Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Weight crisps

Tina Cotton showing the difference in her size. See SWNS copy SWTPcrisps: A formerly obese woman who would gorge on up to ONE HUNDRED packets of cheese and onion crisps a month has shed nearly nine stone by walking up to 30,000 steps a day. Chunky Tina Cotton, now 45, was trying for a baby but at over 19st was warned that her weight might be to blame after she tragically suffered three miscarriages. Deciding to give up on her ‚Äeobsessive dream‚Äô of having more kids she sank into a deep depression - binge-eating crisps and junk food.

Squirrel box

A hilarious moment a squirrel hiding in a feeder on a tree pops out to protect his food from another critter. See SWNS story SWSYsquirrel. This is the funny moment a squirrel hiding in a box of nuts jumped out like a ‚ÄeJack in the box‚Äô to protect his stash of food from another critter. The cheeky squirrel was filmed trying to keep a whole box of peanuts to itself by hiding inside it and jumping out when other squirrels get close by. It was filmed playing hide and seek at the Little Lakeland Caravan Park in Norfolk.

Seagull attack


Roy ,77, and Brenda Pickard, 71, were unable to get out of their front door for almost a week after two seagull chicks slipped onto the canopy directly above their door, pictured at their home in Fleetwood, Lancashire, June 21 2019. An elderly couple were held hostage in their seaside home by seagulls - for six DAYS. See SWNS story SWLEseagull. Roy and Brenda Pickard were unable to get out of their front door for almost a week after two seagull chicks slipped onto the canopy directly above the entrance to their house. The positioning of the baby gulls - just nine foot off the ground - meant any time Roy attempted to leave his home, he was confronted by a squawking seagull desperate to protect her chicks. At one point, 77-year-old Roy was hit so hard on the back of the head by the bird he had to be taken to hospital to treat the bloody wound.

Prom ban

sobel Deady, Tyla McHugh, and Ellie Kinloch, have all been banned from attending their end of Year 11 prom. Three schoolgirls have been banned from their end of year prom for joining an environment protest instead of attending revision classes. See SWNS story SWLEprotest. Ellie Kinloch, Tyler McHugh, and Isobel Deady, all 16, skipped class to take part in a climate change youth protest in Manchester city centre on Friday, May 24. All three informed the school of their plans beforehand and argue the protest should have been considered an "exceptional circumstance". However, upon returning to Albany Academy in Chorley, Lancs, they were informed by headteacher Peter Mayland that they wouldn't be allowed to attend the end of year prom on June 28. Mr Mayland says their attendance at the Youth Strike 4 Climate protest represents an "unauthorised absence", for which the girls should be disciplined. The girls' parents met with the head and offered to pay a fine, have their children go to detention or embark on some sort of environmental project to help the school. School officials have refused to reverse their decision.

Osprey meal

***EXCLUSIVE*** An osprey emergaes from the water with it's next meal in Rothiemurchus, Scotland. See SWNS copy NNosprey: Soaked but successful, dramatic pictures show an osprey rising from the water clutching its next meal. Wildlife snapper Andy Howard got up at 2am for three days to get these pictures of osprey in Scotland. Andy, 48, got the dramatic shots at Rothiemurchus near Aviemore where the osprey return to from Spain and Africa for the summer.

Penis RAF

The penis shape made by the RAF falcons over Licolnshire. See SWNS copy SWOCparachute: This is the moment the world famous RAF Falcons drew a massive WILLY during an air show. The famous military parachute display team were performing at the Lincolnshire Air Show on Thursday when they made the hilarious shape in the sky with coloured smoke. According to an eyewitness who snapped the spectacle, "pockets of laughter rippled through the crowds as it appeared the RAF Falcons had drawn a huge willy".

Insulin Answer

***EXCLUSIVE***Shay Turner who died aged just five, after doctors misdiagnosed his sepsis and gave him a large dose on insulin instead, pictured on holiday in June 2017, copied June 23 2019. See SWNS story SWLEanswers: A five-year-old boy was given ten times the standard amount of insulin for diabetes instead of being treated for potential sepsis. Little Shay Turner was rushed to hospital on March 30 2018 but tragically died four days later after doctors initially misdiagnosed him. He suffered a catastrophic brain injury and his heartbroken parents, Laura and Martyn Turner, were told the kindest thing they could do was to turn off his life support. Now Laura, 28, and Martyn, 29, are desperate for answers about what went wrong with their little boy's treatment and are crowdfunding £12,000 to pay for representation by a solicitor at Shay's inquest.