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Circus performer, 29, is left paralysed on one side after falling 13ft from aerial silks and 'dislocating her SPINE’

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORWICH, UK: After landing on her head in a scary fall this AERIALIST was left with a damaged spine that saw half of her body paralysed and the other half unable to feel PAIN - but after being operated on WHILE AWAKE she hopes to one day be back in the air. Team coach and aerialist, Nina Jussila (29) who is originally from Finland but moved to Norwich, UK, in 2014, has spent years practicing her aerial skills and swinging from the air. On March 7, 2019, while practicing a new drop from the silks, Nina fell 13ft and landed headfirst on the mat, with the weight of her body falling onto her head subsequently. Nina immediately screamed out that she couldn’t feel her body and was taken to hospital. Scans revealed that the disc between the fourth and fifth vertebra was gone and the fifth vertebra was dislocated, putting pressure on Nina’s spinal cord which could have caused complete paralysis. Surgeons operated to realign the fifth vertebra to release the pressure, which had to be done while Nina was still awake to ensure no damage to her spinal cord. Following that, surgeons then took a piece of bone from Nina’s hip to put in between the vertebras and fuse the spine. A metal disc was then inserted to support the fragile spine. Nina had to spend five weeks on bed rest to recover from the accident, but it became clear that Nina could only feel pain on her left side yet had movement on the right side. Nina was diagnosed with Brown Sequard Syndrome, meaning that her right side works but she has lost the feeling of sensations like hot, cold or pain. Nina’s left side was paralysed but she can feel more on that side. Through physiotherapy, Nina walked by herself for the first time on May 10, and she is now focusing training her left arm, which is significantly weakened. Nina celebrates each success, because it helps her appreciate how far she has come in her recovery, while remaining optimistic that she will return to aerial skills sometime in the future.

First-time mother who developed sepsis from a C-section refused to stop cradling her son the entire night because she feared she was dying

***EXCLUSIVE*** MANCHESTER, UK: This first time mum developed SEPSIS after having a c-section and spent the night cradling her son in her arms, fearing it would be the last time she held him as she believed she was DYING, before being put under critical care. English teacher, Charlotte Parkins (31) from Manchester, UK, was 38 weeks pregnant when she welcomed her son Freddie, with husband Michael (31), via c-section on January 17, 2019. Freddie was born on Thursday evening, weighing 6lb 10oz, but throughout the Friday, Charlotte grew increasingly unwell. Charlotte was experiencing pain which became worse as the hours passed by and she was soon crawling to get to the toilet. By six pm, Charlotte was shaking, and her temperature was rising, but the doctor said that she wasn’t poorly enough to be classed as critical and in need of more care. Charlotte felt helpless and as though no one believed her. Michael had to leave Charlotte’s bedside in the evening, leaving her alone to care for Freddie despite pleading with midwives to allow him to stay. Charlotte spent the Friday night clutching onto her newborn son, convinced she was dying, and it would be the last time she held him. Charlotte was burning up but every now and then she had a rush of cold go through her body. By the early hours of Saturday morning, it became clear that Charlotte was getting worse, so nurses ran blood tests and checked her temperature, which was 39 degrees Celsius. Nurses transferred Charlotte to a new room under critical care and put her on a drip as they realised she was septic. Charlotte’s heart rate was over 130 beats per minute as her body tried to fight off the infection. Nurses provided Charlotte with IVs, antibiotics and catheters as she was kept in the critical care room for seven days. It is still unclear how Charlotte developed sepsis, but doctors believe it could have been tonsillitis or a suspected urinary tract infection. Charlotte hopes to raise awareness for postnatal sepsis, which many mothers wouldn’t ever think is a possibility.

Smashed it! - Urn used for tennis balls sells for £3.8 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Smashed It! - £3.8 million paid for 300 year old Chinese bronze used to keep tennis balls in. The incense burning censer, decorated with auspicious peony and phoenix designs, was thought by its owners to be a 19th century copy. It was only when the family invited Asian art specialist Regi Preiswerk to their home to look at some other antiques that its true potential was spotted. The 2ft wide urn weighing a hefty 48 lbs was made for a Qing Emperor in the 18th century.

Big prices for Princess Diana dress sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Three designer dresses worn by Princess Diana for her Royal duties have sold for over £260,000. The trio of outfits included a blue and white striped dress commissioned from the Emanuels and worn by Diana during her visit to the Gulf states with Prince Charles in 1986. That sold for £106,000 alone. A Catherine Walker printed peach silk polka dot coat dress the Princess of Wales was seen out in on numerous occasions in the late 1980s and early '90s fetched almost £100,00 at the sale in London.

The F-Word - Gordon Ramsays Ferrari for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** F for Ferrari - Gordon Ramseys F430 Ferrari supercar for sale. A Ferrari that Gordon Ramsay was once forced to sell due to financial difficulties has emerged for sale once again for £135,000. The TV chef bought the V8 motor from new in 2005 but had to part with it four years later when his restaurant empire was hit by the recession. At the time the Kitchen Nightmares star had even been advised to file for bankruptcy and his prized Ferrari had to be sacrificed. Since then Ramsay, 52, has recovered financially and the Ferrari has had a further two owners.

A nine-year-old wannabe rock star had her dream come true when she was invited on stage to jam with rock star Lenny Kravitz

***EXCLUSIVE*** Passionate drummer Nandi Bushell was asked to meet the singer-songwriter at London's O2 arena after he spotted her talents on Instagram. Her parents John, 37, and Langile Bushell, 35, said they "dropped everything" to take their daughter and her little brother Thomas, aged six, to see the star last week.

Found - WW2 poster that was too glamorous for the War Effort

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rare survivor - WW2 'Blonde Bombshell' poster that was banned for being to glamorous emerges. A rare copy of a controversial wartime poster for the women's ATS that had to be pulped following complaints by a feminist MP has come to light. The poster aimed at getting women to join the Auxiliary Territorial Army was produced in 1941 by renowned graphic designer Abraham Games. He deliberately glamourised the service by turning brunette model Doreen Murphy into a blonde, giving her red lipstick and putting her cap at a 'sexy' angle. Games' aim was to appeal to younger women but his 'blonde bombshell' poster drew complaints. Some 10,000 copies were destroyed but one that has survived has emerged for sale in Dorset for £5,000.

Plantation workers of the US Virgin Islands are captured doing their backbreaking work in 1940s color photographs - taken more than 20 years after America bought the island for $25 million gold coin

***EXCLUSIVE*** Exquisite vintage colour snaps from the 1940s show the backbreaking toil of sugar workers on the US Virgin Islands. Vibrant picture show hunched labourers using handtools to cultivate precious sugar cane, a farmer whose sweat has soaked through his hat, and a field ablaze to help with the canecutters burn through the leaves and harvest their crop. The fascinating photos were captured by Jack Delano in 1941 on the US Virgin Islands, a couple of weeks after Japan had unleashed hell in Pearl Harbour. Delano had been sent out there by the United States Farm Security Administration (FSA) to raise awareness of the subsidised farms the American organisation were backing on the remote islands. A few weeks later, the FSA would transition into the Office of War Information (OWI).

Millionaire airline executive puts iconic Concorde nose cone on the market for £300,000 after displaying it in a glass 'hangar' in his garden for two decades

***EXCLUSIVE*** A nose cone from a test specimen of a Concorde passenger plane has emerged for sale at auction for £300,000. The 'droop' cone was once fitted to one of the six Concorde planes that were never put into service and instead used as test models. It is believed to have gone through around 1,600 hours of flight time while in use but has now spent more than 20 years with a private collector.

The African-Americans hit hardest by the Great Depression: Color photos show the shanty towns that sprang up across the South as America was decimated by economic crisis

***EXCLUSIVE*** Haunting colour photos show the destitute and dilapidated living conditions of African American workers living in rundown shacks at the tail end of the Great Depression. Sobering photos capture two children in rags standing beside the tumbledown shack they had no option but to live in, black day labourers picking cotton whilst accompanied by a very young boy and his little red truck, and African American men waiting dolefully around a hastily-constructed bar for some offers of work to come in. The photos were taken in 1941, when most of the United States was getting back on its feet after the turmoil of the economic collapse of 1929, one of the darkest periods in the country’s history. For more than ten years the country was in a financial crisis which saw 15 million Americans out of work and nearly half of the country’s banks collapse. Following years of radical growth and extraordinary spending in the ‘roaring twenties’ the stock market crash of 1929 had seen millions of investors wiped out in a single day with crippling results. Whole communities found themselves suddenly unemployed and crops rotted in fields as farmers could no longer employ people to harvest them.

Idyllic seaside home and studio of British painter John Miller whose work featured on Chris Rea’s King Of The Beach album goes on sale for £1.7m

***EXCLUSIVE*** The idyllic seaside home and art studio of a British painter famed for his vivid scenes of Cornish beaches has gone on the market for £1.7m. Prints of John Miller's iconic paintings of white sandy beaches, azure seas and cloudless blue skies proved extremely popular with homeowners in the 1990s and 2000s. Musician Chris Rea also used one of his seascape paintings for the front cover of his 2000 album King of the Beach. Miller's work was inspired by the very location where he lived - right next to the sea at Lelant, near St Ives, Cornwall. The property is divided into two houses that are used as holiday lets.

British holidaymaker kicked off plane 'because he had a nut allergy'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A holidaymaker with a nut allergy has blasted Turkish Airlines for discriminating against him after kicking him off their flight. Josh Silver, 25, was returning to Gatwick with his girlfriend when he was told to leave the plane for alerting them to his serious nut allergy. When the events manager refused, as he had told the airline before his holiday, Turkish Airways called the police to remove him from the plane.

Mum’s fury as killjoy housing chiefs order her to remove £300 kids’ swings from communal garden

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum of child with M.E has slammed killjoy housing chiefs who have demanded she remove play swings from a communal garden. Mother-of-two Michelle Linbourne, 42, has spent over £300 on swings, slides, a playhouse, a see-saw, a trampoline and a sandpit for her two young daughters. She says that her eldest daughter Scarlet, seven, particularly relies on the play equipment to lift her moods, as she suffers from depression as a result of chronic pain syndrome M.E. But the family are distraught after being told by their housing association that the equipment must be removed from their garden in Kingswood, South Glos. Michelle, who lives with daughters Scarlet and Amber, said: "To them it's just a few bits of equipment, but to me it's my child's life." The family live in a privately-rented property within a housing block that boasts more than 30 flats.

How Germany sank its own navy in the aftermath of the First World War

***EXCLUSIVE*** SCOTLAND: 100 years ago, a small Scottish harbourtown witnessed the single greatest loss of warships in history. On the morning of 21 June, 1919, 74 German warships were interned at Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands, the anchorage for the Royal Navy’s Grand Fleet throughout the First World War. By the end of the day, more than 50 of the German High Seas Fleet were resting on the seabed. The carnage was not inflicted by any enemy but rather by a thwarted German commander who refused to allow his ships to become the spoils of war.

Shell-shock! Boy, four, solves mystery of underwater monster attacking fish: It's an 18inch long TURTLE native to North America

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young angler has been lauded for capturing an enormous turtle that had been wreaking havoc at a carp fishing lake. Myrtle the Turtle had previously been flying under the radar of bosses at Mesters Lake near Scunthorpe, Lincs, biting the tails off tench fish. The mystery of what was causing the gruesome injuries was stumping experts before Myrtle was discovered by four-year-old Connor Brocklesby.

Now that's a rustic property! Ramshackle cowshed which is completely exposed to the elements is up for sale for £150,000 due to permission to convert

***EXCLUSIVE*** Right Moooooove?..... A dilapidated stone cow shed that has no front or side walls has gone on the market for a staggering £150,000. That is because the ruined barn has planning permission to turn it into a two bedroom cottage in a desirable part of Cornwall. The ramshackle outbuilding is on the edge of a farm in the village of Chapel Amble which is just five miles from the trendy resort of Rock.

Town with a coffee shop every 36 yards gets its 15th café as council loses its bid to put a lid on them

***EXCLUSIVE*** A retirement town that is overspilling with coffee shops is to get its 15th after officials lost their bid to put a lid on them. Councillors in Christchurch, Dorset, refused a Coffee#1 permission to take over an empty shop because the town had too many cafes. But the national chain appealed the decision and have won their case. It means there will now be 15 coffee shops in a 500 metre stretch of the High Street - or one every 33 metres.

Wolf haul: Adorable photos show mother getting to grips with her SEVEN newborn cubs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Soggy wolf cub family get moved to a new dry home at Longleat. Delighted keepers at Longleat Safari Park are celebrating the arrival of no fewer than seven tiny wolf pups. The bumper litter of European wolves, which were born last month, are being carefully looked after by mum Eliska and dad Jango. And despite the wet weather the lucky pups have a choice of 3 dens in their enclosure so their protective parents periodically pick the pups up and move them between the underground dens at the Wiltshire safari park.