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Artist uses her PERIOD BLOOD as a FACE MASK each month, while also painting with it, in an attempt to show women how 'special' menstruation is

***EXCLUSIVE*** This artist used to feel ‘utter disgust’ if she accidentally got period blood on her hands whilst changing a tampon but now she PAINTS with it every month and even uses her menstrual blood as a FACE MASK, which she says leaves her skin GLOWING. Like most women, when artist Gabrielle Schlegel (22) from Alberta, Canada, first got her period when she was 13, she was scared to tell her mum who she had previously heard comforting her older sister during menstruation, and when she did she felt embarrassed and grew to see her monthly bleed as a burden. When she became sexually active in her late teens, Gabrielle’s time of the month became increasingly painful and it turned into something she spent her days dreading. Things started to change in October 2014 when Gabrielle discovered yoga and spirituality and after seeing a woman using her menstrual blood to paint with on Instagram in February 2018, Gabrielle, who loved to paint as a child, thought she’d try it too after collecting her blood in a menstrual cup. Now Gabrielle tries to paint with her period every month, using it as an opportunity to fully connect with her body’s wants and needs. The artist creates beautiful yoni paintings and enjoys investing time in making something beautiful out of what society has conditioned us to believe is the opposite. As well as this, Gabrielle takes time to relax with period blood face masks which she says helps to prevent breakouts and leaves her skin looking radiant. Instead of dreading her monthly bleed, it is now something that Gabrielle looks forward to and sees those days as a chance to indulge in self-care and to celebrate being a woman, and she’s started to share pictures of her embracing her period on social media to break the stigma associated with periods.

Harry Potter fans face a 10-HOUR wait to ride new $300 million Hagrid roller coaster as it opens at Universal in Orlando

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tired tourists have been waiting ten hours in line for a brand new Harry Potter themed roller coaster in Florida. Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure opened on 13th of June at Islands of Adventure, Florida but Potter fans were shocked to find a queue across the massive theme park which lasted ten hours. Punters have described starting their queue at 5.30am (EST) to take the coaster on, which only lasts three and a half minutes.

Woman stunned when online retailer sends her two size 8 bikinis after she ordered size 16

***EXCLUSIVE*** An unimpressed Boohoo shopper was left baffled after ordering size 16 bikini bottoms - only to be sent two separate size EIGHTS. Katrina Harradine, 29, ordered the orange and white striped two-piece for an upcoming holiday in St. Lucia. She usually slips into a size 16 and purchased the bikini along with several others items including a swimsuit, shorts and a top in a £5 sale. Katrina then stockpiled the summertime wear and left it all still in the packaging ready for her holiday to see family and friends on June 23. However, Katrina decided to try on the bikini and was left stunned when she discovered that the UK retailer had incorrectly sent two size eight bikini bottoms. To make matters worse, she claims the top is made to fit a 16-month-old baby or maybe a woman with just one breast.

Britain’s oldest person Grace Jones dies aged 112

***EXCLUSIVE*** Grace Jones, the oldest person in the UK, has sadly died at the age of 112. Grace Jones, known to her friends as Amazing Grace, died peacefully in her sleep at her home in Pegasus Court, Broadway, on Friday, June 7, her family have announced.  Mrs Jones, who was born on September 16, 1906, lived to see five monarchs and 21 prime ministers, surviving two world wars.  Mrs Jones took the title of the oldest UK person last summer after the previous oldest person, Olive Boar's death.

Relics of Saint Bernadette in the cathedral of Naples, Italy

Dozens of faithful pay homage to the relics of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, formerly Marie-Bernarde Soubirous. The girl at the age of 14, in the second half of the nineteenth century, witnessed the apparitions of the Madonna in the cave of Massabielle, in the French city. The relics of the French Saint have been in the Neapolitan for two days, they were brought to the Parish of the Beata Vergine di Lourdes and Santa Bernadetta di Ponticelli, on the eastern outskirts of Naples, to then land today in the Cathedral of Naples. Tomorrow Bernadette's relics will leave the Neapolitan cathedral and return to France.

Traditional curd making

***EXCLUSIVE*** These bakers cook traditional Bangladesh curds around fire pits in the same way they have been made for thousands of years. They use giant domes made of bamboo to cover the oven and help insulate the heat as the curds cook for 12 hours. This age-old method, though not the most efficient, has been kept alive by the bakers in Sherpur, near Bogra, Bangladesh. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie, from Dhaka, Bangladesh, took pictures of the curds being prepared in woks before being poured into pots around the fire pits to cook.

Young cheetah bops mother on the head as they rest on a termite mound

***EXCLUSIVE*** Don't look now, mum... A young cheetah playfully covers its mother's eyes with its paw. The affectionate pair took time out and bonded as they relaxed on top of a termite mound. These heartwarming shots were captured in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, and show the cub, who is around six-months-old, cuddling up to its mother. Amateur photographer Alf Jacob Nilsen, 64, said the young cheetah appeared to be trying to get its mother's attention by using its paw to cover her eyes.

Getting your cygnets in a row

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer had all his swans in a row when he stopped to capture photos of wildlife at a lake at sunset. Jesús Moreno was watching a group of cygnets with their mother for an hour before the baby swans formed a perfect line in the water. The cygnets played and preened, paddling in the lake as the sun sank behind them, making the clouds look pink.

Colourful salt flats

***EXCLUSIVE*** These aerial photographs show the vivid colours in Namibia's salt flats. The images, taken by a drone, show the 3,500 hectare salt pans which creates the mineral from seawater with the aid of evaporation and reportedly supplies 90 per cent of South Africa's salt. The vibrant colours come from the presence of algae and different concentration of salts, creating a vivid landscape in Walvis Bay.

Stonefly emerges from exoskeleton

***EXCLUSIVE*** A female stonefly emerges from its old exoskeleton in this remarkable scene captured by photographer David Higgins near the River Wear in the North Pennines, County Durham. The invertebrate appears to push and pull itself free from its old protective skin in a process that lasted over twenty minutes.

Puffin brings part of fishing net back to nest

***EXCLUSIVE*** A puffin flies back to its nest - carrying a plastic strand from a fishing net. The male bird picked up the debris from the sea, before returning to the shore with it in its beak. After the puffin lands it appears to try and re-adjust the net strand to stop it from getting tangled in its wings. Amateur photographer Andrew Astill said it was 'sad' to see the puffin carrying the plastic on Skomer Island in Pembrokeshire, Wales.