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A schoolboy might be able to use both hands like everyone else after receiving the world's first medically approved bionic arm

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pierce Gilmour, 11, was born with half of his arm missing leaving him with 4cm of lower arm muscle below his elbow. This means the brave youngster struggles with tasks at home such as picking up bowls and stirring food because he cannot grip anything. The Loudoun Montgomery pupil is "very good" at playing the Xbox but he can't use both hands just like any other child.

This is the moment a dad who was having a beer on his porch looked up to spot a BEAR -- playing football

***EXCLUSIVE*** Daniel Kalles-Pettersson, 44, was relaxing when he spotted the 6ft beast just a few metres away. He remained silent and took his phone out to film the moment - and was amazed when it started to play with his nine-year-old son Noel's football. The bear played with the ball for about four minutes - kicking it and chasing it across a lawn - before disappearing into nearby forests, in Järvsö, Sweden.

A pair of handmade silk bloomers belonging to Queen Victoria have been sold for £1,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The pantaloons were listed by a vendor at an auction of goods whose great aunt was a lady-in-waiting in London. The plus sized garment is stitched with the crowned initials VR (Victoria Regina) and numbered '2'. Such intimate items were usually bought in large numbers of perhaps two or three dozen and worn in numerical order. The waist measures 112cm (44 inches) and the length is 79cm (31 inches).

Hypnotic pictures of The Maldives

***EXCLUSIVE*** These hypnotic pictures capture the idyllic holiday islands of the Maldives in a way never seen before. Italian photographer Paolo Pettigiani uses a special camera to pick-up the infra-red light reflected by palm trees, turning them bright red. The spectacular results create a drastic contrast between the red palm trees and the Maldive's famous crystal clear waters- which are icy blue in these images.

Ordovician: the most exciting scenic spot in Chongqing

Chongqing, China: Wansheng ordovician scenic area of Chongqing is located in Heishan, Wansheng District, Chongqing, which is the core of shilin scenic area. Due to its numerous thrilling and exciting projects, wansheng ordovician scenic area of chongqing has rapidly become popular in recent years. It has become the new favorite of some adventurous young people and the most exciting scenic area of chongqing. The scenic spot is named because its geological structure belongs to ordovician geological landform. The flagship project of ordovician scenic spot is known as the world's first ''sky gallery'', which has been certified by guinness world records. The ''A'' shaped bridge is paved with transparent glass. It is located on A cliff nearly 300 meters high and overhangs 80 meters, three times longer than the Colorado bridge in the United States.

A mum has revealed how she’s shifting the baby weight - by including her children in her workouts and using her BABY as a weight

***EXCLUSIVE*** Charlotte Brooks, 30, decided to get her daughters Sadie, eight, and four-month-old Mylah involved in her home exercise routines after finding it hard to juggle fitness and her parenting duties. The single mum-of-two started lifting Mylah a month ago when the tot became restless as she tried to follow fitness routines on YouTube. She asked Sadie to join in and was surprised to find she loved it - and has been „obsessed” ever since.

An „extremely rare” 300-year-old letter signed by Scottish outlaw and folk hero Rob Roy could fetch £3,000 when it goes under the hammer

***EXCLUSIVE*** The letter, dating back to May 22, 1718, appears to show Rob Roy MacGregor trying to evict a cotter - a farm labourer or tenant - called Patrick from a tack of land. Roy Rob stated in the letter, which was addressed to Baillie Buchanan, that an officer should remove Patrick from the land in Arnprior, Stirling. It menacingly states: "I have no will that there should be anything that should be a groudge between us."