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Woman, 32, who developed bulimia at age 11 after she was sent to FAT CAMP says she's happier than ever at 300lbs

***EXCLUSIVE*** PORTLAND, OREGON, USA: This inspirational woman is encouraging others to love their whole selves after she developed bulimia at the age of ELEVEN and was sent to FAT CAMP by her parents every summer in a bid to lose weight - but now she’s happier than ever at a size THIRTY. Photographer and blogger, Suma Jane Dark (32) from Portland, Oregon, USA, says she never looked like other children growing up and was a ‘fat child’. Despite being sporty and athletic and competing on dance, gym and swimming teams, the difference in appearance between Suma and her peers left her feeling ashamed. On top of this, Suma was constantly told by adults that her life would be so much better if she lost weight and was even sent away to fat camps every summer between the ages of seven and 11 by her parents. Between the ages of eight and 10, Suma tried her hardest to diet but became increasingly panicked by feeling that she couldn’t control her body. By 11, she found that she was capable of making herself sick which started her struggle with bulimia, thinking that she had found the best diet for her. By her early twenties, Suma was using diet pills, restricting the foods she could eat and worked out for hours a day, thinking that her entire worth depended on being smaller. In 2009 when she was 9st 9lb, Suma hit her lowest point whilst living in a miserable house share and realised that her life had to get better and in order to do that, she had to make peace with her body, which at the time she hated. Suma started to set up support groups for plus size people with eating disorders and found other people online who had similar upbringings. She started following body positive bloggers on social media and soon realised that there were lots of other people with bodies that looked like hers and realised that body positivity is for people of all sizes and from every walk of life. Whilst Suma still lives with her eating disorder, she’s proud to celebrate her UK size 30 and 21st 6lb body and isn’t ashamed to try outfits that are outside of her comfort zone and she hopes that through her Instagram posts she can teach others to love their whole selves.

Woman whose hair turned grey 'overnight' at 21 now feels sexier than ever at 44

***EXCLUSIVE*** SEDONA, ARIZONA, USA: After her hair turned silver ‘overnight’ at the age of TWENTY-ONE, this woman became obsessed with dying it every fortnight to banish the grey and even dyed it hours before giving birth out of fear of people seeing her silver strands – but says having children made her embrace her natural colour and now at almost FORTY-FOUR feels sexier than ever. Neuroscientist and author, Sara Eisenman (43) from Sedona, Arizona, USA, was left feeling mortified when she looked in the mirror at 21 and saw that her hair had started to turn grey in what seemed like overnight. At a time when she felt she was supposed to be in her prime, Sara took her changing hair colour as a negative sign of ageing and immediately started to hide her silver locks with box dyes every two weeks, afraid of anyone seeing her new natural colour. She even prioritised dying her hair just hours before giving birth to her son, Abe (8) so that when people visited them, they wouldn’t see any tell-tale signs of ageing. Now a mum of two, after having her daughter Naomi (11) previously, Sara started to change her mindset towards her box dyes and image, realising that there were more important things in life than whether she had freshly dyed hair or not. At 37 after 15-years of colouring her hair at home, Sara ditched the dye and started to view her silver hair as a ‘crown’ and found that she felt completely liberated and reborn. Sara’s husband, Hanan (45) fully supported her decision to embrace her natural beauty but when she confided in her friends, she was told that she would look aged and like a witch but Sara proved them all wrong and found that her natural colour had a vibrancy and sparkle that dyes didn’t. Sara will turn 44 in September and instead of feeling as though she is in decline as she gets older, she has more energy than ever before, looks and feels the best she has done in her life and she says it’s all thanks to embracing her natural silver hair.

Has the mystery of Peru's Nazca lines finally been solved? Scientists reveal the famous carvings identify seabirds and could have been used to in rainfall ceremonies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Giant birds carved in the Peruvian desert aren't hummingbirds after all, according to new research. Scientists have edged closer to solving the Nasca lines mystery after re-identifying the huge birds drawn on the desert plains of Peru as hermits or pelicans - not hummingbirds as was previously thought. They say identifying what the lines represent is a key step in discovering why the lines - which cover an area of about 450 square kilometres - were drawn in the first place. Most of the etchings are so large they are best seen from the air, resulting in a lucrative tourist trade in the area as wannabee India Jones’s take to the skies.

Troubling reality of melting ice in Greenland

Greenland: With their sled in tow, a pack of dogs trudge towards a distant mountain range in north-west Greenland. The stunning picture may seem typical enough of the Danish territory. What's beneath their feet, a shallow pool of crystal-blue water, is anything but. In early June, temperatures soared well above normal levels in Greenland, causing about half of its ice sheet surface to experience melting. And the sea ice around the territory is, of course, also feeling this heat. Steffen Olsen, a climate scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), took the photo on 13 June as these warming conditions reached their peak.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak press launch

Preview event celebrating the launch of the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak, at Kings Cross Station. Wizarding World Inspired Invisibility Cloak from Wow! Stuff and Warner Bros. Consumer Products Unveiled. Appear to disappear with the all-new Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak. The Wizarding World inspired garment, on sale from 19th June 2019 in the UK, makes it look like anyone or anything disappears using only a smart device.

Shortie creates jobs

Zhang Xueyi, left, works with his employees in his apparel factory in Haicheng city in northeast China's Liaoning province. Zhang was born with fragililis ossium and is only 120 centimeters tall, but he managed to create an apparel factory hiring about 400 workers with various disabilities in his hometown after many ups and downs.

That sinking feeling: Couple are left 'devastated' after their £850,000 Norfolk Broads cottage develops a severe tilt 'overnight' - forcing them to abandon their home of 17 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple have been 'left devastated' after waking up to find their stunning £850,000 riverside cottage on the Norfolk Broads sinking. Ken Pitts and wife Gail discovered to their horror that their idyllic thatched home on the River Bure at Horning in Norfolk had developed a severe lift around three months ago. Neighbours have claimed the 1970s-built cottage started sinking shortly after it was re-thatched because wooden pile foundations had broken under the weight. The couple have now been forced to move out of their home of 17 years while they wait to find out whether it will have to be demolished.

Incredible vintage pictures of the Queen attending Ascot in the early 1900s show how the royal has maintained tradition perfectly

***EXCLUSIVE*** As millions of punters cast their eye over the form books as Royal Ascot 2019 gets underway, fascinating vintage pictures show how the Royal family is always at the centre of the historic racing event. Remarkable black and white photos, some over 100 years old, include the royal box in 1919 on what looks to be a wet and wild day; The Queen, her mother, and Princes Margaret in the enclosure after the monarch’s horse “Alexander” had romped home; and a sea of grey toppers flooding Waterloo Station as eager racegoing crowds through their way to Ascot Racecourse. This week one of Britain's most well-known racecourses, Ascot, is hosting the UK’s most valuable race meeting. As ever, the prestigious event will be attended by The Queen, who has had an interest in horses since childhood. This incredibly popular race meeting, which is expected to welcome around 300,000 visitors over five days, all dressed up in their finest clothes and hats, started on Tuesday. The world’s finest horses, jockeys, and trainers will all be in attendance.

Indonesian horror market

***EXCLUSIVE*** The market from hell?  A food market shows off rows upon rows of dead animals, some of which have been beaten to death.  Dogs and chickens can be seen lined up with their mouths hanging wide open. Shoppers even pick up some of the dogs and bats as they look for the best on the market.  Retired biologist and amateur photographer Alf Jacob Nilsen took the shocking pictures of the market during a visit to Tomohon Village in Northern Sulawei, Indonesia.

‘Animal rights extremists’ leave signs outside butcher’s shop wishing ‘cancer on your family’

***EXCLUSIVE*** A butcher has vowed to carry on despite suspected animal rights protesters leaving him placards - wishing CANCER on his family. Nick Rapps, 35, was targeted by campaigners telling him to "rot in hell" and wishing "cancer on you and your family". The offensive signs were found outside Molesworths Family Butchers in Frampton Cotterell, South Glos., last Friday night - the evening before a big animal rights protest in nearby Bristol. But dad-of-one Nick, who has run the butchers store for three years, said that he refuses to give the protestors what they want by getting upset over the signs. And he says he remains "sympathetic" and "understanding" to the vegan lifestyle. Nick, from Bristol, said: "I've got quite thick skin, I can take criticism. You've kind of got to expect it in our trade.

Meet the orphaned baby wallaby being hand-reared in a rucksack after his mum died of pneumonia - and he even sleeps dangling from his carer’s headboard at night

***EXCLUSIVE*** The tiny four-month-old, named Riley, is being nurtured by wildlife carer Julia Stewart who carries him in the furry rucksack from 6.30am to 10.30pm every day.  Riley is allowed out of the pouch for an hour and a half a day to hop around with other wallabies at Studley Grange Butterfly World and Farm Park near Swindon, Wilts.  Julia, a mum-of-three, says she is growing attached to the cute joey and describes it as “like being pregnant all over again”.  He sleeps in the rucksack dangling from the headboard of her bed at home, is protected by her pet collie and even has a special spot in the passenger seat of her car.  Riley is fed every four hours and enjoys a diet of lactose-free milk, fruit, veg, a bit of grass and alfalfa, a nutritional plant.  Riley’s mum died on site two weeks ago and was discovered during the daily checks.

Love letters from the trenches: WWI soldier tells of flying bullets and near misses while his girlfriend urges him to stay in hospital in letters uncovered by the couple's great-grandson 100 years later

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hastily scrawled in the aftermath of a brutal battle, spattered with mud from the water-logged French trenches, or signed off with a ‘baker’s dozen’ of kisses – love letters from the frontline of WW1 trace a story of true love between two people, brought together by the army and separated by war months later. In 2013, writer Stephen Pearmain went up to his loft and found his great-grandmother’s old battered suitcase. Inside were an amazing collection of letters, postcards and photos sent between her and her ‘darling Leslie’ during World War One. The letters told a remarkable story of love, jealousy, horror, loss, and lustful absence told from two perspectives, at home and on the frontline. Mary Josephine ‘Phine’ Hazeltine and Albert ‘Leslie’ Cox met at the local barracks in Warley, Essex in the summer of 1914. Phine’s father was a retiring soldier finishing his military career just as Leslie was just starting his. Despite their young ages – they were 14 and 20 respectively – they fell in love in May at a military dance. They started writing love letters to each other. Five months later the young Grenadier was posted to France.

Mango market

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of people flock to the largest mango market in Asia. Over 4,000 metric tonnes of mangoes are sold each day at the market as thousands of farmers sell them wholesale to traders. A kilogram of mangoes can sell for between 20 and 70 pence, and there are over 100 different types to choose from. Photographer Abdul Momin photographed the market in Chapai Nawabganj, Bangladesh, which is nicknamed 'The Capital of Mango' in the country.

Ant on venomous snake

***EXCLUSIVE*** An ant takes a ride on a venomous snake's head. A group of the black spiny insects were walking on the poisonous green pit viper without fear - with one pictured perching on the reptile's head. The moment was captured by videographer and photographer Roni Hendrawan in his hometown of Toboali City, on the Indonesian island of Bangka.