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Couple who have visited 155 countries between them are continuing their epic adventure with their toddler Atlas and dog 'Gogi' in an old bus they converted into a mobile home for £20k

***EXCLUSIVE*** OHIO, USA: This family-of-three has travelled to ONE-HUNDRED-AND-NINETY-TWO countries in the last four years and they recently spent TWENTY-THOUSAND POUNDS on converting an old minibus to take them round the world. Digital advertiser, Jonathan Axworthy and teacher, Megan Axworthy (43 and 35 respectively), from Buckinghamshire, UK and Ohio, USA, met while they were both working in Shanghai in 2010 and by their third date, Jonathan convinced Megan to take part in the Mongol Rally, driving from London to Mongolia in a Citroen ‘Saxo’. The duo returned to their jobs but met up for a few driving trips, including a month driving round China. By 2014, the couple knew they wanted to see each other more and decided to go travelling full-time. In January 2015 they rented an RV and explored North, Central and South America before returning to Europe in 2017. After two years, Jonathan and Megan paused their travels to start a family. The couple’s son was born in May 2017, and they opted for the name Atlas to encompass their love for travel. However, at just a few months old, the family spent a month in Scotland to test the waters and to feel assured that they would still be able to travel as a family. As a result, the couple purchased an ex-mobility minibus which they named Midas for approximately £10K, before spending another £10K on the renovations until it became their travelling home which even their dog Gogi, gets to enjoy. Jonathan has visited 91 countries, including many in Africa and smaller Pacific Islands, Megan has been to 64 countries, Atlas has seen 11 already and Gogi has been to 26 countries. The family’s total number of countries they’ve visited goes beyond 190, with many more to come.  Despite travelling the world in their converted bus, Jonathan and Megan uphold an important routine for Atlas, as they highlight the significance of Atlas’ daily naps and regulated bedtimes which give him consistency, despite the everchanging surroundings.


Raven whisperer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mike Keen, 49 of Freston in Suffolk with the Raven chicks he is raising for the Tower of London. The sharp-eyed ravens who guard the Tower of London are such an important part of the building that legend has it the structure will collapse if they ever leave. King Charles II is believed to have said in the 17th century that if there were ever less than six a great disaster would fall on the Kingdom, and now six ravens and a spare are kept at the Tower at all times. Because of this superstition, as well as concern for the safety of the birds, their wings have traditionally been clipped to limit how far they can fly away. Now, the glossy black birds at the Tower, are being tamed by a pub landlord to stay on site, allowing them to maintain their ability to soar into the skies. Keen said in a statement: „We are now training and breeding ravens for the Ravenmaster at The Tower of London. The only place outside of The Tower to do so. We'll be developing a bloodline of gorgeous ravens as well as training them before they get called up for official duties.”

Rare family Christmas cards featuring Charles and Diana's signatures along with sweet childhood pictures of William and Harry could reach £2,000 at auction - after spending 26 years in a forgotten box

***EXCLUSIVE*** A box of long forgotten Christmas cards featuring heart-warming childhood pictures of Prince William and Prince Harry could fetch thousands at auction due to their rich royal pedigree. The cards, the earliest of which dates back to 1985, were discovered in Burton, Staffordshire. They were sent to „George and Muriel Constable” from Prince Charles and his late former wife Diana, Princess of Wales and feature „wonderful” family images through the years. The royals’ signatures are on the cards but Diana’s name isn’t on all of them due to her untimely death in a car crash at the age of 36 in 1997. Due to the scarcity of signatures by Diana, the six cards will go into Hansons’ July 31 Library Auction with a combined estimate of £1,500-£2,000.

Dad with 6 months to live 'devastated' after DWP ask him to reapply for benefits

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man with a terminal illness was forced to reapply for his benefits - despite having six months to live. Ron Stevenson, 69, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease ten years ago and relies on weekly care payments. Most die within two to five years from the condition that claimed the life of renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. Former special needs teacher Ron is almost completely paralysed, leaving him reliant on carers and his wife Gill.

The steel beast that rose from the fog: Incredible photos show the iconic Tyne Bridge being built in 1928 and the brave workers who linked Newcastle to Gateshead

***EXCLUSIVE*** Striking photos capture the brave men and women who built one of the North East’s most recognisable structures ninety years after the icon was fully finished. Although the awe-inspiring Tyne Bridge was officially opened on 10 October 1928 by King George V, it was not until august the following year that the bridge’s stone towers were declared complete. Remarkable photos celebrate the construction of the Geordie landmark, which links Newcastle-upon-Tyne with Gateshead, and show the nimble workers who risked life and limb building what was to become the longest single span bridge in the UK, the watershed moment the 194ft arch above the river Tyne was completed, and the completed structure in all its glory.