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A set of quadruplets who graduated on the same day from the same university said accepting their degrees side by side was the most special moment of their lives

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jake, Lexi, Hannah and Rachel Jones, 21, donned their caps and gowns after four years of study at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia, USA. The quadruplets, who were born within four minutes of each other in November 1997, attended the same elementary, middle and high school and even went to prom together. After all being accepted to the same university, they bunked in the same college halls and revised together in the library in preparation for their final presentations.

You can strip off with a pint at the first London pub to be granted a nudist licence

Ever thought your pint would taste a lot nicer without the tight shirt round your neck or straining waistband on your trousers? Well, now you can enjoy your drink completely naked. Yes, London’s first official nudist pub is here. The Coach and Horses in Soho is the first to be granted a licence to allow both customers and staff to strip off. The pub has quite a history (it was opened in 1847) but they’ve been pushing forward with innovative ideas to keep people coming back. Landlord Alistair Choat said they have been fighting to remain independent in recent years, even launching a petition to try to stop big chains taking over. It was the first vegetarian pub in London and now they want to attract people who enjoy drinking in the nude too. Please don’t just turn up without any clothes on though – nudity needs to be pre-arranged and consensual and will only be allowed on specific occasions.

A rare Roman coin found in a British farm has gone under the hammer for a record-breaking £552,000 - despite being only slightly bigger than a penny

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 4.31gram gold coin of infamous emperor Allectus sold for more than five times its maximum estimate - becoming one of the most expensive Roman coins in the world.  Found by metal detectorists next to a Roman road in a farm near Dover, Kent, it is now the most expensive British-minted Roman coin ever to be sold at auction.  Emperor Allectus was a finance minister who ran the empire after murdering his predecessor in 293AD - three years before he died in battle.

Mother, 38, reveals police accused her of BURNING her sons after a rare condition left them with 'butterfly skin'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the brave mum-of-three whose neighbours called the police and accused her of ABUSING and BURNING two of her sons because of a rare skin condition they were born with – and although she has since lost one of them to this harrowing illness she is determined to spread awareness so that other families don’t have to go through the same. Melissa Jaquez (38) from Wichita, Kansas, USA, used to be the director of her local social services but in November 2018 became the full-time carer of her son, Marcos Jordan Burrola-Jaquez (18) also known as Marky The Rock, who was born with a rare genetic condition called severe recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB). Marky has had two brothers. His younger brother Carlos Xavier Tharp-Jacquez was 14 when he passed away in November 2013 and his older brother Michael (22). Sadly, both Marky and Carlos were born with RDEB. Her children’s condition caused excruciating pain due to paper thin skin that caused blistering and severe itching especially just as the area starts to heal.  Neither of them has ever walked and Marky uses a specialised wheelchair.  Because they were in so much pain her children weren’t able to attend school fulltime and Melissa often had the police show up at her house because the public accused her of abusing and burning her own children.

Couple who almost divorced three times reveal how finding a girlfriend and living as a polyamorous 'throuple' has reignited the spark in their relationship

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the husband and wife whose marriage was at breaking point but now say that including another woman to form a polyamorous relationship has RE-IGNITED their SPARK – and they moved her in after only ONE MONTH of dating. Auto Glass replacement technician, Kris Lana (34), from Kansas, USA, has been married to administrative assistant, Michelle (37) for nearly 10 years and been together for 12 years. Throughout their relationship, while Michelle had told Kris that she is bisexual from the moment they met, they struggled to express their feelings. Since cheating was out of the question due to their committed relationship, they didn’t feel comfortable sharing their sexual pleasures with each other and this caused a strain which meant that they almost divorced three times. They have tried various ways to keep their relationship alive including dabbling in the swinger lifestyle which lead them to meet their first girlfriend, but the polyamorous relationship didn’t work, as she was not looking to settle down. In 2019, Michelle was part of a lesbian Facebook group where she began chatting to swim instructor, Sarah Letsch (22), from Minnesota, USA, and they got on well with each other with sparks flying between the three of them when they met for their first date. A month after they started dating, they started living together as a triad with Michelle and Kris’ 13-year-old daughter, who enjoys spending time with their new addition, Sarah. Since they have been in a polyamorous relationship, Kris and Michelle say that their marriage has never felt so alive.

Toddler diagnosed with leukemia days after dad finishes treatment

***EXCLUSIVE*** A toddler was left fighting for his life after being diagnosed with leukaemia just days after his dad finished his treatment for a similar type of blood cancer. Little Alfie Webb, aged one, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia on 1 November last year when he was 10-months-old. Myeloid leukaemia is a type of blood cancer more common to those over the age of 60. His diagnosis came just nine days after his dad, Ollie Webb, 27, was given the all clear from his blood cancer called hodgkin's lymphoma.

A metal detectorist has been left stunned after he discovered a Roman coin he unearthed 30 years ago was the only one like it in the world and worth £10,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tom Thomas, 62, said he thought nothing of it when he dug up the silver coin several decades ago in a farmer's field in Berkshire. The retired police officer put in his small collection of other artefacts and forgot about it until a chance meeting with a fellow detectorist at a barbecue.  Mr Thomas began chatting to Mark Becher at the family gathering two years ago who thought the find was more unique than it was first thought.

World War One fanatic's collection of bombs and shells is set to fetch £5,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The collection, weighing over a TONNE, is made up of around 100 inactive field gun and aeroplane shells. They are expected to fetch between £4,000 and £5,000 when they go under the hammer on Saturday, June 22 at Yeovil Auction Rooms. Auctioneer Shaun Rock, who valued the items, described the owner’s man cave in Yeovil, Somerset, as “amazing”.

Nurse, 29, is re-arrested by police on suspicion of murdering eight babies and attempted murder of nine more at hospital's neo-natal unit

***EXCLUSIVE*** A nurse has been re-arrested by police investigating the deaths of 17 babies at a Cheshire hospital. Lucy Letby was arrested last July by detectives examining deaths of infants at the Countess of Chester Hospital between 2015 and 2016. The 29 year old was originally questioned over the alleged murders of eight babies and the attempted murders of six others. Police say they are now examining the alleged attempted murders of three other newborns at the hospital's neo-natal unit, taking the total number of potential victims to 17.

Family are 'prisoners in their own home' due to family of foxes living in garden

***EXCLUSIVE*** Seven foxes are causing havoc for a homeowner after tunneling underneath decking in her back garden and setting up camp.  Zoe Hunt, 39, from Bristol, says the two adults and five cubs are “cute” but pose a health risk to her young daughters.  She first spotted the foxes three weeks ago after waking in the early hours to a “thud”.  Zoe said: “I could hear this continual thudding so I looked out the window and saw six cubs with two adults.  “The cubs were running around and banging into the slide having a play.  “We’ve got a big decking area and they have dug it up and have tunneled underneath.” Her daughters Amber, eight, and Millie, five, are now  unable to go outside because of fox poo.

Puffin mobbed by gulls

***EXCLUSIVE*** A puffin with a beak full of eels is mobbed by gulls as it tries to feed its babies.  The brave puffin tries to dodge the diving black-headed gulls as it hurries back to its burrow with its catch of sand eels. But the unlucky bird loses the food to the group of three gulls as they snatch at eels hanging from its bill.  Amateur photographer David Higgins, 50, caught the moment on camera on Inner Farne, an island on the Northumberland Coast.