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The teen whose skin grows too fast

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA: A teenager with a rare condition that causes him to shed his skin like a snake has defied doctors’ predictions that he wouldn’t survive his first year. Elio Figueredo, 13, of Tampa, Florida, was born with a still undiagnosed congenital complaint, believed to be a form of ichythosis. His condition means he makes new skin cells too quickly and loses the protective barrier that keeps moisture in his skin - but also gives him amazing superhero-like powers of healing. Elio’s unusual appearance has made him the target of cruel bullying, but he has learnt to accept his condition and now dreams of one day being a professional chef.

'My breast implants almost killed me': New mom mysteriously bed-bound is perfectly healthy after getting her implants removed

***EXCLUSIVE*** After a traumatic first pregnancy this woman couldn’t get out of bed but she continuously blamed it on POSTPARTUM until blood tests showed obscure PATHOGENS in her system caused by BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS – resulting in her having the implants that ‘ALMOST KILLED’ her removed. Personal trainer, Bianca Weintraub (33) from New York, USA, got 300cc breast implants in April 2014, but rupturing of the implants was the only risk that was mentioned. Initially, Bianca was pleased, but the implants never felt natural to her, as they felt like an intrusion on her body. A year after having the implants, Bianca noticed strange and isolated symptoms, which included cystic acne, irregular periods and night sweats, but doctors insisted she was fine. Bianca discovered she was expecting her first child in 2016 and despite her excitement throughout the nine months, she also struggled greatly. Bianca was exhausted, suffered with anxiety and her hair began falling out, but Bianca and her husband Craig (37), welcomed their daughter Siena in January 2017.

Meet the minigolf world champion - a Brit who has spent a decade honing his skills to nab the top spot

***EXCLUSIVE*** Marc Chapman, 33, started playing in 2008 after seeing an advert for the World Crazy Golf Championship at his local course. The fencing coach soon realised he was pretty good at sinking putts - and has since gone on to win 17 major international competitions. He's travelled to Sweden, Italy, and Portugal to compete, but was crowned the 2018 World Crazy Golf Championship in the UK. He took the top spot from the former Czech champion - to become only the 6th ever player to lift the coveted trophy, often always won by the same expert players. Plucky Marc is currently practising his swing in preparation for the 2019 world championships at the weekend.

A plane creates an amazing rainbow effect

***EXCLUSIVE*** A huge passenger aircraft brightens up the skies with a spectacular rainbow trail from its wings. The Qatar Airways plane was captured throwing the incredible multi-coloured clouds - also known as a rainbow contrail - as it flew over Bamberg, Germany. German photographer Nick Beyersdorf, 20, snapped the phenomenal shot whilst standing 26,000 ft beneath the aircraft in his back garden.