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My body with 85% burns

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, LOS ANGELES, CA, USA: A burns survivor who suffered third degree burns over 85 percent of his body has learned to love his scars and is now inspiring others to accept their differences. At three years old, Kenny Matthews, from California, sustained life-changing injuries in a fire at home which killed his grandfather and left Ken disfigured for life. But despite being left with burn scars on most of his body, Ken, now 32, is blessed to be alive and says: ?beauty doesn't mean to have a pretty handsome gloom face. If you have a consistent mind, a dope heart and a beautiful soul, that's beautiful.?

An inspirational couple in their 60s have travelled 12,000 miles across 16 countries from Britain to the Great Wall of China - riding their BIKES the entire way

***EXCLUSIVE*** Grandparents Peter and Chris Lloyd embarked on the epic 18-month journey after deciding to "do something a bit different" in retirement.   The ultra-fit OAPs traversed cities, desserts, mountains and everything in between as they crossed Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. The married couple of 37 years nourished themselves with local delicacies and spent most nights inside a tiny tent pitched wherever they could find shelter.  Peter, 66, said the moment they finally got a glimpse of the iconic Great Wall after a year and a half of pedalling 30 miles a day was "really emotional".   At the end of their journey the unconventional pair from near Carlisle in Cumbria didn't fly home but instead opted to book a cabin inside a 400m long container ship.   The final leg was a three week voyage from Singapore across the Indian Ocean and into the Mediterranean before docking at Southampton.

It's grown on him! Man who grew his beard TWO-AND-A-HALF FEET long admits people call him 'ridiculous' for the facial hair - but he models it with pride in competitions

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the man who has been growing his beard for nearly FIVE YEARS during which time he has been involved in over THIRTY beard competitions and been called RIDICULOUS by strangers – and despite the hassle his beard causes him he has no plans of stopping anytime soon. In June 2014 IT supervisor, Lance Wooton (32) from Kentucky, USA, decided to grow his beard so that he could dress up as a pirate for Halloween. It wasn’t until he posted a picture of himself in October that he was contacted by a company that was hosting a beard competition that he decided to keep growing it big and long. Over the next five years he has had exciting opportunities to travel and entered more beard competitions; winning second place for the Full Beard Natural in the United States and fourth place for the Full Beard Natural internationally. While he has received comments that he is ‘crazy’ or his beard is ‘ridiculous’, he hasn’t let this stop him from growing his beard, which is now two and a half feet in length and 12 inches wide. He describes his beard as a hassle when it comes to day-to-day activities such as eating or doing daily chores, but he continues to grow it as long as possible.

Twins born seven years apart whilst mother battled a brain tumour

These are the amazing triplets who were born SEVEN years APART - whilst their mother battled a brain tumour. When Michelle Taylor tells people her three children are triplets they can?t believe it. Triplet brothers Jacob and Joshua arrived into the world a staggering seven years behind their sister Poppy- Rose, but they were all conceived at the same time. The threesome have made the family complete for Mrs Taylor, who has had to battle a brain tumour in between the birth of the triplets, and her husband Stuart. They had to turn to IVF to help them in their mammoth battle as the tumour on her pituitary gland had stopped her menstrual cycle.

This is the incredible moment brown bear Dasha and her one-year-old cubs Luka and Coco were released into the Armenian mountains

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the heartwarming moment a brown bear and her cubs were released into the wild after a decade in captivity. Dasha and her one-year-old cubs Luka and Coco can be seen racing along the mountain meadows exploring their new territory. Syrian brown bear Dasha had spent ten years living in a cramped cage half-submerged in water, acting as a tourist attraction in the Armenian mountains.  She would spend days pacing to and fro the cage and climbing its bars in a desperate bid to escape.

A mum who was stabbed in the back miraculously survived despite unknowingly having the 11in blade in her body - for a WEEK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kume Bayisa, 25, was at home with her four-month-old son when her husband apparently stumbled home drunk last Boxing Day. When she accused him of drinking too much, she said he grabbed a machete and stabbed her in the back - and the handle snapped off.  Kume was rushed by family members to the nearby community hospital, and she "stumbled into the clinic coughing a lot and struggling to breathe".  She was kept in the practice for a week, but was transferred to Menelek II Referral Hospital on 2 January when her condition deteriorated.  An x-ray revealed the blade - and dedicated doctors had to spend another WEEK gathering the tools and experts they needed to remove it.  Kume is now home, and a man has been arrested and is pending trial.

Emotional video shows a man proposing to his partner in running gear - after completing a full marathon

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jonny Black, 43, proposed to partner Kathryn Keir, 41, after finishing last weekend‚Äôs Edinburgh Marathon.  Despite running his slowest time, completing the marathon in four hours and 27 minutes, Jonny, from Dundee, said it was an ‚Äúamazing day‚ÄĚ and his ‚Äúbest run ever‚ÄĚ.  Jonny, a software engineer, kept the proposal quiet by secretly having a top made with the words ‚ÄúKathryn, will you marry me?‚ÄĚ on the front and ‚ÄúPopping the question if and when I reach the finish‚ÄĚ on the back.

A ten year-old girl born with one leg shorter than the other has released a single to raise money for the hospital which treats her

***EXCLUSIVE*** Talented Daisy Sturtz-Filby recorded the song, titled ‚ÄėKeep On Going‚Äô, in a home studio backed by her dad on guitar. It reflects the struggle she has faced undergoing two operations to slow down the growth of her longer right leg. Daisy, who compensates for her shorter leg by walking on her tiptoe, sings in the chorus:

Incredible images of the men and spacecraft which have smashed through Earth’s last frontier

***EXCLUSIVE*** An out-of-this-world book is a cosmic celebration of the men and machines which have smashed through Earth’s last frontier. July 2019 marks exactly 50 years since Neil Armstrong made dusty boot prints on the surface of the Moon, undoubtedly one of humankind’s greatest achievements. But Armstrong and his Apollo 11 crew – including Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins – were by no means the first or last people to experience the wonders of universe outside our finely-balanced atmosphere. Striking photos capture the dramatic launch of one of the US’s Mercury rockets, an iconic shot of Buzz Aldrin stepping down from ‘The Eagle’, and astronauts working methodically on the International Space Station against the jaw-dropping backdrop of our land-dappled globe.

Ultra rare 1986 Aston Martin V8 Zagato auction could see car sell for half a million

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extremely rare prototype for an Aston Martin coupe has emerged for sale for an eye-watering £530,000. The V8 Zagato was built in 1986 ahead of a limited production run of around 50 cars all of which were pre-sold before production had even started. Just three prototypes were made in preparation for the release with only two available in right hand drive.

A mum was left with a gruesome open wound and a life-threatening infection after a cut-price 'Mummy Makeover' triple cosmetic surgery in Turkey

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sheriah Harrison, 40, thought she was "going to die" after the "botched" £5,000 surgery combo - tummy tuck, lipo and boob reduction. She said within days of the surgery her tummy swelled up with liquid, and a week later she underwent emergency surgery to clean and drain the deeply infected wound. Doctors were worried she'd develop sepsis - so had to leave the five inch wound open, so nurses can clean it out four times a day.

Cocoa production in Brazil

Brazil, Rio Bananal: Brazil is one of the ten largest cocoa producers in the world. The International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) estimates that production will continue to grow in 2019. At the end of the 70s Brazil was the second largest producer. In the 90s, cocoa trees were attacked by the witches' broom and production fell by 60 percent. Now production in the South American country - which has also become an important cocoa consumer - has recovered strongly. In 2016/2017 Brazil produced 180 000 tonnes of cocoa.

Wounded hippo fights off FIVE lions

***VIDEO AVAILABLE*** MALAMALA GAME RESERVE: A wildlife ranger has captured dramatic footage of a wounded hippopotamus fighting off FIVE adult lions. 28-year-old field guide, Daniel Bailey, positioned his camera just metres away from the awe-inspiring attack in the middle of the MalaMala Game Reserve, South Africa. As the giant hippo tried to find its way to a limited supply of water, in the dry month of May 2018, two male lions just happened to be sleeping on the ridge line above. With the hippo racing around, the male lions were alerted and called for their pride as three lionesses quickly approached the scene, along with four of their cubs. The adult predators went to work and tried to take the distressed hippo down by biting and clawing at its back. Described as ?never-before-seen action?, it seems as though the hungry pride bit off more than it could chew on this occasion, as the hippo battled to safety.

Live on Nelson's private island: £2.25m home named after the Sphinx goes up for sale on Thames isle given to the admiral for winning the Battle of the Nile

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jewel of the Nile - Fancy this stunning home on Pharoahs island in the Thames - gifted to Admiral Nelson after his victory at the Battle of the Nile 1798. The Edwardian property on Pharaoh's Island near Shepperton Lock which comes with its own swimming pool and guesthouse can only be accessed by boat, via an exclusive 90ft mooring. It was used for the shooting of two John Boorman films, Hope and Glory (1987), which was Academy Award nominated for Best Picture, and Queen and Country (2014). The island acquired its 'Pharaoh' name as it was gifted to Lord Nelson after he triumphed in the Battle of the Nile (1798). He used it as a fishing retreat and the island is now home to 23 glamorous properties.

His master's Royce: Vintage 1921 Rolls-Royce once owned by iconic British company's co-founder is set to fetch £120,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A vintage Rolls-Royce that belonged the company's co-founder Henry Royce has emerged for sale at auction for £120,000. The Twenty Goshawk II was built in 1921 and is the oldest car of its kind left in existence today. It was used by Royce for a number of years and first hand accounts from the time report him being 'very pleased' with the motor.

Waterfront home boasting beautiful panoramic views over a picturesque Cornish estuary and just yards from a secluded sandy beach goes on sale for almost £1m

***EXCLUSIVE*** This four bed bolthole in Readymoney Cove near Fowey is only 40 paces from the beach making it the perfect getaway location in the sunny south west of England. The waterfront home offers spectacular panoramic views across a picturesque estuary inflating its asking price to nearly £1m. The cottage is one of just four houses in the prestigious hamlet and enjoys glorious views over the beach to the river and open sea.

Former RAF flyer, 95, reveals how he sunk a Nazi U-Boat in a Mosquito armed with a 6lb CANNON - before becoming friends with its German commander 50 years later

***EXCLUSIVE*** Living History - RAF hero reveals an unlikely friendship with the U-Boat captian he sunk! Former RAF Navigator Des Curtis (94) from Poole in Dorset - Won his DFC after sinking a German U-Boat off St Nazaire in March 1944, but later became a lifelong friend of its Captain Raimond Teisler. An RAF hero has told of how he memorably sunk a German U-Boat 75 years ago - then years later became unlikely friends with its commander. Flight Lieutenant Des Curtis was just 20 years old when he took part in the daring attack on U-976 south west of St Nazaire on the Atlantic coast of France on March 25, 1944. He was the navigator in a Mosquito armed with a 6-pounder gun which took out the submarine while evading anti-aircraft fire from minesweepers and shelling from the shore batteries. Four of the U-Boat's 53 man crew were killed in the attack which was later immortalised on the front page of the boy's own adventure magazine 'Victor'. Yet, remarkably, almost 50 years later, Flt Lt Curtis became pen pals with the U-976's Kommandant Raimond Teisler. They eventually met up in Germany, with Raimond also visiting Flt Lt Curtis in England before his death five years ago.

Historic Old Deanery that was clerics' home since 1230 and has incredible views of Wells Cathedral goes on market for first time in 800 years at £2.5m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A historic 800 year old property offering unrivalled views of Britain's 'most beautiful and poetic' cathedral has emerged for sale for the first time. The majestic Old Deanery, overlooking Wells Cathedral, was the primary residence of 62 Deans from 1230 until 1958. For the past six decades, it has been used as the diocesan offices for the Diocese of Bath and Wells accommodating over 50 staff, who are now relocating to a new building in the outskirts of Wells, Somerset. The Grade I listed building whose earliest fabric dates back to the 12th century is on the market with estate agents Lodestone for £2.5million.