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I’m addicted to building my massive thighs

***VIDEO AVAILABLE*** DNIPRO CITY, UKRAINE: A fitness model, addicted to bodybuilding, has been nicknamed 'Miss Iron Bum' by her fans as a result of her incredibly fit physique. Bakhar Nabieva, from Dnipro city, Ukraine, was bullied as a teenager because of her naturally thin frame and skinny legs. The 25-year-old decided to change her body and stuck to a strict fitness regime when she was 17. The Ukrainian woman, unlike other fitness models, admits taking steroids but says she won?t recommend others to use any performance-enhancing drugs in order to increase their muscle mass and strength.

The former bakery worker tipped the scales at 13st in 2015 after binging on takeaways - but is now a ripped 8st after spending hours lifting weights in the gym

***EXCLUSIVE*** A superfit mum-of-four ditched junk food and hit the gym seven days a week to become a bodybuilder - despite never lifting a weight until last year. Samantha Brander, 33, took up a gruelling diet and fitness regime to turn her life around - shedding five stone in just 12 months. The former bakery worker tipped the scales at 13st after binging on takeaways - but is now a ripped 8st after spending hours lifting weights in the gym. In March 2018, fed up with her weight, Samatha hired a personal trainer after marvelling at transformation pics she had seen of his work.

A message from 18 years ago suggesting where to find the world’s most wanted man, Osama Bin Laden, has been found on a beach near Dublin, Ireland

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dated 17 May 2001, the message in a bottle was picked up by an eight-year-old boy who was at the beach after eating fish and chips with his mum. It reads: ‚ÄúSending a message in a bottle! ‚ÄúFriends finale is looming‚Ķ Ross and Rachel? ‚ÄúOsama Bin Laden... check kyrgyzstan‚Ķ I have a feeling.... on to something lads.‚ÄĚ Timur Timondegus discovered the bottle, lost at sea for almost 20 years, on Tuesday afternoon (June 11). He found it on Malahide Beach whilst walking by the sea with his mum, Olesja Akmane, 31. ‚ÄúI was so surprised and my son was so excited‚ÄĚ, said waitress Olesja. The mum-of-two added: ‚ÄúIt looks real. It looks very old. It‚Äôs not something someone would joke about. ‚ÄúTimur thought he had found treasure. It‚Äôs a small piece of history for him to keep.

Superhero trainer transforms problem pets

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, WASHINGTON, USA: Meet the certified animal trainer who takes your naughty dog, cat, horse - or pig! - and turns them into your dream pet. 33-year-old Mikkel Becker, uses reward-based training programmes to help stressed owners gain more control over their best animal buddies. With the help of her own expertly-trained dog, Indiana Bones, Mikkel works her magic in veterinary and rescue centres, client homes and ?doggy resorts? across the United States. Mikkel gained her qualifications as a youngster, graduating from the rigorous San Francisco SPCA Dog Training Academy - and she hasn?t looked back since. Now Mikkel, who resides in Seattle, WA, uses her social media following to spread positivity with regards to animal training.

Owl vs Kestrel

***EXCLUSIVE*** An owl and kestrel have a mid-air disagreement in Elliot, near Arbroath, Scotland. The photographs were taken by Pam Wardlaw, 63, she explains, "The owl was perched on a post for several minutes, the kestrel must have been lurking in the scrub below. It flew up towards the owl spooking it."