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These cute pictures shows a brave five-year-old who lost all four limbs to meningitis refusing to let her disability hold her back - after taking up GYMNASTICS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brave Harmonie-Rose Allen was given just a ten per cent chance of survival when she was struck down with meningitis at just 11 months old. By the time she was a year old, Harmonie was a quadruple amputee and had also lost part of her nose to the illness. But Harmonie has continued to defy all the odds - taking her first steps on prosthetic legs at the age of three, and walking over a half-marathon finish line in March of this year.

Best friends wear wedding gowns on nights out after husbands cheated on them

***EXCLUSIVE*** ILLINOIS, USA: These divorced best friends refused to sell their glamorous wedding dresses after finding out their husbands were CHEATING on them and have found joy in wearing their expensive gowns again on girly nights in and even on trips to the local PLAY AREA to end the stigma that divorce signals failure. Self-employed Julie Frugé (46) and hairstylist Sarah Kralowski (33) from Illinois and Michigan, USA, respectively, were both married when they met in 2012 after a cancellation led Julie to get her hair cut by Sarah. The pair hit it off instantly and shared a lot in common. Julie had just discovered her husband’s affair and Sarah offered the support and positivity she needed. However, by 2015, discovering that her husband was cheating on her again led Julie to confide in Sarah once more, before Sarah discovered that her own husband was having an affair months later. In July 2015, Julie decided she wanted a divorce, but Sarah wanted to give her husband a chance to work on their relationship, but in February 2017 it became clear that things weren’t improving, and she decided she’d be better off with a divorce. Julie’s divorce was finalised in January 2017 while Sarah was officially divorced in October 2017. Julie was trying to find a way to donate her 1998 wedding dress but because it was a 20-year-old dress, the only option was a company which repurposed the material to bury stillborn babies in. Julie wasn’t content with that being her dress’ lasting memory, so she told Sarah that if she wished to sell her Vera Wang gown, she’d better do so fast. Sarah couldn’t bear to part with her stunning wedding dress as it was too important to her. One evening, over a bottle of wine, Julie and Sarah were discussing what to do with their wedding dresses and were reminded of the episode of Friends, during which Monica and Rachel sit at home in wedding dresses. This inspired the duo to create their Instagram page, @itsonlyadress where they post photos of themselves wearing their beloved wedding dresses while sitting at home, in the garden or larking about in public.

Meet Ai-Da – the world's first robot artist

If you've always had a fear of Skynet, then don't be alarmed when you discover Ai-Da, an ultra-realistic robot capable of drawing people from life using her eye, and a pencil in her robotic hand. Named after Ada Lovelace – the first female computer programmer in the world – Ai-Da’s ability as a robot to draw and paint from sight has never been achieved before and makes her an artist in her own right, as well as a world first. She has been designed to look as lifelike as possible by the same Cornish robotics company that created the robots for Westworld – Engineered Arts has given her a “RoboThespian” body, featuring an expressive range of movements and she has the ability to talk and respond to humans. Her ability to react to humans and to draw has been developed by scientists at Oxford University and Leeds University using AI processes and algorithms.

Courage of the D-Day landings brought to life in haunting colourised photos

***EXCLUSIVE*** The heroes of D-Day have been brought back to life in a touching tribute after images of their heroics were expertly colourised. The incredible images show US Army medics giving a blood transfusions on a Normandy beach, troops and landing craft occupying the beach after the D-Day landing and US soldiers wading through surf towards the beachhead several days after the invasions to replace troops that have moved inland. Other stunning shots show Royal Marine Commandos moving inland from Sword Beach and American troops packed into a landing craft on its way to a beachhead at the northern coast of France during the Allied invasion. 

Meet the taxidermist who's building a bigger rack for Mac the Moose

MOOSE JAW, Canada — Rion White is a world champion taxidermist, but the Moose Jaw man is still nervous about sculpting new antlers for the city’s icon — Mac the Moose. White and his team at Orion Taxidermy have been tasked with building bigger antlers for the figure so his can reclaim the title of world’s tallest moose statue. The plan was set in motion after it was revealed a silver moose sculpture in east-central Norway was taller than Mac by 30 centimetres. White and his staff are to cut off Mac’s existing antlers at a ceremony Tourism Moose Jaw has dubbed an “antler-ectomy.” Just like real moose shed their antlers each year, White says it’s time for Mac to get rid of his antlers. He says the real pressure isn’t taking off the old set, but building a new one.

How New York has grown since the dawn of the skyscraper: 120-year-old images reveal the city’s ever changing skyline

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW YORK: Captivating colour images show what life in New York City was like when horse-and-carts ruled the roads and the skyline was considerably closer to earth. Beautiful photochroms, taken approximately 120 years ago, show the artisans and junkmen plying their trade in the bustling Mulberry Street; crowds of fabulously dressed pedestrians parading down Sixth Avenue; and the Big Apple’s first attempts at scraping the sky. The United States’ biggest city has always played a significant role in the country’s history. It was founded in the 1600s by Dutch colonists and served as the U.S. capital for five years in the 1780s. Over the last two hundred years, millions of immigrants have come to New York seeking safe harbour and chasing the American Dream, waving into their new lives by the Statue of Liberty grandly situated just a mile off the coast of Lower Manhattan.

Britain's 'worst sculpture' will be demolished just months after being installed at cost of £45,000 because it is so ugly

***EXCLUSIVE*** A giant sculpture which has been dubbed "Britain's worst" and cost MILLIONS to build is set to be removed - just months after a pensioner died falling down its steps. The sculpture, nicknamed Cornhenge by locals, was added in December last year as the finishing touches in the work on the Cornhill development in Ipswich, Suffolk.

D-Day veterans aged 94 and 95 parachute into Normandy 75 years after invasion

A 95-year-old World War Two veteran said it was ‘wonderful in every way’ to be able to parachute into Normandy 75 years after he did so for D-Day. Harry Read, 95, and John Hutton, 94, embarked on a tandem jump this afternoon over Sannerville following a display around 280 parachutists commemorating the Allied invasion. The ex-servicemen’s jump with the Red Devils parachute team was in danger of being cancelled due to delays and technical difficulties but they pulled it off in the end. The pair took off from Duxford in Cambridgeshire and leapt over France from between 800 and 1,000 feet and landed in fields overlooked by poppies.