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A medieval chess piece which has been missing for almost 200 years could fetch £1million at auction - after being kept in a drawer by an unwitting family

***EXCLUSIVE*** Five pieces of the historic Lewis Chessmen - a famous hoard of 93 objects discovered in 1831 on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides - have been missing for years. But a family has now been told the chess piece their grandfather bought for just £5 in 1964 is unbelievably one of the missing pieces. The Edinburgh family's grandfather, who was an antiques dealer, bought the chess piece for just £5 in 1964 - which he passed down to his family.

The King of Durian

Nonthaburi, Thailand: The world's nine most expensive durian was auctioned off on Saturday in Nonthaburi to raise funds for charity. One of the kanyao, the king of durian and most expensive variety, was auctioned off for 1,500,000 baht (47688.75 USD) during The King of Durian 2019 charity auction. The event was organised by the Agricultural Office of Nonthaburi province, Thailand.

Suntory Rolling Stones special-edition whisky costs $6,300

***EXCLUSIVE*** Suntory Liquors of Japan have created a special-edition whisky to mark the 50th anniversary of the infamous rock and roll band Rolling Stones. Limited to just 150 bottles, a total of six whiskys will be blended for the commemorative drink, with each bottle shaped in the design of the Rolling Stones’ iconic tongue and lips emblem. Each of the six whiskys being blended will feature an ingredient from a year of significant to the British band. A 1962 Yamazaki represents the year the band was formed, while a 1971 whisky pays tribute to the introduction of the tongue and lips logo. A 1972 Yamazaki malt will mark the year of release of the album “Exile on Main St.” The other whiskys will be a Hakushu malt and a Chita grain, both from 1990, when the Stones made their first trip to Japan. The limited edition whisky bottles will go on sale at the end of the month, priced at $6,300 each.

An artist has created a real-life Harry Potter 'Marauder's Map' street trail - which only appears when it RAINS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Primary school teacher and artist Claire London used pavement stencils which were created with a spray that only becomes visible when wet. Harry Potter's Marauder's Map directs the wizard through the secret passages of Hogwarts. Claire's map instead guides children around Dunstable, Beds., to a secret trail of stencil artworks which only appear after it has rained.

Mother, 24, is stunned after Royal Mail delivered a postcard 112 years after it was sent to the previous owner of her house

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum was stunned after Royal Mail delivered a postcard - 112 YEARS after it was sent. Michaela Webber, 24, was going through the post with husband Ben when she noticed an unusual delivery addressed to a Miss Wiltshire. To her amazement, it was a postcard delivered to a previous owner of her house in Plymouth, Devon, but it was sent on Christmas Eve 1907. 112 years later, the postcard finally turned up, which was a message from a man called Albert informing ‚ÄėVie‚Äô that he would not be coming home for Christmas.

A fitness class has become the first in Scotland to practice pilates with GOATS

***EXCLUSIVE*** The bizarre exercise, which involves two baby goats climbing on top of participants, has taken off at Bellcraig Farm, Glenrothes, Fife. Organiser Jo Munro said one-year-old kids Hazel and Mabel love to interact with humans at the fitness class. The loveable animals help release "feelgood" hormones such as serotonin and help pilate-goers relax more as they stretch on their mats in a barn.

DNA tests on poo, scales and skin found in Loch Ness suggest Nessie is REAL, say scientists

***EXCLUSIVE*** Boffins travelled the length of the famous loch on research vessel Deepscan taking water samples from three different depths. The scientists collected DNA left by all creatures from their skin, scales, feathers, fur, faeces. The DNA samples were then sent to labs in New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, and France to be analysed for the final findings. Professor Neil Gemmell of the University of Otago, New Zealand and his team who carried out the project have now concluded their research.

Shipyard workers in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Ship building industry in Bangladesh spreading quickly where laborers from all ages cooperate. The working condition here is not kidding and not reasonable for any kids. Conditions are hot and regularly unsafe. Indeed, even laborers don't utilize least security protect. Along these lines mishaps happen as often as possible. Kids who work here are growing up without training which has been driving them towards questionable future. The reason of youngster work in such perilous working condition is shabby work and destitution. As per tyke work law of Bangladesh it is denied in genuine working condition yet there is no ramifications of it. The current financial state of Bangladesh can't take care of tyke work issue immediately. It's unrealistic to restricted kid work totally whenever. The thing is these youngsters' families are in required. They don't have some other alternatives other than work for cash and help their family. On the off chance that legislature extremely going to prohibited kid work in the nation, the circumstance would be more regrettable than this. Their living of models even goes down additional. So before restricting youngster work, government needs to create financial state of their family first.

A rare and super-cute tree kangaroo joey has started peaking out of his mother's pouch seven months after being born the size of a jelly bean

***EXCLUSIVE*** Excited zookeepers have pictured the endangered Matchie tree kangaroo, whose sex is not yet known, for the first time after since its birth at Zoo Miami, US, last October.  Matchie’s tree kangaroos live at high elevations in the Huon Peninsula of Papua New Guinea. The solitary marsupials spend most of their time up in trees feeding on a variety of leaves, ferns, moss, and bark. Their only strong social bond formed is between a mother and her offspring. The joey and his mum Zayna, nine, will be on display at the zoo in celebration of Mother’s Day. The critter is Zayna's third joey and won't be totally weaned until it is a year-old on October 14.