate’s blue Issa engagement dress worn in November 2010, in the Seraphine fuchsia dress she wore in her first official family photograph following Prince George’s birth in 2013 and in the Duchess’ favourite Me + Em casual Breton striped top. Saskia shares her royal looks and trips to iconic London landmarks on Instagram and wants to show that every woman can look and feel like a princess.

Would you let a ROBOT take your wedding pictures? Couple hire AI powered automated photographer to capture candid shots of guests as a fun alternative to a photo booth

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible images and video footage has revealed the robotic photographer that debuted at a wedding in the Midlands recently. The stunning footage shows Eva the robot in action as she takes photographs of wedding guests at the evening do. Other striking shots show people posing for the human-size robot to take their snap and the large screen where Eva shows the picture she has taken. Eva Photography Robot can be hired or bought from www.servicerobots.com for events.

Mum unable to eat or drink after face was paralysed for five weeks

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW YORK, USA: A stressful holiday period left this mother with full FACIAL PARALYSIS for five weeks during which time she was unable to eat or blink – and she says she looked like Quasimodo. Waitress, Shayna Aldrich (34) from New York, USA, started to feel under the weather in November 2018 but didn’t show any signs of improving over the next two weeks. After a fortnight, Shayna began to recover but she was kept busy throughout the holiday period. Unfortunately, in January, Shayna started noticing odd signs that something was wrong again. She ate an olive and commented that it tasted metallic, but her husband Patrick (31) and daughter Lola (8) didn’t notice the same taste. Shayna didn’t think too much of this initial sign. The following morning, Shayna woke up with a numb chin, and by the end of that same day her lips had become numb too. Things spiralled further when Shayna got up the next day, two days after noticing the metallic taste, and her entire face was paralysed. Shayna went to an Urgent Care centre where they ran tests to rule out a stroke. Further tests revealed that Shayna had a rare form of Bell’s Palsy which affected both sides of her face. Doctors believe that Shayna never fully recovered from her virus in November, which, coupled with the busy holiday period played havoc with her weakened immune system. For five weeks, Shayna’s face was paralysed which stopped her from being able to eat or drink normally, she couldn’t talk properly and was unable to blink as her left eye wouldn’t close. Shayna’s left eye would stream with water for hours until it was completely dried out, requiring her to use eye drops to prevent the pain caused by dryness. Shayna hated how the paralysis changed her physical appearance, causing her face to droop slightly and stopping her from being able to talk to people. Shayna even compared herself to Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame because she felt like a ‘monster’ at the time.

Student, 23, shows off her body transformation after ditching her 'insane' takeaway habit to get the breast reduction surgery she was 'too overweight' for

***EXCLUSIVE*** MANCHESTER, UK: This woman was spurred on to lose weight and ditch her four times a week KFC or McDonald’s habit in order to qualify for the BREAST REDUCTION surgery she dreamt of ever since she was FOURTEEN after being told her BMI was too high. Administrator, Ashlee Higham (23) originally from Manchester, UK, but now living in Melbourne, Australia, never considered herself to be overweight until she saw photos of herself after a trip back home to the UK in June 2017. Having recently moved to a desk job where she was sitting for up to seven hours a day from previously working as a drive thru bottle shop attendant, Ashlee hadn’t noticed the weight creep on but would always reach for baggy clothing to cover up. On top of this, she would eat McDonald’s or KFC at least four times a week and loved eating any sort of deep-fried food and spent her weekends drinking and eating out with no physical exercise to counteract her sedentary lifestyle. Ashlee was embarrassed by the photos from her trip but since deciding that she wanted a breast reduction when she was 14 because of back pain she was shocked when at 21 her doctor told her she didn’t qualify because at 5ft 3in and 14st her BMI of 33 to 34 was too high. Determined to lose weight so that she could have her reduction surgery, Ashlee started going to the gym five times a week and ditched her junk food habits in favour of healthy chicken with vegetables. Now at 9st 4lb, Ashlee qualified for her surgery and went under the knife in September 2018 going from a K cup to a C cup and since her weight loss has shrunk from UK size 16 to a size six to eight and says that her self-confidence has grown immeasurably.

Eerie pictures show the ornate ceilings and beautifully-tiled pool at Grade-II abandoned public swimming baths built in 1907

***EXCLUSIVE*** The hidden beauty of an abandoned public baths dating from the early 1900s has been revealed in a series of stunning snaps. The incredible images show the enormous room inside with tiled floors and walls, the striped pattern along the walls and the ornately designed ceilings. Other striking shots show the locker rooms, protective railings to stop people falling from the upper balconies overlooking the huge hall and the red-brick exterior of the building. The remarkable photographs were taken at Public Baths, Moseley in Birmingham, UK by an urban explorer who wished to remain anonymous.

Nazi monster's son shares unseen photos of jolly family gatherings with Hitler and describes watching his unrepentant father hang at Nuremberg

***EXCLUSIVE*** GERMANY: The son of one of Hitler’s closest confidants and top-ranking Nazis has unveiled the secrets of the Third Reich’s top table and the man who kickstarted the Second World War in his explosive memoirs. Joachim von Ribbentrop, counted amongst Hitler’s most trusted allies, was foreign minister under the Nazi regime (1933–45), and chief negotiator of the treaties with which Germany entered World War Two. Incredible images, several of which have not been seen before, show Von Ribbentrop in deep discussion with Hitler and Mussolini; signing the treaty which paved the way for the Nazi invasion of Poland, the German-Soviet Pact of Non-Aggression; and entertaining a visibly relaxed Fuhrer in his own home. The striking photos are including in Rudolf Von Ribbentrop’s My Father Joachim von Ribbentrop, a frank description of the SS soldier’s relationship with his father when he was the German Ambassador in London and during the war years. This is the this first English Language edition of his memoirs.

The pillowcase thief, the shopbreaker and the con artist: Child crooks as young as 12 who faced the birch, the workhouse or an adult jail for petty crimes a century ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cocksure, scared, or totally unphased: Mugshots of criminal teenagers dating back over 100 years ago capture a wide range of emotions. Incredible photos, dating from 1902 to 1916, show the faces of troubled teens and pre-teens who have been hauled in for a wide range of petty crimes – ranging from stealing doormats to dine-and-dashing. The candid shots, featuring juvenile offenders who were brought before the North Shields Police Court in Newcastle, show children as young as 12 standing before the police photographer, some shamefaced, some scared and others seemingly at peace with their misdemeanours.

Owl holds up mouse

***EXCLUSIVE*** An owl proudly holds up its pray in celebration of a successful hunt. The Little owl stands on a fallen tree trunk whilst gripping the common vole with its powerful talon. The scene was captured in Barchem, Holland, by amateur photographer Patrick Scholten, 26, who works as a carpenter.

Boy, 11, reveals he is regularly called ‘slave’ and the N-word by primary school classmates

***EXCLUSIVE*** An 11 year old boy has spoken bravely of the hurt of racist abuse in the playground from primary school pupils. Ashley Davies is of mixed race ethnicity and goes to a primary school in West Cornwall, which Cornwall Live has chosen not to identify. Yet instead of enjoying his last year of primary education, Ashley has been the subject of hateful comments from other children, including names such as „black idiot”, „slave” and the n-word. He joined the school in September after the family moved back to Cornwall from Liverpool, to enjoy a life beside the sea.

Sand artists work at Rekordburg

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Binz: Sand artists are working on a new record castle at the Sand Sculpture Festival. At 17.5 metres, the sandbuilding is set to set a new world record. The current Guinness record is 16.68 metres and was set in Duisburg in 2017. At the beginning of June the judges of "Guinness World Records" will arrive from London and officially measure the Sandburg.

Railway Slum in Dhaka

Dhaka, Bangladesh, Bangladesh: Hundreds of people live their normal life in the railway slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They cook, talk to neighbours, work there or go to work in the city, read, sleep, make sex, have fun. Some children go to schools and look, for strangers, surprisingly neat, taking into consideration very difficult living conditions in the slum. Every 20-30 minutes train crosses the slum stopping normal activities but just for a moment. Then, everything gets back to normal.

Surfing on the Eisbach

One of Munich's top attractions is "The Eisbachwelle", an artificial stream that runs through the city's largest public park, the English Garden. For over forty years, the Eisbach has been a loved spot for surfers from around the world.