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My husband helped me love my „super-fat” body

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE HERTFORDSHIRE, UK: A „super-fat” woman has learnt to love her curves, with the help of her average-sized husband. Amalie Jennings, originally from Denmark, lives in Hertfordshire, UK with her British husband Sean. Amalie first met her husband Sean on an online video game in 2008. Most people in the couple’s lives have been accepting of their „mixed weight” relationship, however they have had to cut contact with Sean’s father.

A toddler born with a rare condition has had both her legs amputated - just after her first birthday after being born with no bones in her shins

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Freya Gibbs, now 18 months, had an operation on 18th February to have both legs removed - through the knee.  The tot had been diagnosed with Bilateral Tibial Hemimelia, which means she was born without shin bones and her lower limbs were curved inwards.  Her devoted parents, Danielle and Michael Gibbs, were warned their daughter would never walk and made the heartbreaking decision to have their little girl's legs amputated - to give her the opportunity to adapt to prosthetics at an early age.  And now - three weeks on from the op - Freya is back to her happy-go-lucky self at home in Llandysul, Carmarthenshire, Wales.

The world's 'cheapest dress' has been unveiled - made out of 2,500 Venezuelan banknotes

***EXCLUSIVE*** It was created by student Katherine Hasegawa Perez to raise awareness of her home country's poverty. The colourful garment comprises currency once values at £5,000 - but is now virtually worthless. This is due to hyper-inflation that has soared to a mind-boggling 144,000 percent.

Man who met his wife on CRAIGSLIST reveals how he then fell in love with her FRIEND over text message, and is now dating both women at the same time (but doesn't live with either)

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the man who claims girls are always wanting to have sex with him after he hit puberty at just NINE YEARS OLD and has since gone on to meet his wife and then fall in love with HER FRIEND – and now they’re in a polyamorous relationship. DJ and EDM music producer and personal trainer, Andrew Niman (35) from San Diego, California, USA, hit puberty at a young age and lost his virginity on his 11th birthday with his first girlfriend who was 10 and continued to lead a very sexually active lifestyle ever since. Andrew realised he was becoming a man way before his teens as he noticed his body hair growing and that he had developed a deeper voice and in turn felt that he was out of place around peers of his own age but was still very confident. In July 2011 Andrew placed an ad on Craigslist under the ‘casual encounters’ personals. He got a reply and decided to meet up with his now wife, Kayla Vigil (30). The couple grew and explored together sexually with other couples at sex-club houses and swingers’ clubs. Then in May 2016 Andrew proposed to Kayla, and she accepted, the couple finally tied the knot in August 2017. In January 2019 Kayla told Andrew that a man wanted to have sex with her and that she needed to find a girl for Andrew. So, she gave Andrew her friend’s phone number. When Andrew met Brittany Thiessen (33), they got along right from the start and he fell in love immediately and now he goes out with Kayla and Brittany separately.

Magnificent roman coin discovered in a ploughed field in kent by a detectorist

 ***EXCLUSIVE*** A Roman coin discovered in a Kent field which is expected to fetch a six figure sum at auction. The gold coin dates from AD 293-296 during the reign of Allectus, who was a Roman-Britannic usurper-emperor in Britain and northern Gaul from 293 to 296.

A witty artist is making a lasting impression with her dainty watercolour paintings she captions with sordid titles

***EXCLUSIVE*** The illusive painter works under the name Fanny Fielding but prefers to keep her identity a mystery, like street artist Banksy. Fanny, who claims to be 61, began giving cheeky titles to her seemingly innocent paintings after critics described them as "a bit twee." She is now enjoying a new found fame and global fan base since launching her amusing "fannyf.art" website.

These stunning pictures show a couple who eloped to the picturesque Isle of Skye - hiking to the spot where they got married

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kate, 33, and Shaun Mountain, 36, wedded on Skye after the pair had visited the scenic island and fell in love with it. The couple, who live in Aberdeen, had a humanist service in the Quiraing area of the island on March 28, accompanied by a humanist celebrant, a piper and wedding photographer Andrew Rae. They both stuck on their hiking boots to traverse the popular walking route before being taken to scenic parts of the island - including the Old Man of Storr and Sligachan bridge.

Peeling walls and a dusty pool table: Inside the eerie abandoned remains of a historic Miami house that was home to a US state senator and publisher of the Washington Post

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peek inside the abandoned remains of a historic landmark house that was once home to a US state senator and a publisher of the Washington Post. The eerie images show the exterior of the coral rock house as well as the dilapidated interior with a bathroom falling in around itself and peeling walls in other rooms. Other striking shots show what’s left of a games room with a dusty pool table surrounded by rubble, old mattresses and furniture cluttering another room and a kitchen with wood piled as high as the cupboards. The stunning pictures show the Graham House in Miami, Florida, USA and were taken by a photographer known as Bullet.

Incredible pictures show an artist's hypnotic cosmic art using hundreds of yards of string

***EXCLUSIVE*** Poland-based duo Przemek Podolski and Marta Basandowska, use a black light and projection mapping to create the huge installations. Przmek started the trippy art six years ago, he said: "I was fascinated by the cosmos and its space. When I first saw string art I thought it was suitable for visualising the matter of the cosmos."

Threat to ancient Scots yew, UK’s oldest tree, as tourists rip off branches for souvenirs

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Scottish tree that is believed by some to be the oldest in Europe could be dead in fifty years - because tourists keep ripping off its branches and keeping them as souvenirs, environmentalists have warned. The Fortingall Yew in Perthshire is thought to be between 3,000 - 5,000 years old - but has a life span now of just half a century, campaigners say. The yew tree, which is the oldest in the UK and stands tall inside the Fortingall Churchyard in Perthshire, has been left in increasingly bad health because of tourists. They are chopping the branches off to keep for themselves, according to reports.

Humanitarian crisis in Venezuela – Malnutrition

According to the Bengoa Foundation, the consumption of tubers and legumes has increased, in contrast with the consumption of cereals and meat in the South American country. According to the United Nations, at least 2.3 million people have left the country due to the lack of foreign currency, food, and medicines caused by the deep political and economic crisis. A recent report by Human Rights Watch and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health concluded Venezuela's health system is in "utter collapse." It cited increased levels of maternal and infant mortality, the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases and high levels of child malnutrition.

A Royal refuge: Grand 10-bed manor that dates back to Domesday Book and garrisoned King Charles I during English Civil War hits market for £3.95m

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning 10-bed house dating from the Domesday was once garrisoned for the King during the civil war and could now be yours for less than £4m. Incredible images show the magnificent property illuminated at night, the shimmering outdoor pool and the large games room. Other striking shots show the modern kitchen, spacious living areas and comfy bedrooms including four-poster beds while the huge dining room features a suit of armour. Canonteign Manor is located in Christow, Exeter and is currently listed by Fine and Country for £3.95m.

Survivors of Genocide

The Rohingya people are a stateless Indo-Aryan ethnic group who reside in Rakhine State, Myanmar. There were an estimated 1 million Rohingya living in Myanmar before the 2016/17 crisis. One million Rohingya Muslims escaped from Myanmar, each with their own harsh story to tell. The majority are Muslim while a minority are Buddhist. Described by the United Nations as one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. The story is repeated over and over in the narratives from the Rohingya women in the camp: the army burned the homes and killed their family members. The soldiers raped them as they fled from their homes in the region of Rakhine and across the border to Bangladesh. In late 2018, a United Nations-mandated fact finding mission found that the military abuses committed in Kachin, Rakhine, and Shan states since 2011 „undoubtedly amount to the gravest crimes under international law” and called for senior military officials to face investigation and prosecution for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. The genocide is not over and the trauma it has caused will mark the survivors for the rest of their lives.

Venezuelan children with cancer die, and accusations fly

The deaths of several cancer-stricken Venezuelan children who were awaiting bone marrow transplants have ignited a bitter dispute between the government and opponents over who is to blame. Several dozen people protested this week outside the J. M. de los Rios pediatric hospital after the reported deaths there of four children on a transplant waiting list. Many said President Nicolas Maduro's government is responsible for deteriorating medical care in a country that has suffered a humanitarian crisis for years.

SN 2006gy is the brightest stellar explosion ever recorded and may be a long-sought new type of supernova

***EXCLUSIVE*** A new paper from a University of Kansas researcher suggests bipedalism arose when ancient supernovae caused lightning that burned Earth's forests and prompted human ancestors to walk upright.

Piglet gets adopted by a border collie

Bavaria, Immenstadt: Molly the border collie  became surrogate mother of the barely six weeks old piglet "Rosa". Molly accepted the piglet as its own and started to nurse it back to health, she feeds the piglet, which was too small to assert itself against its siblings at the teats of the mother sow.