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Kate super-fan reveals she's recreated at least 150 of the Duchess of Cambridge's outfits - and spends months tracking down convincing copies on eBay

***EXCLUSIVE*** HANSKA, MINNESOTA, USA: This Royal fan was taken over by the ‘Kate Effect’ and has copied more than ONE-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY of the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfits and estimates that she has spent ‘thousands’ on her hobby over eight-years. Physician, Dr. Danielle Magness (39) from Hanska, Minnesota, USA, has been following the Duchess of Cambridge’s impeccable style ever since she stepped out in her stunning blue Issa engagement dress in November 2010 and was swept up in the ‘Kate Effect’ that followed soon after. An avid follower of fashion, Danielle takes part in style challenges on social media and would often find herself posting ‘real-Kate’, the identical item of clothing as Kate Middleton has worn or ‘repli-Kate’, a similar outfit she had worn as a result. Danielle then decided to start an Instagram account to document her royal-inspired looks. Danielle follows the Duchess’ calendar of events and if an outfit fits with her budget and own style she’ll try to buy it before it sells out but she can take months finding repli-Kates of an outfit or the original piece on websites like eBay or Poshmark. Luckily for Danielle, she shares a similar style to Kate and finds that her outfits are suitable for work and for when she’s playing with her three-year-old son. Over the years, Danielle estimates that she has copied at least 150 of Catherine’s outfits and has spent into the thousands on her hobby. Incredible pictures show how Danielle has perfected the Duchess’ effortless style in the stunning floral print & Other Stories dress Kate wore to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May this year, in the bargain Zara summer dress worn by Kate to the polo in June last year and in the Seraphine lacey blue dress worn at the opening of the Place2Be headquarters in March last year. Other timeless looks Danielle has recreated include the casual Durbarry jacket worn by Kate in January this year, the stunning emerald green Dolce and Gabbana dress worn by Kate in Canada in 2016 and a repli-Kate of the Ralph Lauren houndstooth dress worn by Kate in September 2015 on her return to royal duties in following the birth of Princess Charlotte.

College student who had her feet amputated as a baby fulfills her dream of becoming a soccer player at Penn State University

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH CAROLINA, USA: After contracting meningitis as a baby this woman lost her legs and fingertips, but she is silencing doubters who think she can’t do something because she’s an AMPUTEE by becoming a FOOTBALLER. Student, Pamela Reynolds (19) from South Carolina, USA, was 10 months old when she had what her parents initially believed was a sinus infection, until her condition became worse as her fever increased, and her fingertips and toes turned black. Pamela was taken to the hospital where it was discovered that she had meningitis, but the severity of her case resulted in her feet being amputated and nine of her fingertips being amputated at 10 months old. Pamela became a below the knee amputee before she could learn to walk. When she was nine years old, Pamela underwent a revision amputation on her left leg which was followed by a revision of her right leg in December 2016. Pamela grew up believing that she could do everything that those around her were doing, but she just had to work out an alternative method of achieving it. She now studies at Pennsylvania State University where she’s on the women’s football team, which many might have considered impossible for a double amputee, but Pamela hopes her ability can inspire others. Pamela has always refused to let being an amputee make her feel inferior, and when she encounters stares or comments, she uses this as an opportunity to educate those people by showing them that she is equally as capable of accomplishing something as those around her. Through sharing her positive message, Pamela aims to encourage others not to give up when people doubt them because her determination has allowed her to continue thriving in spite of her amputations.

Diver reveals stunning snaps with colossal fish and sharks in hope others will learn to respect the sea

***EXCLUSIVE*** AUSTRALIA: This stunning diver’s eye-catching ‘sea-lfies’ are so incredible that some internet sceptics have suggested they are FAKE. Remarkable shots of New Zealand beauty Shannon Leah Myers, 31, show her posing with a delighted moray eel in a once-in-a-lifetime shot, swimming alongside the Great Barrier Reef’s famous ‘Wally’ the Maori wrasse, and hanging out with a nurse shark in the briny deep. Apart from Shannon’s selfie with the moray eel, the rest of the shots were captured by her underwater photography partner Gabriel Guzman.

A teen who feared she would always be alone because of a condition which has left her completely bald from head to toe says finding love has boosted her confidence

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kelly-Ann Gallien, 16, lives with a severe form of alopecia, an autoimmune condition in which the body attacks hair follicles, triggering hair loss. The teenager suffered bouts of hair loss as a young child but was heartbroken when she began to lose her long blonde hair for the last time at age eight. Since then, Kelly-Ann has been completely bald and said her condition has made her a target for bullies throughout her teenage years. Mean-spirited classmates would tug at Kelly-Ann’s colorful bandannas and send cruel Snapchat messages featuring cleaning product mascot Mr Clean. Kelly-Ann of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, feared that she would never find love because she worried that others would never find her attractive because of her baldness. But the teen, who is a figure-skater, said meeting her boyfriend Mason Branscombe, 16, in June 2018 has completely changed how she views herself and boosted her confidence. The tenth grader said: „Being a teen with alopecia is hard. It had a big impact on me. I thought I would never find someone who loved me.”

The 20-year-old who has fought sepsis EIGHT times: Woman's family was told she was unlikely to survive every time she was struck down

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the inspirational woman who has been admitted to hospital THIRTY-TWO times in THREE YEARS because of a genetic disorder that has left her fighting SEPSIS EIGHT TIMES – and doctors never thought she would make it this far. Paige Donovan Smith (20) from Auckland, New Zealand, was born with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a genetic mutation connective tissue disorder, which affects a protein called collagen which helps keep the body together. She has had EDS since birth, but it didn’t really cause problems until Paige was 15 years old. It was then she began having gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms that were affecting her whole body. The progression was slow at first but has sped up since she was 18, Paige is now unable eat, has bladder failure, epilepsy, leg paralysis and paralysis of the stomach and struggles with anxiety and autism. She has been admitted to hospital 32 times in three years but has been in hospital on her latest admission for ten months now. Paige was diagnosed with EDS in January 2019 and said it was a relief because she finally had some answers.

Fancy a luxury holiday? You can now rent your own private island

***EXCLUSIVE*** Enjoy the trip of a lifetime with this stunning private island available to rent for £2700 per night all inclusive. Incredible images show the lush green island from above, the shimmering outdoor pool and impressive accommodation. Other striking shots show the spacious bedrooms, sleek bathrooms and cosy living areas as well as outdoor decking areas to enjoy the good weather. Japao Private Island is located in Angra dos Reis, Brazil and is currently listed by www.privateislandsonline.com. The island costs around £2700 per night for two guests all inclusive or £3200 per night for four guests all inclusive.

A nature lover was left amazed after snapping a picture of an optical phenomenon - a shimmering sun halo

***EXCLUSIVE*** John McGowan, 52, and his partner Alison Cunningham, 55, were walking in Beinn Eighe, Scottish Highlands, when Alison spotted the rare halo through her sunglasses. The dad-of-one, who works at a cosmetics factory, said he took out his camera and turned down his aperture to snap the phenomenon. Sun halos, or 22° halos as they are commonly known, are created by sunlight interacting with ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.

Submarine scooter

***EXCLUSIVE*** An underwater 'motorbike' that lets riders explore the sea in their own private submarine is on sale in Britain for £12,000. The 'SubSea Scooter' lets owners ride underwater for up to two-and-a-half hours at a time. Riders control the scooter - powered by an electric motor - using the same controls as a standard motorbike. The unique scooters are available as either single person or double units - and the sellers claim they are 'ideal for exploring coral reefs.

North Korean trafficked women

Jeon Gahkim, 43, and Hyeona Gi, 40, North Korean defectors who were sold into the sex trade in China, are pictured in London. A report by the Korea Future Initiative, has uncovered that tens of thousands of North Korean women and girls are trafficked and sold into the sex trade in China where they are forced to endure systemic rape, sexual slavery and cybersex trafficking.

Grade II-listed Victorian rectory with seven bedrooms, a three-acre garden and a summerhouse goes on sale for £2.85million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thank the heavens this stunning Victorian rectory could now be yours for £2.85m. Incredible images show the large building from outside and a long drive and extensive three-acre gardens. Other striking shots show the light-filled interior with sleek bathrooms, spacious bedrooms and cosy bedrooms with a modern kitchen and airy summerhouse completing the property. The seven-bed house is located in St Ervan, Wadebridge and is currently listed by John Bray & Partners for £2.85m.

Wet ’n wild! Shocking brawl erupts in water park with chairs being violently thrown and even a gun being produced - as terrified children flee the scene

***EXCLUSIVE*** Visiting a water park is supposed to be a relaxing affair. But not for one group of unlucky punters who witnessed a violent brawl between a group of men and security guards next to paddling pools and water slides. The shocking scene, which happened at the Yamit 2000 Water Park in Tel Aviv, Israel, was captured on film by another pleasure-seeker. The video starts with utter melee as security staff and the group of men exchange blows by hitting each other with plastic chairs, as well as throwing them.

The 'Second D-Day' allied invasion of the south of France was proclaimed a success but was actually a futile exercise that paved the way for Stalin to take over Eastern Europe, military historian argues

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible images capture the ‘second D-day’, the lesser known and controversial invasion of southern France which almost led to Churchill’s resignation. Operation Dragoon took place in August 1944, just a matter of weeks after the crucial Normandy Landings, and led to the liberation of southern France and wide-scale Nazi retreat. It also almost caused a complete breakdown between the British and American governments and, according to sceptics, saw a high number of casualties and a diversion of troops from more crucial combat regions. Even after the war, Dragoon was dogged by controversy. Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery branded the mission “one of the great strategic mistakes of the war” as the divisive military action left the door wide open for the Soviets to dominate eastern Europe and kickstart the Cold War, a conflict which took the world to the precipice of nuclear war.

Eagles attempt to steal marabou storks fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** An eagle squares up to a stork in a vicious battle over fish. Marabou storks swarmed a dried up river to catch fish marooned in small puddles of muddy water. But the peculiar-looking scavengers were then joined by an African fish eagle wanting to steal their prey. Wildlife photographer Manoj Shah spotted this confrontation between the stork and eagle as both birds spread their wings in a bid to intimidate the other. In the images, taken at the Mara River in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, the birds can be seen fighting over a catfish and the eagle can even be seen fending off another eagle.