Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Intrepid explorers celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary by driving 25,000km from Dundee in South Africa to Dundee in Scotland

***EXCLUSIVE*** An intrepid couple who set off on a cross-continental 30th wedding anniversary trip have completed a mammoth 25,000km drive between two different Dundees. Adventurous Kevin and Donna Krummeck set off from the coal mining town of Dundee in South Africa on March 15 and travelled through two continents and 22 countries en route to the Donna’s hometown of Dundee in Scotland. On their travels they saw breathtaking sights, such as mountain gorillas in the lush forests of Uganda and Egypt's Great Pyramid and Sphinx, and had some hairraising experiences, including a close encounter with a bull elephant and a lioness. Kevin, 55, and Donna, 53, completed the journey of a lifetime in a customised Land Rover Defender which Kevin - originally from South Africa - bought for £15,000 and spent £12,000 modifying.

He’s earning raven reviews! Astonishing bird paints masterpieces on a canvas

***EXCLUSIVE*** How’s this for a talon-ted artist. Meet Mischief the Raven, with a creative skill for painting pictures. The 18-year-old white-necked Raven has been taught how to paint by Paige Davies the curator of bird training at the World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri, USA. Paige says: „I taught Mischief to paint because ravens are incredibly smart. They are always needing to use their brains and learn new things to stay happy and healthy.”

Glam crane operator says 'men refuse to work with her' because she's a woman

***EXCLUSIVE*** RIDDERKERK, THE NETHERLANDS: This glam female crane operator spends her days on construction sites where at first some MEN REFUSED TO EVEN TALK TO HER but now she’s ‘one of the guys’ and leaves people shocked when they find out what she does because of her immaculate hair and makeup. Growing up, crane operator, Jessica Bruintjes (27) from Ridderkerk, The Netherlands, was surrounded by people who worked in construction as her family owned a crane rental company but never thought she wanted to do the same. When Jessica turned 18, she decided that she wanted to work for her family’s company and when she told her mum about her intentions she assumed that Jessica wanted to work in the office, where there were no vacancies at that time. After telling her parents that she didn’t want a desk job but actually wanted to operate the crane, her dad assumed that she would change her mind, but she proved him wrong and achieved her truck driver’s licence and hoisting certificates. Incredible pictures show Jessica in her Spierings Crane which can reach a whopping 82ft on building sites where she spends her days fitting window frames, pouring concrete and sometimes setting up stages and sets for big events. When she started out as a crane operator some men on sites refused to talk to her or accept her as a female on a building site but now she gets on well with the men she works with. People are shocked when Jessica tells them she’s a crane operator as they don’t expect someone who takes time doing their hair and makeup to drive a crane but she wants to inspire other women into the male dominated industry.

Raw meat is all I eat

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, LEXINGTON, USA: A man who has eaten nothing but raw meat for almost a decade, says he has never felt healthier. Eating everything from sheep’s stomach smoothies to animal spleen, liver and testicles, Derek Nance, 35, lives off a diet almost entirely made up of raw meat. The self-confessed carnivore from Lexington, Kentucky says the only parts of the animal he won’t eat are the hooves and the horns. Derek has followed his caveman-style diet for close to 10 years now and the father-of four, who maintains eating raw meat is safe, even feeds his children it. His partner, however, who used to be a vegetarian, still won’t eat raw meat.

A £2m clock made for Kensington Palace

It’s not every day that a piece of royal horological history comes up for sale. But that’s exactly what will go under the hammer tomorrow at the Bonhams London auction, The Clive Collection of Exceptional Clocks & Watches. Part of an incredible, single-owner sale, the timepiece in question belongs to Colin Clive who, throughout the 1980s and 1990s, assembled one of the finest collections of clocks and watches from the late-17th century – the “Golden Age” of English horology. The piece de resistance of the collection, as well as the sale, is undoubtedly the 19.6cm-high clock No. 222, commissioned by England’s joint rulers King William III and Queen Mary II for Kensington Palace in 1693. The table clock made by master clockmaker Thomas Tompion for Queen Mary II in 1693 is expected to fetch in excess of £2,000,000.

Nissan has created a state-of-the-art electric ice cream van - with the groundbreaking zero emissions vehicle complete with a fridge, freezer, solar panels and soft-serve machine

***EXCLUSIVE*** Parents and children will this summer find themselves queueing up for a cool treat as an old ice cream van pumps out harmful emissions from its idling engine. It is an issue which is prompting councils across the UK to consider banning them in town centres while older vans in London face huge costs to drive into the Ultra Low Emission Zone. Now Nissan has teamed up with ethical ice cream producer Mackie’s of Scotland to create an all-electric, zero emission solution. The prototype, which is based on the Nissan e-NV200 electric van, has been fitted with a soft-serve machine, freezer drawer and drinks fridge. Ice cream is served from a hatch that opens in the side of the vehicle, with the vendor dispensing ice cream standing next to the van. It also has contactless bank card and smartphone payments via a „tap-to-pay” panel mounted on the side of the van.

Newly-unearthed photos chronicle the life of soldier who transformed the SAS and established 'The Regiment' as world-respected elite fighting force

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating never-seen-before photos and a new book chronicle the life and times of John Woodhouse – an inspirational and commanding leader who created the modern SAS and established ‘The Regiment’ as the most feared and respected elite force on Earth. In 1941, Scotsman David Stirling had the bold and dangerous idea of dropping a uniquely trained troop of commandos into North Africa to cause chaos deep behind enemy lines. Before long, no enemy fuel depot, ammunition stash, or airfield was safe as the new special forces unit swept all before them. The SAS was born. To Stirling’s dismay and despite his protestations, the new unit disbanded towards the end of the Second World War after years of successful operations.

Mad hare pulls silly face

***EXCLUSIVE*** This hare looks genuinely mad as it sticks its tongue out and pulls a crazy face.  Photographer James Rogerson was taking pictures of British mountain hares when this one started cleaning itself while staring directly into his camera. Mr Rogerson, 39, took the funny pictures while visiting the Cairngorms Mountain Range in Scotland to see Golden Eagles.

Two terns share a tender moment as their beaks cross in a courtship display

***EXCLUSIVE*** This pair of Royal Terns were spotted on the beach in St Petersburg, Florida to perform their courtship dances and embrace. Hundreds of the birds were on this section of beach, where they return annually, each in search for their ideal mate. Peter Brannon, 40, an amateur wildlife photographer from Tampa, Florida said, "It is part of their mating ritual and I think it is extremely elegant and emotive. I find the Royal Terns to be very romantic and tender in their courtship routine. They do a slow 'dance' which involves the two of them walking around one another in a circular fashion and then they embrace. Dinner is involved too! The male brings a freshly caught fish back for the female as an offering and, if accepted they mate."