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A weightlifting teen who supplements his vegan diet with INSECTS and SCORPIONS, says he’s „never felt better”

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sam Broadbent, 18, classifies himself as an „entovegan” and lives a vegan lifestyle boosted by the consumption of creepy crawlies such as grasshoppers, crickets and ants. The teen radically changed his diet in October 2018 by cutting out meat and in January he ditched all animal products - with the exception of bugs. Lunchtime chicken and cheese sandwiches were replaced by bowls of crickets swimming in lentils and he ditched his nightly pork chops in favor of crunchy grasshopper burritos. The senior, of Lewiston, Maine, USA, gulps down protein shakes made from crushed crickets and even grills scorpions on his barbecue as a special treat. His interest in entomophagy - the practice of eating insects - began in 2015 when he helped his dad Bill Broadbent, 59, establish an online bug-supermarket called Entosense. Sam said: "I used to eat meat twice a day, maybe chicken or turkey with pepper jack cheese in a sandwich for lunch and beef or pork for dinner with sweet potatoes.

A gelateria has become the first in Britain to sell Cannabidiol (CBD) oil infused ice cream

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kyle Gentleman, 28, who runs ICE shops in both Redding and Larbert in Falkirk, began selling the freshly pasteurised green-coloured product on Friday. And as soon as the ice cream hit the shelves and word spread quickly it ran out "almost straight away". The dad-of-two, who charges £2.50 per scoop, has even beat American company Ben and Jerry's to release the ice-cream but he believes it is because his business is "much smaller".

They told us to date the same race

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE TEXAS, USA: A young couple want to tackle the judgement their interracial relationship has provoked from friends, family and strangers. Angel Nguyen, 29, and Donny Nguyen, 33, are in an AMBW relationship - which stands for Asian Men Black Women, referring to interracial coupling. They have been together for six years and eloped nearly four years ago. Donny told Barcroft TV: „The most challenging aspect of being in an AMBW relationship is the judgement we face from everyone - I get looks and Angel gets stares.”

Petticoats and no safety ropes! Remarkable unearthed 19th century photographs reveal the first ever rock climbers

***EXCLUSIVE*** As mountaineering continues to be popular, with queues forming at the top of Mount Everest, rare photographs of the first ever rock climbers have been unearthed. The astonishing images show men and women dressed in petticoats WITHOUT a safety rope in sight tackling cliff-faces in the Lake District in the 1890s, when rock climbing just started taking off as an activity.  The unearthed photographs Ð were taken by climber-photographers brothers George and Ashley Abraham in the late 19th century - provide a rare insight into what Victorian rock climbing looked like.

'How to' moon landing guide for Apollo XI astronauts

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating step-by-step plan of the historic first moon landing reveals NASA's meticulous planning. A collection of rare artefacts from the Apollo 11 mission are being sold on the 50th anniversary of the historic moon landings. The sale also includes an American flag carried to the moon, Neil Armstrong's toy plane that first inspired him to fly, along with his Robbins medal and the visitors book from Airforce One with comments from the astronauts and their wives. The items are going under the hammer with US based RR Auctions who expect them to fetch over £127,000. ($160,000)

Memoirs reveal how German teen was forced to join Hitler's army, the shame of realising his Jewish girlfriend was doomed and his horror as he was made to watch footage from Auschwitz as a POW

***EXCLUSIVE*** A RELUCTANT Nazi’s memoir has revealed the anguish of fighting for a fascist government you despise, the bloody reality of fighting the Allied Forces in Normandy, and the gut-wrenching realisation of the atrocities that took place in the Nazi’s Concentration Camps. Günter Horst Beetz was just seven year’s old when Hitler became chancellor in 1933. Little did he know that the Fuhrer’s diabolical vision would dominate his childhood and teenage years. Aged just 18 Beetz would end up trying to contain the American forces in Normandy in 1944, cast into a war he had no appetite for and made to witness some of his closest friends slaughtered in battle. He would eventually end up captured and serve an extra three years in POW in the United States and the UK. Having died suddenly last winter, Beetz’ war diary is being posthumously published in A Soldier Of The Reich: An Autobiography – a frank and revealing account of a Hitler Youth member’s passage from boisterous schoolboy to shamefaced POW.

Gandhi's 'warning' letter

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ghandi ignored the warnings in the letter sent to him, instead writing manuscripts on the back about the country's health crisis. A foreboding manuscript sent to Gandhi warning him of the dangers of religious fanatics six weeks before he was assassinated has emerged for sale for £20,000. One of the Independance movement leader's followers wrote to him on December 21, 1947, to express his fears about the 'fundamental evil of religious fanaticism'. But it appears Gandhi did not heed his concerns as he discarded the letter, turning it over to write a manuscript about the country's health crisis on the back. On January 30, 1948, he was murdered by Hindu nationalist Nathuram Godse who fired three bullets into his chest in the garden of Birla House in Delhi was he walked to a prayer meeting.

Birth of Elvis - in letters

***EXCLUSIVE*** Never-seen-before letters charting the struggles a record producer had in launching an unknown Elvis Presley into the music world have emerged for sale for £50,000. The fascinating archive reveals calamitous calls made by record executives and DJs who rejected Memphis music impresario Sam Phillips' efforts to get Elvis' name out there. Mr Phillips, boss of the fledgling star's first record label Sun Records, wrote: "Sun has released a new artist who is creating a tremendous excitement...his name is Elvis Presley." The archive of 47 letters includes several rejection letters and is being sold by Henry Aldridge and Son of Devizes, Wilts.

Historic cricket bat collection of master craftsman

***EXCLUSIVE*** A collection of cricket bats that were used by some of finest players of all-time have been put up for sale by the man who crafted them with his own hands. Duncan Fearnley, 79, is best known for producing bats for legendary England all-rounder Ian Botham throughout his illustrious career. He also created hand-made blades for the likes of Viv Richards, Clive Lloyd and Indian hero Sunil Gavaskar, all featuring his famous 'three stump' logo. At the end of a season the bats were often donated back to him by generous players and he has now decided to part with a number of them.

The ancient oriental castle Fujian earth building

Fujian, China: Hakka tulou in Fujian province is a unique mountain dwelling building in China. It is known as the ''Oriental ancient castle'' and the ''world architectural wonder''. Circular tulou is a model residence for hakka people. The well, kitchen, storage, bedroom, food processing room, firewood room, pig and cow house, toilet and other facilities are all available. In addition to prevention, tulou also have the functions of fire prevention, earthquake prevention, animal protection, ventilation and lighting. And warm in winter and cool in summer, it is a unique building... Tulou buildings in fujian have become the most attractive tourist attraction in the region and are listed as a world cultural heritage site, attracting more and more foreign tourists.