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A couple with a 40-YEAR age gap say their love has continued to blossom - and they still enjoy a happy sex life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Edna and Simon Martin, aged 83 and 44, spend their evenings cuddling on the sofa „like a couple of kids” and are unfazed by public displays of affection. The couple, who are madly in love 14 years after marrying, say their intimacy is as strong as ever despite Edna’s age and Simon’s health setbacks. They renewed the wedding vows at their home in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset in 2015 and have developed the pet names „Piglet” and „Piglette” in recent years. The couple made national headlines in 2005 as their love became public - with cynics suggesting Edna, now a great-grandmother, was looking for a naive toyboy. But they have more than proved the doubters wrong. Edna, a grandma-of-four, said: „We are still intimate in the bedroom as much as any couple in love. We’ll often stop in the street and have a damn good kiss – I’ve never felt conscious of the age gap in public. I kiss Simon’s neck and pinch his bum in the supermarket - he will twang the back of my bra in the queue. We just do what two people in love do. We are sitting on the sofa right now cuddling and holding hands.” Simon, an excellent organist, is regarded a musical genius in local circles. He continues to charm Edna playing her favourite song „Goodnight, sweetheart” on the organ. He regularly toured the country before type two diabetes and a kidney transplant forced him into retirement. Simon, who suffers with dyslexia, dyspraxia and Asperger's syndrome, can listen to a tune once before he could play it off the top of his head. Edna added: „We support and love each other - life couldn’t be better.”

Ripped 70-year-old woman shows off her toned figure as she becomes a BODYBUILDING champion - defying doctors who told her she would 'never' compete after arthritis diagnosis

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the seventy-year-old personal trainer who was diagnosed with ARTHRITIS and advised by doctors to STOP WEIGHTLIFTING but defied them by coming a BODYBUILDING CHAMPION – she even says it has helped ‘spice’ up her marriage to a man FOURTEEN YEARS YOUNGER than her. Personal trainer, Rebecca Woody (70), from Missouri, USA, grew up with a fitness fanatic father who was a coach at a local community centre. In 1982 Rebecca was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a long-term condition that causes pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints. Her doctor told her that her condition meant that she will never be able to participate in bodybuilding competitions and to stop lifting weights. Her passion for the sport motivated her to keep weightlifting to prove her doctors wrong. In her early 30s, she was introduced to bodybuilding initially to shed the baby weight she carried after giving birth to her third child. She has since come first place in the 1990 Nationals and has placed in 39 various contests including seven national contests. In April 2019, she has competed in a bodybuilding physique contest in the over 35s category, being the oldest one there, and came in first place for bodybuilding and came second for physique. At 4ft 9in, she currently weighs 6st 11Ib and is a UK size four to six and has maintained her shape from when she was in her 30s, at which time she was 8st 5Ib and a UK petite size 10. She says that her impressive physique and interest in bodybuilding has spiced up her relationship with her husband, Steve (56).

The 4ft 2in stiletto designer for little women

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE NEW YORK, USA: A disabled woman in New York City will launch an all-inclusive shoe company after struggling to find stylish shoes that fit her size four feet. Lauren Ruotolo, 43, has created „Unstoppable”, a company that advocates for those unable to find heels in sizes 3-13. Having grown up with McCune-Albright Syndrome - a very rare, genetic disease that affects the skin, bone and endocrine system - Lauren, who is 4 ft 2 inches, understands the necessity for inclusive fashion.

Arthritis sufferer had her hip replaced at just 28 after begging for the life-changing procedure 'that doctors originally said she was too young for'

***EXCLUSIVE*** LEICESTER, UK: This woman was told she was ‘TOO YOUNG’ for a hip replacement despite not being able to get OUT OF BED unassisted but after pushing doctors for surgery she was finally given the procedure that made her feel like a twenty-something again - and she says surgery like this should be available regardless of age. Technical services customer coordinator, Loretta Hood (28) from Leicester, UK, was nine months old when her parents started to think something was wrong with her leg as she showed signs of pain and as she learned to walk, she would drag her left leg behind her. Upon referral to an orthopaedics department, Loretta was put in traction for three weeks, meaning her legs were hung up to keep them apart, before she could have an operation. Loretta was diagnosed with congenital dislocation of the left hip, caused by developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), where the ball and socket of the hip don’t form correctly. At a year old, Loretta had surgery to place the ball of her hip back into the socket, followed by another surgery shortly after to place metal plates in her hip. The plates were removed 12 months later, requiring further surgery. For 12 years, Loretta didn’t experience any further issues and was able to start dancing at five years old. In 2004, Loretta began experiencing a ‘clicky knee’, her knee would often dislocate, and her leg locked if she sat in one position for too long. In 2011, Loretta was diagnosed with arthritis at 20, despite initially being told to expect this diagnosis in her forties. By 2016, Loretta needed help to get out of bed as she couldn’t get herself up, leading her to try a steroid injection in her hip to ease the pain. By 2017, after a top-up steroid injection wore off, Loretta had another surgery to remove the hip from its socket and uncover the problem. Surgeons were shocked to find that the inner joint was deteriorating, and a total hip replacement was suggested. Unfortunately, doctors insisted that Loretta was ‘too young’ for a hip replacement, despite the recommendation. After pushing for surgery due to her constant pain, Loretta had a left hip replacement on November 23, 2018, at just 28, which has since transformed her life.

Korea before Kim: Colourised images from the 19th century show the nation before it was split into North and South following World War Two

***EXCLUSIVE*** KOREA: Fascinating one-hundred-and-twenty-five-year-old colour photos give a rare insight to what life was like in Korea at the end of the 19th century – long before the country was split in two. Remarkable images, taken in 1895, show two Korean residents enjoyed a feast of wine and biscuits, a local dignitary being carried through a provincial village, and three colourfully bedecked gentleman on board a ship destined for strange new lands. Another lively picture shows a group of children clearly intrigued by the new-fangled camera.

Who says only men can be outlaws! Rare images reveal the notorious female outlaws of the wild west

***EXCLUSIVE*** When most people think of outlaws, they picture characters like Jesse James or Billy the Kid. But it was not just men who ruled the Wild West. These rare images taken in the 19th century reveal the FEMALE outlaws who held their own when it came to criminal behaviour on the old American frontier. In the popular imagination, unlawful cowboys and bandits dominated the rugged landscape of the Wild West. But the frontier was also home to female outlaws who were very different to the helpless dames typically portrayed in the standard Hollywood Western film. The fascinating collection show some of these “ladies of ill repute” who a cowboy would not dare cross in an old west saloon.

Woman who shed nearly half her body weight after being fat-shamed by her own family for her 243lb frame reveals she still doesn't feel 'normal' because of 'disfiguring' loose skin

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who was FAT SHAMED by her family to the point where she didn’t want to EXIST anymore and has now shed nearly HALF her bodyweight – but has been left with excess skin that she is looking to remove. SEO strategist, Amanda Eltaher (29), from New York, USA, was brought up in an Italian household that loved their food and she found herself indulging in pasta regularly. Her peak weight of 17st 4Ib and a UK size 26 prompted her family to berate her for her size, call her ‘fat’ and told her that she would never find love if she didn’t lose the weight. These comments caused her to feel so insecure that she didn’t want to live anymore. Despite trying various weight loss methods and programmes including Weight Watchers nothing helped Amanda lose weight and she was eventually told by doctors that she had a high risk of developing polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and diabetes. This motivated her to try a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, a procedure where 80 percent of the stomach is removed which limits the amount of food you can eat to only 4oz. The surgery helped her reduce her weight to a healthy 9st 1Ib and a UK size six to eight but now she is left with excess skin that has made her feel self-conscious. Due to the discomforts she is experiencing such as pain, a rash and wearing compression garments, Amanda is trying to raise money on Go Fund Me to remove the loose skin.

The Austin Junior A40 toy car which sold for £3,400 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rusty 1950s children’s pedal car which was rescued from a shed has sold for £3,400 at auction. The Austin Junior A40 toy car sparked a bidding war when it went under the hammer at a toy sale auction last Friday (7/6). It was sold at TW Gaze in Diss, Norfolk and were originally predicted to fetch £600 - £800 due to its battered condition.

These stunning, super-close photos show the image of flowers captured within tiny water droplets

***EXCLUSIVE*** Canadian photographer Don Komarechka, 32, takes the super up close images on his kitchen table- often taking hours to create. Don explains that the spherical water droplets act as lenses, making the flowers behind them appear inside the droplet.