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Adorable boy who was never expected to live two weeks due to rare form of terminal dwarfism turns five

***EXCLUSIVE*** This smiley boy was born with a rare form of dwarfism and doctors didn’t think he would live longer than a few weeks – he proved them wrong and recently celebrated his FIFTH BIRTHDAY. During her pregnancy, stay-at-home mum and caregiver, Hannah Peters (27) from North Carolina, USA, was told she had a high-risk pregnancy and was told in utero that her son, Jude (5) would have some form skeletal dysplasia. Two days after he was born, he was diagnosed with rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata (RCDP), a rare developmental brain disorder. She and her husband, Sully, were told by doctors that they would only have a couple of weeks with him and to prepare for the worst. But despite undergoing numerous surgeries, having to be fed through a tube and being wheelchair-bound, Jude has defied the odds living his best life with a smile and loves meeting new people. In April 2019, Jude and his family celebrated his fifth birthday with balloons and streamers in the hospital.

120,000 discarded Blackpool cigarette ends turned into art

***EXCLUSIVE*** A retired pharmacist is hoping to open a gallery to display artwork made from some of the 120,000 discarded cigarette butts he has collected from Blackpool streets as part of a one-man clean-up campaign. Egyptian-born Negweny El Assal has been going out daily over the last three months picking up cigarette ends thrown on the ground and says he can easily collect 3,000 in an hour. He has then transformed them into framed mosaics which he hopes to exhibit in premises on Central Drive as part of what would also be an educational initiative to persuade people to give up smoking. The project could also help meet stricter new European rules on the disposal of cigarette ends which are a plastic polluter.

Britain's first English sparkling wine in a can

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britain's first English sparkling wine in a can is now available in supermarkets after the trend became so popular in the USA it catapulted the canned wine industry into a multi-million dollar business. New wine-makers The Uncommon have made around 150,000 cans to satisfy British drinkers' demand for the in vogue drinks. Upmarket retailer Waitrose has become the first supermarket to stock The Uncommon's English sparkling wine in a can, which is claimed to be perfect for picnics, festivals, or 'the 17.01 from Waterloo'. Two premium English sparkling wines are available, the dry and crisp 'Bubbly White' made from bacchus grapes, and the fruity pinot noir 'Bubbly Rose'.

A teenager has been left bed-bound and vomiting up to 30 times a day after being stricken by a mysterious illness that left her unable to eat or drink

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ellie Howe, 19, had just finished her GCSEs when she started feeling "stabbing" stomach pains whenever she ate. The once "normal and healthy" girl's pains got worse and she told her mother, Debbie, that she was "ready to die" as her weight plummeted to just 101lbs (45.8 kilos) two years later. Ellie, who is 5ft 8in tall, had to give up on her dreams to be a journalist and now lives in her bedroom due to the incurable illness.

A woman was terrified when she heard an intruder breaking into her home - and found an ALLIGATOR in her kitchen

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 11ft monster crept into her home by breaking a window and slithered on to her kitchen floor. The homeowner heard a bang and crept downstairs fearing she'd find a burglar - but instead she found the beast hissing with its mouth wide open. Terrified, she phoned Clearwater Police Department for help, who attended the scene along with an animal trapper.

Househunters concerned for their family's safety are being given a chance to snap up this ultra-secure property - a 19th century PRISON

***EXCLUSIVE*** HMP Shrewsbury, also known as Dana Prison, in Shropshire comes complete with 182 'bedrooms' and offers views of the medieval town and the River Severn.  The 200-year-old Grade II-listed building was closed down by the Government in 2013 as part of cost-cutting measures.  The category B/C men's prison is now on the market and is believed the high-walled one hectare site could fetch as much as ¬£2 million.   There has been a prison on the site since 1787 and the present building dates back to 1877.  The amenities are much improved from those days - with mains water, gas, drainage and electricity all connected.  Toby Shaw, from Towler Shaw Roberts who is marketing the property, said: ‚ÄúIt really is a unique opportunity to develop and convert an iconic complex close to Shrewsbury‚Äôs medieval town centre.

A cat owner photographed a real life moment of Tom and Jerry as a brave mouse took on a playful pussy - unfortunately for the mouse the contest didn’t have a happy ending

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer captured the moment a mouse nearly escaped the clutches of a curious cat - who just wanted to play with it. Gordon McBrearty, 55, snapped his pet tabby Tom toying with the tiny mouse in his garden. Gordon, from Uphall, West Lothian, watched the brave standoff from his kitchen window and couldn't believe the mouse survived the encounter. He said: "It was in the morning I was in the kitchen and looked out and could see the mouse was still alive.

A heartbroken mum is raising awareness of sudden infant death syndrome after she woke up to find one of her 'miracle IVF' triplets had died suddenly in the night

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bethanie Bullas, 26, was devastated to find her 19-month-old son Rogan had passed away in his sleep in February 2019. Similar to cot death, Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC) is the sudden and unexplained death of a child but affects older children ‚Äď from the age of twelve months. The first-time mum had been overjoyed to discover that she had fallen pregnant after undergoing a second round of IVF treatment, following an unsuccessful first round.

A 'fairytale' island off the British coast is hiring a new gardener for its castle - who must be able to ABSEIL off the turrets

***EXCLUSIVE*** The job description says the perfect applicant will be as agile as a "mountain goat", as there is work to be done all over the rugged island. Whoever gets the job will be given a two or three-bedroom Victorian terraced house on the island, offering "wonderful views" of both the castle and the coastline. To top it off, the job as head gardener for St Michael's Mount, near Penzance, Cornwall, comes with a £28,000 salary.

Arctic tern takes umbrage with visitors to the Farne Islands

***EXCLUSIVE*** These protective birds defend their nests by pecking tourists on the head. Arctic tern act aggressively to protect their territory by using their sharp beaks to draw blood from visitors. Tourists who stand still, though, can end up getting used as looking posts as the birds stand on their heads for up to 10 minutes. Thousands of tern were spotted nesting on the Farne Islands, Northumberland, by field officer for the North Pennines Area of Natural Beauty, David Higgins.

Incredible photographs from 1900 Paris exhibition showed the world that African Americans were now musicians, lawyers and scientists

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible photos from the turn of the 20th Century were included in a bold and spectacular Parisian exhibit designed to promote racial equality in the wake of the American Civil War. 120 years ago African American scholars, writers, and intellects faced a race against time to build and present a display which would been seen by tens of millions of people and had the potential to alter the course of history. In 1899, African American lawyer Thomas Calloway had an idea for an exhibit for the upcoming 1900 Exposition Universelle (World Fair) in Paris. Realising that eyes across the globe would be on the City of Lights – and the magnificent metal tower under construction by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel that would serve as its entrance - Calloway thought the grand event would be an ideal platform to showcase the virtues of African-American society nearly four decades after the end of slavery. With just four months to go before the start  of the Exposition, Calloway demanded and received Congressional approval and $15,000 to create his vision. He immediately turned to Librarian Daniel Murray and his former university classmate and prominent intellectual activist W.E.B. Du Bois to help curate his much anticipated ‘Exhibit of American Negroes’.

Haunting photos show abandoned buildings left to lie in ruins across Georgia including an old Olympic stadium, decaying swimming pool and a ghostly manor

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning pictures have revealed the hidden world of abandoned buildings after one photographer travelled the backroads to explore what’s been left behind. Incredible images show a time-capsule house with everything left behind, a forgotten Olympic-size pool at an abandoned college and a closed football stadium once used during the 1996 Summer Olympics. Other striking shots show an old auditorium in an abandoned school, the ruins of Corpsewood Manor where a gruesome murder took place and old wooden seats left exposed to the elements for decades. The remarkable photographs are showcased in photographer Leland Kent’s new book, Abandoned Georgia: Travelling the Backroads.

Stunning aerials of sharks and rays

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aerial photographs capture giant sting rays and sharks hunting for food in crystal-clear shallow waters. The sharks and rays were just metres from the coastline as they scanned the area for prey. In one shot, captured by a drone, a huge school of sharks can be seen hunting together just off the coast in western Australia. Phil de Glanville, 39, used his drone to photograph the more than 30 bronze whaler sharks and an even larger school of 70 hammerheads near Point Peron, near Perth.

Pelican's upside down catch

***EXCLUSIVE*** This pelican double overs mid-flight and turns its head upside down as it scoops a drink in its bucket-like bill. Keeping an eye out for crocodiles, the bird swoops low over the surface of a river before taking a gulp of water in its beak. The weight of the water filling the stretchy skin at the bottom of its beak known as a gular pouch, forced the pelican to turn its head upside down for a moment as it flew at around 12mph.

Noodle drying

***EXCLUSIVE*** Villagers work tirelessly to dry tonnes of noodles - spending 12 hours a day continuously flipping them over. Aerial images show thousands of clusters of the Semai noodles laid out in lines as workers move along, painstakingly turning them over. The process can take 12 hours on a sunny day, and up to three days for them to dry during monsoon season. These pictures were taken in a village in the Bogrura district of northern Bangladesh by photographer Abdul Momin.

Birds flying in formation

***EXCLUSIVE*** Four geese fly in an remarkably close formation, creating the illusion that they are a giant 8 winged creature. The bar head geese were flying around a wetland in search of food. The unusual image was captured by Joydeep Mazumder, 30, near Gajoldoba, India.