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Mother who was told she was 'selfish' not to abort her daughter with spina bifida says her little girl has taught her true happiness - and gives other families a 'beautiful sense of hope'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This mum was labelled SELFISH by strangers after deciding not to ABORT her baby who doctors warned could be born BRAIN DEAD – and now there is a FIFTY PER CENT chance that her next child could be also be born paralysed. At her 20-week scan, stay-at-home mum, Crystal Ortiz (27) from New Jersey, USA, was told that her baby would be born with spina bifida, a type of neural tube defect where a baby’s spine and spinal cord don’t develop fully in the womb, causing a gap in the spine. Crystal’s doctor told her that her baby, Riley (1) would be born either severely disabled or brain dead and advised her to have an abortion and to try to conceive again. The mere idea of abortion horrified Crystal and she firmly asked the doctor to leave and find them another specialist. While they were initially worried about being good parents to Riley, Crystal and her husband, Bryan (30) decided to fight for their baby no matter what the outcome would be. The lead up to her birth caused them to feel scared that they wouldn’t be good enough for her, but in July 2017 when Riley was born and she locked eyes with Crystal, all her worries melted away. Due to her spinal defect, Riley was born paralysed from her ankles down with low muscle tone from her hips down, which means she has to use a walker. She has had numerous operations including three brain surgeries and one foot surgery. When she was pregnant with Riley, she was accused by a stranger of being ‘selfish’ for not aborting Riley. Despite all of the criticism she has received, she has no regrets for keeping Riley and says that her sweet and brave nature has impacted so many families. She now says that she wants Riley to have a brother or sister and that even though there is a 50 per cent chance they could also have the same condition; this won’t let her stop living her life.

Mother has given birth to the fourth set of identical twins

***EXCLUSIVE*** Carly Brown, who has given birth to the fourth set of identical twins, Edward and Stanley in her family - making them four billion to one. The 32-year-old and her partner John Grant, 28, were amazed when she gave birth to her first set of twins Brandon and Daisy in 2007. Two years on, Carly has stunned experts by giving birth to another miracle set of twins - Dylan and Lilly. She thinks, it’s a miracle, but they have another twins also, and now the welcome their fourth twins.

Days of the Raj in color: Stunning photos captured by pioneering US traveler give a rare insight into Indian life in 1895

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating 125-year-old colour photos give a rare insight to what life was like in India at the end of the 19th Century. Remarkable images, taken in 1895, show a woman managing to haul two huge corrugated sheets on her back, native children sheltering their eyes from the fierce sun, and two buskers playing their stringed instruments as shoppers studiously swerve between them. Another lively picture shows a crowd of happy Indians enjoying a bustling festival.

What a treasure! Luxurious 'pirate island' home in seaport where cutthroats used to roam goes on sale for $5,975,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Arr Mateys, you’ve found your buried treasure in this spectacular private island located in the former Republic of Pirates, and yours for £4.75m. Incredible images show the lush green 0.75-acre island from above surrounded by blissful turquoise waters. Other stunning pictures show the main residence and shimmering pool, cosy bedrooms and spacious living areas. La Patella is located in Old Fort Bay, Nassau and is currently listed on www.vladi-private-islands.de for around £4.75m.

Woman who was dubbed ‘fatty’ reveals secret to weight loss after shedding 13st

***EXCLUSIVE*** OSHAWA, CANADA: This woman always felt skinny on the inside but has lost more than THIRTY-ONE-AND-A-HALF-INCHES from her waist since almost halving her body weight after feeling like her HEART was going to ‘EXPLODE’ whilst hiking and being turned away from rollercoasters because the harness wouldn’t do up. HR and payroll specialist, Jenna Galea (28) from Oshawa, Canada, was always the bigger friend but inside she felt ‘skinny’ because of her zest for life that saw her love travel, hiking and going on days out. Despite this, much of her life revolved around food whether it be in the form of social events, as a reward or for comfort. Outside of her friendship group at school, Jenna was taunted by bullies who would call her ‘fatty’ and she would come home crying because of the jibes she faced. In 2016 Jenna started to notice her weight taking its toll on her life as she started suffering from heart palpitations, sore joints, stomach aches and debilitating foot pain as well as shortness of breath which started to impact on her ability to go hiking with her friends without taking lots of breaks to catch her breath and soothe her legs. Jenna started to feel embarrassed as she was turned away from rollercoasters, having to watch on whilst her friends had fun and when looking up hotels for holidays, she’d search out those with chairs without armrests so that she could fit, as well as this she started to lie her way out of activities like canoeing out of fear that she couldn’t fit in a boat and stay afloat. In August 2017 at 27st 4lb and UK size 32, Jenna realised that she was slowly killing herself and was frightened of dying in her sleep and of the fact that she wouldn’t be able to have a family if she carried on. With her mum, Jeannine’s support Jenna started the £520 ($660) a month Dr. Bernstein diet and decided to turn her life around. In just under two years, Jenna has lost an incredible 13st 3lb and is now a fit and healthy 13st 12lb and UK size 16, and she is finally feeling ‘alive’.

Photographer’s rosacea was so bad strangers thought she was a burns survivor – but claims fasting for 18 HOURS a day ‘cured’ her

***EXCLUSIVE*** MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: This woman was told her rosacea made her look ‘UNPROFESSIONAL’ for a work environment and was once mistaken for a burns survivor as even smiling caused her skin to TEAR - but now she claims to have found a cure through fasting for EIGHTEEN HOURS a day. Freelance writer and photographer, Jessica Anwyl (27) from Melbourne, Australia, became incredibly sick in 2015 and was treated in hospital for septicaemia after a UTI spread through her body. Jessica began to experience adverse effects to the medication she was given when she developed food sensitivities and a mild skin condition. Jessica was prescribed steroid creams to help her rosy cheeks, but this only made her skin worse by aggravating it. Medication made Jessica’s allergies worse and her face became redder and itchier. The intensity of the reactions led Jessica to cut out all food until she dropped to just 6st 2lb. Jessica had to gradually incorporate different foods back into her diet, one at a time, helping her learn which foods worked for her body and which didn’t. However, the skin condition persisted for over three months, so Jessica saw a dermatologist who told her it was the worst skin condition he’d ever seen. Jessica was diagnosed with rosacea fulminans, an aggravated form of rosacea which can cause blisters, cysts and scars.  Jessica’s inflamed skin burned and itched, with flare ups being triggered by heat, exercise, certain foods and at its worst, even a slight breeze. Jessica couldn’t smile or laugh without the skin on her face tearing as her skin opened like a wound before scabbing over. The dermatologists admitted that steroids were the incorrect choice and later tried antibiotics and anti-inflammatory creams and medication, but still these didn’t work. For so long, Jessica had been used to having clear skin and was devasted by her new appearance. Nurses would ask Jessica how she got such bad burns on her face, and while on a flight, a passenger commented that she resembled a victim of the Hiroshima tragedy. Even a doctor said Jessica couldn’t go to work as her appearance was ‘unprofessional’. Medical treatment wasn’t helping so in 2016 Jessica decided to try and heal her skin with a natural approach by eating natural foods and intermittent fasting for 18 hours every day.

50,000 bees in chimney of carehome

***EXCLUSIVE*** A care home manager who discovered a giant colony of 50,000 bees living in her chimney was so desperate not to harm them she had them hoovered out. Liz Dyson was shocked when she found that the insects had built 10 feet of honeycomb in the five years since they set up residence in the building. The 66 year old faced a dilemma, however, because urgent roofing work was needed at the care home in Kynnersley, Shropshire, and she didn't want to exterminate them. In a desperate bid to save the bees, she forked out over £2000 for conservationist Rob Davies to safely remove the bees - using a special vacuum cleaner he designed himself which doesn't hurt the insects.

D-Day through the eyes of the Nazis: Fascinating accounts by German soldiers reveal how they experienced one of WWII's defining moments as they were overwhelmed by the Allies

***EXCLUSIVE*** FRANCE: A fascinating new book explores the horrors of D-Day from the perspective of the losing side, including never before seen photographs and testimonies from one of the most defining conflicts of the Second World War. The mere mention of the Normandy landings is enough to send a shiver down one’s spine. Anxious, adrenaline-fuelled men crammed into cramped, vomit-strewn boats getting ever closer to the sound of causalities screaming for their mothers, whistling bullets, and chest-achingly loud explosions. Once the ship’s doors dropped, these harrowed soldiers would have to wade out into cold, blood-tinged sea and fight their way up an seemingly endless expanse of sand, over dead colleagues and writhing comrades to face a deeply entrenched enemy armed with machine guns and heavy weaponry trained on you. Worse still, the enemy has been patiently waiting and preparing for your arrival for years. That is the story of the Allied Forces soldiers on June 6, 1944.

Monkey grooms another moneky of a different species

***EXCLUSIVE*** These monkeys may be from different species but still enjoy a touching moment as one grooms the other. The extraordinarily rare interaction may be taking place as the smaller red eared monkey is so endangered it struggles to find others to socialise with. The female red eared monkey groomed the male mona with her paws for around five minutes. Photographer and zoologist Jonathan Mbu, 23, saw the two monkeys in Buanchor on a three week trip through the jungles of eastern Boki, in south east Nigeria.