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The make-up artist with bones like glass

***EXCLUSIVE *** VIDEO AVAILABLE PONCE, PUERTO RICO: A makeup artist with bones as fragile as glass is on a mission to challenge the representation of disabled women in the fashion industry. Cary Velazquez, 29, from Ponce, was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta three days before she was born. The disease, often referred to as „brittle bones disease”, is a genetic disorder that affects the strength of the bones. Cary began professionally doing makeup three years ago, after feeling inspired by beauty videos on YouTube.

Behind the scenes Wizard of Oz photographs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amazing never before seen photos taken during the filming of The Wizard of Oz have come to light 80 years later. The black and white snaps were taken during the scene where the 'Horse of a Different Colour' enters Emerald City. In one photo, Dorothy, The Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion can be seen perched in a carriage. Another shows a crowd of extras in the background on the Emerald City set - and there is also a close up picture of the coachman, played by Frank Morgan who was also the Wizard of Oz.

Super rare Carry On poster trumps the original at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredibly rare movie poster from the slapstick classic Carry On Cleo has finally had the last laugh, 55 years after it was banned from use. It's now twice as valuable to movie buffs as the original Cleopatra poster starring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor that it attempted to lampoon. The artwork for the 1964 comedy classic had to be binned after movie bosses of the far more expensive Taylor/Burton film from the previous year had complained about blatant copyright abuse. The poster for the original 1963 epic showed Taylor as Cleopatra sprawled on a bed with Burton's Mark Anthony stood over her. The tongue-in-cheek Carry On version featured a winking Amanda Barrie and a leering Sid James stood behind her. The Prop Store are also selling an original Cleopatra poster in the same sale with a estimate of £1500...only half the value of the Carry On version.

A pair of claws worn by actor Hugh Jackman as Wolverine have emerged for sale for £25,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of claws worn by actor Hugh Jackman as Wolverine have emerged for sale for £25,000. The Australian actor donned the plastic 10.5ins long claws in the 2006 film X-Men: The Last Stand. Each piece has three silver painted, pointed plastic claws attached to a metal frame.

Wild West photos revealed after 130 years: Incredible unseen pictures taken by a British farmhand show cowboys at work

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating previously unseen early photos of cowboys in the Wild West have come to light 130 years later. They show life on the ranches of Colorado and New Mexico in the vast expanses of the south west US in the 1880s. One dramatic image captures the thrilling moment a group of cowboys ride towards the camera with hats held aloft. The photos are thought to have been taken by a British farmhand who travelled Stateside in the late 19th century to earn a living.

Earliest surviving map of London from 1572 goes up for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extremely rare example of the earliest surviving map of London has emerged for sale for £11,000. The 1572 city plan by engraver Frans Hogenburg provides a fascinating bird's eye view of the nation's capital. It reveals there was a large settlement north of the Thames, but south of it was very sparsely populated. There are drawings of many boats weaving their way down the river, which could only be crossed by the Old London Bridge.

Lyrics to a lost Lennon song

***EXCLUSIVE*** Original handwritten lyrics for a little-known song John Lennon wrote at the start of Beatlemania are tipped to sell for a whopping £120,000. The song, called I'm In Love, was never released by the Beatles and instead was given to Merseybeat band The Fourmost to record in 1963. The words are written in blue ink over 15 lines on a single sheet of A4 paper. It has been in the hands of a private collector for more than 30 years.

Half-buried four-storey mansion with large circular skylights that flood subterranean rooms with light is up for sale for £4m

***EXCLUSIVE*** The modern home is called Steppingstone after the six large circular skylights built into the ground to flood the subterranean part of the property with light. The property is the ultimate party pad that has its own sports bar and music area. It also has an indoor games area were cricket, badminton and football can be played as well as a swimming pool, sauna/steam room, gym and hot tub. Outside, there is a 3G-surfaced 5-aside football pitch and zip wire.

Painting which Queen Victoria gave to Prince Albert on his 25th birthday but has hung on a wall in New Jersey for two decades goes up for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A charming painting Queen Victoria gave Prince Albert as a birthday present 175 years ago has sold for £40,000 at auction after surfacing for the first time in five decades. The monarch presented her beloved husband with the artwork by Belgian artist Charles van Meer on his 25th birthday in 1844. Titled 'The Larder', it shows a kitchen maid peeling apples and bears Albert's personal collector's mark 'PA' surmounted by a crown on the reverse of the panel. Following Albert's death in 1861, Victoria kept hold of it for the rest of her life and it was subsequently passed to their third daughter, Princess Helena, before entering a private US collection in the 1960s.

Fascinating Great Escape diary

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable diary kept by a POW in the Great Escape camp which includes a tribute to the 50 men executed in its reprisals has come to light. British RAF officer Joseph Gueuffen, of 609 Squadron, was shot down during a bombing raid over Germany and held captive at Stalag Luft III from late 1943 until the end of the war. The Belgian born pilot was kept in Block 109, a barrack which played an integral part in the mass escape of prisoners on March 24, 1944. The diary boasts a list of the officers executed by the Nazis following their recapture and a drawing of the permanent memorial for them by Belgian RAF pilot Bobby Laumans.