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The besties obsessed with pink & yellow

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, LOS ANGELES, USA: A woman obsessed with the colour pink has finally found happiness by befriending a woman obsessed with yellow. Kitten Kay Sera, aka the Queen of Pink, describes herself as a „monochromatic”, someone who is addicted to one colour. Exclusively donning pink clothing since the 1980s, Kitten’s obsession is so extreme that she claims she once turned down $1 million to wear another colour. Kitten’s entire apartment is painted pink, and every kitchen appliance, fixture and pieces of furniture is a shade of her favourite colour. Even her dog, Pinkerbell, has been dyed pink. The 54-year-old, who resides in Los Angeles, has spent a number of years trying to find someone else who was obsessed with a colour, someone she could confide in and help to make her feel like she belongs. And fortunately in December 2016, Kitten found Ella London, aka Miss Sunshine, a 35-year-old woman hooked on yellow - who just happens to live 20 minutes from Kitten’s apartment.

Obese woman who was too fat to fly at 430lbs sheds almost half her body weight in 10 months - and is preparing to jet off on a plane for the first time

***EXCLUSIVE*** SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA: This mum of one almost halved her bodyweight in just TEN-MONTHS and now she is looking forward to taking her first flight this year after always feeling like she was TOO BIG TO FLY. Esthetician, Annie Foster (32) from Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA, had been overweight for most of her life and would always turn to food as a comfort and would eat whatever she could, with her go to things to eat being cakes, pies or anything fried. At 30st 10lb and a UK size 34, mum of one Annie always made sure she had a smile on her face when out in public and with friends but when she was home she felt sad about her weight and how she looked. It wasn’t until a trip to the beach in June 2017, when she had to take six different types of medication which included; a CPAP machine to help her breathe at night, three types of inhaler, prednisone for inflammation of her lungs and ibuprofen for aches and pains due to her weight just to enjoy the day that she decided to make a change. Annie started to make small changes to her diet and made herself do small workouts like walking and running before deciding to have a gastric bypass in June 2018 and hired a personal trainer to get into shape and she hasn’t looked back since. Now Annie is a healthier 16st 2lb and a UK size 16 and credits her weight loss for making her the happiest she has ever been because she has the energy to run around with her daughter, Katelynn (7), can ride rollercoasters and is looking forward to take her first flight later this year because she felt too big to even attempt it before.

A woman left disfigured as a child has finally regained her confidence following years of surgery - and has now found love

***EXCLUSIVE*** Karla Deyes, 26, was rushed to hospital as a five-year-old when she had major convulsions which left one side of her body lopsided. The youngster had an underlying disease called Parry-Romberg syndrome which causes excessive skin and tissue atrophy. Karla, of Burnham-on-Crouch, was left disfigured and endured years of depression and botched operations - and often told family she wanted to die.

I lost my hearing – and found a career as a professional dancer

When eight-year-old Cai Glover briefly recovered consciousness the morning after being rushed into hospital with meningitis. “I thought I had died,” he says now. Despite being deaf since, Cai Glover has become a successful professional Dancer. His upcoming show with Cas Public is called Symphonie Dramatique.

These incredible photos show the amazing rescue and release of a mother Orangutan and her baby

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment a baby orangutan and its mother were rescued by conservationists after Indonesian wildfires devastated their forest home. The endangered simians were moved from Semanai Hamlet in North Kayong District to a national park in Kubang Resort on 24 May. ​​Kubang Resort, Batu Barat Village, Simpang Hilir District, North Kayong Regency. A team of conservationists has rescued and translocated a mother and baby orangutan stranded in a fragment of forest in West Borneo.

An artist has given children's dolls a realistic makeover by removing and redrawing their makeup to show the beauty of 'human flaws'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Olga Kamenetskaya, 33, spends hours creating "one-of-a-kind creations" by modifying dolls including Barbie, Monster High, and Blythe. She uses eye-shadow, acrylic and watercolour paints. Olga, of Kiev, Ukraine said: "It is safe to say that dolls look much better after the „natural treatment” and it goes to show the so-called „flaws” are what actually makes us beautiful.

Urban explorer uncovers a spooky abandoned hospital which still has an MRI machine, gurneys and chairs next to the empty beds despite closing ten years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie images have revealed the abandoned hospital that looks like it just closed yesterday despite being shut for close to a decade. The striking pictures show the medical equipment left behind including an MRI machine as well as fully furnished patient rooms with beds and chairs still in place. Other spooky snaps show the exterior of the hospital, an office with a stocked bookcase and long hallway with a gurney abandoned near the wall. The remarkable photographs were taken at a small rural hospital that was closed in 2010 by an urban explorer known as Abandoned Southeast.

Cats, rabbits and even the bear that inspired Winnie The Pooh appear in remarkable photos of the 16million animals caught up in World War One

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable vintage photos show the animals which served during the First World War – including the bear which went on to inspire a beloved series of children’s books. Spy pigeons carrying cameras, elephants pulling huge cannons, and a kangaroo at the foot of the Great Pyramids. These are just some of the incredible images included in Tanya and Stephen Wynn’s latest book Animals in the Great War, a fascinating look at the use of animals by all sides in the Great War and the effect they had.

The birth of a rare owlet has been celebrated by staff at a Scots bird centre - after becoming the first one to be bred there

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adorable pictures show Tengmalm's owl Miska, exploring her new surroundings at the Scottish Owl Centre, West Lothian. Named after Swedish naturalist Peter Gustaf Tengmalm, Miska and her three siblings are the first Tengmalm's owls to be born at the centre. Due to its shyness and evasive reaction to human activities is one one of the least seen owls in both North America and Europe.