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Woman who lost 13 babies to miscarriage because of rare condition that caused her body to ‘fight’ pregnancy finally welcomes a baby daughter

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who suffered 13 miscarriages in ten years finally had her miracle baby - after taking STEROIDS to strengthen her womb. Laura Worsley, 35, lost every baby she conceived, with many pregnancies lasting just a few weeks. But she never gave up hope of realising her dream of having a child with husband Dave, 48. The couple suffered their first heartbreak when Laura miscarried in 2008. She suffered three further miscarriages in the next two years and doctors referred to an innovative medical research team. Prof Quenby discovered Laura had Antiphospholipid Syndrome, also known as "sticky blood syndrome", which can cause recurring miscarriages. During their work with the unit, Laura also lost two boys, named Leo and Graceson at 17 weeks and 20 weeks. She took steroids to strengthen the lining of her womb and she conceived naturally for the 14th time last March. Laura was also given drugs to stop her blood clotting and she finally went into labour at 30 weeks. Surgeons performed an emergency caesarean on September 12 last year and baby Ivy was born prematurely weighing just 1.7lbs.


These photos show inside a luxurious boutique hotel for sausage dogs - which has VIP spa treatments, afternoon tea and PUZZLES for them to solve

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mother-of-three Hannah Stuchfield, 41, has opened a plush getaway for owners to bring their Dachshunds to stay. Even the most lavish kennels can't compare to the facilities at The Sausage Dog Sanctuary in Holmesfield, Derbs., which offers both daycare and overnight boarding. Dachshunds are spoilt with puppachino and cupcake afternoon teas and walks around the countryside with treat-based games and puzzles along the way. The trendy pooches can also have teeth cleaning to remove plaque, nail trimming if they require a little extra pampering and coat conditioning so they are ‘Insta ready’ for photos. The popular breed is notorious for back problems so the sanctuary offers Sausage Dog Agility programmes to help ward off any future health issues. Prices match quite closely to budget hotels (for people), costing £28 for 24 hours with treatments extra. The sanctuary was opened in February this year after Hannah had enough of the rat race working in the e-commerce sector, running her own business. Hannah has been inundated with requests ever since from far and wide including Wales and Suffolk and so far she has taken around 100 bookings in June alone. She said: "I got to that point where I’d had enough of the rat race and I wanted to do something a little bit more fun and light-hearted.

Meet the once-obese transgender tech boss who spent £54,000 on her dream body transforming herself from a 35st man to a curvy 15st woman - in just TWO YEARS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Danielle Hallett, 50, was born a boy but always knew she was meant to be a woman after realising she didn't 'fit in with the lads' at school. She began private hormone therapy and living full time as a woman in 2006 aged 38. But she always hated her large frame and started her marathon surgery stunt with a mini gastric bypass in 2017. Glam Danielle lost a staggering 20st over two years - during which she underwent THIRTEEN operations to get her dream body. During 2018 she had one procedure a month - including a tummy tuck, liposuction and bum implants - before a £15,000 gender reassignment op in Thailand in February this year. Danielle, a software engineer, from Swansea, Wales, said: "I've basically gone from a 35 stone baldy with a beard to a 15 stone brunette with boobs. Life is good!

A teenager has finished her final GSCE exam after never taking a single sick day in 12 YEARS - attending 2,280 school days in a row

***EXCLUSIVE*** Studious Paris Glover has enjoyed more than 13,500 hours, or 18 months, of teaching in both primary and secondary school since starting in 2007. While her peers were afflicted with chicken pox, ear infections and head lice Paris miraculously managed to avoid ever getting seriously sick. The 16-year-old says there were days when she felt slightly under the weather but that she's never been struck down with anything bad enough to stay at home for the day.

Woman, 33, with 'body of 70-year-old' sheds 10st

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman in her thirties felt like she was living in a SEVENTY-YEAR-OLD’S BODY as she tipped the scales at almost TWENTY-THREE-STONE, but she has since shed a whopping ten-stone in just two years. HR specialist, Jana Parks (33) from Georgia, USA, struggled with her confidence growing up and would use food as a way of dealing with her emotions. Her bad eating habits of consuming fast food and regularly eating out resulted in her weight increasing to 22st 12Ib and a UK size 28. While she has always had a positive attitude with a good social life with friends, at times she would feel unworthy of love and self-love did not come easy for her. In October 2016, Jana began having some health issues related to her weight such as joint pain, inflammation in her body and struggled with simple day-to-day activities and walking up and down the stairs felt like a challenge. After stepping on the scales, seeing her weight, she decided to do something about it and began researching different weight loss methods. She discovered the ketogenic diet, a high fat, adequate protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Over the next two years, as she set a healthier meal plan for herself and exercised more, this taught her how strong and worthy she is, which improved her mentality to love herself. In that time she managed to reduce her weight to a healthy 12st 7Ib and UK size 14 and now feels happier. She is now on a mission to spread the message that everyone is worthy of love and care and with 36K followers on Instagram, she has been encouraging other women in the process.

World Crazy Golf Championships

The 2019 World Crazy Golf Championships get under way at Hastings Adventure Golf amateur and professional mini golfers will compete for a share of a Ł4,500 prize fund over the weekend of the 7th and 8th June in Hastings, Sussex.

Baby elephant struggles to reach water to drink as its trunk appears to be too short

***EXCLUSIVE*** A baby elephant struggles to reach water to drink as its trunk appears to be slightly too short! Photographer Michael Voss captured this unusual scene whilst visiting the Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa. The baby elephant, which is only a few months old, managed to get to the water after a few tries. Michael explained that the mother would have lead the calf to another source of water if it couldn't drink here. Michael said: “There was so much activity at this location, so it was quite hard to see through all the elephants! But I spotted the baby elephant reaching for the water and managed to get a few pictures. You had to look around constantly to catch the best scenes otherwise you’d miss something!”

Climbing the towering sand dunes of Namib Desert

***EXCLUSIVE*** A team of climbers take on the highest sand dune in the world at sunset. A thin pathway formed by previous climbers is the only way to scale the steep dune, which stands a staggering 1,200ft high. White marks across the dune are traces of a river which dried up hundreds of years ago. The Sossusvlei dunes in Namibia's Namib desert are the world's tallest. The most famous is nicknamed the 'Big Daddy', with a 380 metres high peak.

Peak-a-boo owl

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peek-a-boo owl. An owl peers out from a hollow of a pine tree in Liminka, Finland, near Oulu. The Tengmalm’s Owl was occupying the hole which would have been made by a Black woodpecker in a previous year to sleep by day and they are very nocturnal. David Tipling, 53, from Holt in North Norfolk, who was visiting Finland said, 'I spotted a potential nest site for the owl and lightly scratch the trunk of the tree. When I did this the owl looked out of the hole at me, with that slightly surprised look.' 'Normally Tengmalm’s Owls nest in nest boxes specially put up for them and it is rare to find them nesting in natural holes like this as there are not too many old trees left in the forests in this part of Finland as most are commercially harvested for timber, so this was a special find.' 'I was surprised at how well the owl blended in with the bark of the tree.' David is a wildlife photographer who specialises in photographing birds.