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Woman who got HIV after one-time holiday fling warns 'don't make same mistake' – she started a new life and become mum

***EXCLUSIVE*** SABATTUS, MAINE, USA: After having unprotected sex ONCE on holiday, this woman thought her life was over and she would never be loved or have children after being diagnosed with HIV - but now she has a family and wants to break the stigma surrounding the virus. Self-employed Megan Moulton (36) from Sabattus, Maine, USA, went on holiday to Jamaica with her friends in September 2007. After an evening of relaxing and a few drinks, Megan got caught up in the moment and ended up having unprotected sex with a man she had met. Out of her group of friends Megan was not normally one to sleep around but she didn’t think any more of her encounter and enjoyed the rest of her trip. A week after coming home, Megan started to feel unwell and thinking she had picked something up from the water whilst away, she went to the hospital. Over the course of a week Megan went to and from the hospital five times. Eventually doctors decided to do a spinal tap to test for HIV as the virus takes a few months to show in the blood. On October 9, 2007, Megan was shocked to hear that she had tested positive for HIV and thought that her life was over and she’d never be able to have a family or find love despite her doctor telling her that she would be able to live a long and healthy life thanks to medication. When Megan met her husband, Mark (35) a year after her diagnosis, she told him her HIV status on their first date and was surprised when he called back the next day thinking that she had scared him off. Mark has a daughter, Kadence (12) from a previous relationship and when the couple decided to try for a baby, Megan had to change her medication to Truvada and Isentress and they had to use the turkey baster method to conceive their daughter, Ava (7) who is HIV negative, as they couldn’t have unprotected sex. It took six weeks for Megan to come to terms with her diagnosis and since then she has made it her mission to be open about her HIV to break the stigma that sill surrounds it after discovering that people would assume that those living with it were drug addicts.

Wounded soldier married in ICU after 11 days in coma

Soldier Oleksandr Bespalov who has come out of an 11-day coma after a wound in the head and his pregnant partner Anna are being married during a wedding ceremony held in an intensive care unit at the Mechnikov Regional Clinical Hospital, Dnipro, central Ukraine.

Man is swallowing a knife at the top of a pylon

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the shocking moment when a YouTube daredevil attempts to swallow a kitchen knife, while hanging 100ft from an electric pylon. Robbie Borthwick, 22, from Aberdeen, swallowed the 8 inch blade while holding onto the pylon with just one hand. Robbie, who hopes to gain fame from his insane stunts said: "I'm not saying I'm nuts, but I've got no reason to fear dying. 

Girl, 7, needed 80 stitches and five face surgeries after being mauled by dog

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORTH CAROLINA, USA: This brave girl was left THROWING UP BLOOD for two days after she was BITTEN by a family dog and needed EIGHTY STITCHES and five nasal surgeries to put her face back together - but she still loves dogs. Weft operator, Ashley Johnson (29) from North Carolina, USA, was at work when her daughter Alexis (7) was with her stepfather Nick (28), at his mother’s house when her pit bull, JoJo (6) viciously attacked Alexis and bit her face. On October 21, 2018, when Alexis was six years old, she went to play with the pit bull, as she so often did, and as she approached him for a hug, he bit her. Alexis was rushed to hospital and Ashley met them in the car park and fell to her knees at the sight of Alexis’ torn up face. Alexis immediately underwent a two-and-a-half-hour surgery during which a plastic surgeon had to correct as much damage as possible. Alexis had over 80 stitches in her nose, upper lip and the roof of her mouth. Since the initial surgery, Alexis then returned to hospital in November to have a nasal surgery to reopen her airways which were closing up. This surgery didn’t work so was reattempted in December, but as the airways were still narrowing after the second attempt, Alexis was referred to ENT specialists in Chapel Hill to undergo three more surgeries in February, March and April. The most recent surgery in April 2019 has proved successful so far. The pit bull was put down, but the incident hasn’t affected Alexis’ love for dogs as she had to plead with her mum not to get rid of their family dogs as she knew they wouldn’t hurt her. Alexis has proved her strength throughout the ordeal, with her only worry being that she would lose her smile. At first, Alexis was afraid of people seeing her scarred face, but as her scars heal, she has rediscovered her confidence.

A retired athlete who cheated death in a horror paragliding accident got down on one knee in his former hospital room to PROPOSE to the kind nurse who treated him

***EXCLUSIVE*** Damien Leroy, 37, was seriously injured in July 2016 when his power paragliding apparatus went out of control forcing him to take a 100ft leap from the sky in Juniper, Florida. The former world champion kite boarder was rushed to St Mary‚Äôs Medical Center in West Palm Beach where he met Alex Hoover, 29, a nurse on his trauma team. Damien was lucky to survive the frightening accident, in which he broke his femur, pelvis and sternum, tore an artery, punctured his lungs and broke four ribs. 

Whale appears to shake photographer's hand

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young humpback whale appears to shake hands with a photographer. The curious baby plays around the swimmer, reaching out with its flipper towards the photographer's outstretched arm. It was swimming near the surface of the water with its mother, a 49ft long humpback, around the Ha'apai islands in Tonga in the South Pacific. Photographer Grant Thomas, 27, spent an hour under the water with the whales after spotting them from a boat.

Thousands of Muslims in prayer in Bangladesh

***EXCLUSIVE*** South Asia's largest Eid-ul-Fitr Congregation. According to the organizers’ claim, over 600,000 devotees participated in today’s Eid congregation that in number is apparently higher than that of Kishoreganj’s Sholakia Eid congregation. The prayers began at 8:30am with devotees coming from different parts of the region. Muslim devotees offering prayer to their almighty during Eid-ul-Fitr festival which marks the end of Holy fasting month of Ramadan. Eid - ul- Fitr is a muslim festival of happiness celebrated all over the world on Today by the Muslims at the end of holy month of Ramadan.

The Music Maker of Auschwitz: British POW locked in a death camp and forced to play for his Nazi jailers detailed the horrors he faced in a secret war diary

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brutally honest account by a WWII prisoner of war describes the gut-wrenching treatment British soldiers received in German camps, bringing joy in abysmal conditions to thousands of POWs through music, and the crippling realisation that hundreds of thousands of Jews were being callously murdered just a short distance from his camp. In April 1940 Drum Major Henry Barnes Jackson, nicknamed ‘Drummie’, stepped off a ship at Le Havre, France – the same port he was docked at some 25 years earlier when he ran away from home to fight for Britain in the Great War, despite being underage, and spent three years striving to survive in the dank, muddy trenches that became his home. Now a father of four and proud husband at the ‘ripe old age’ of 40, Jackson was once again donning a uniform and preparing to fight for his country against the Germans. Carrying his music case with him – as he was a talented band leader and practiced musician on any number of instruments – and his beloved war diary, Jackson was set to spend the war offering medical assistance to injured soldiers. However, his story would prove to be very different. Jackson would see out most of the Second World War in various prison camps across Poland, entertaining troops and Nazis with his musical talents.

Beautiful aerial colour pictures of surfers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of surfers cluster together on crystal clear water. The white surf boards create patterns against the aqua blue ocean a quarter of a mile off a pink sandy beach on the Gold Coast, Australia. Photographer Tyronn Sheers, 47, used a drone to take overhead photos of the group of surfers, who had gathered as part of an environmental protest.

Puffin bringing sand eels to its chicks is mobbed by arctic terns

***EXCLUSIVE*** A puffin with a beak full of eels is mobbed by gulls as it tries to feed its babies. The brave puffin tries to dodge the diving black-headed gulls as it hurries back to its burrow with its catch of sand eels. But the unlucky bird loses the food to the group of three gulls as they snatch at eels hanging from its bill. Amateur photographer David Higgins, 50, caught the moment on camera on Inner Farne, an island on the Northumberland Coast.