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World war bomb explodes on field

24 June 2019, Hessen, Ahlbach: A huge crater can be seen on a barley field after the explosion of a world war bomb. According to estimates by munitions experts on site, the air bomb had probably exploded at a depth of several metres as a result of the triggering of the chemical detonator. There weren't any casualties. Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa

Extreme tea challenge

Wiltshire Army cadets take high tea up on the scaffold at Salisbury Cathedral, where the Old Sarum detachment cadets launch an extreme tea challenge ahead of Armed Forces Day, encouraging people across the country to enjoy a cream tea in the most unusual and extreme places.

Rare Brain Tumours

***EXCLUSIVE***Teenager Jade Asbury, 19, was told by doctors she had anorexia, only to discover her drastic weightloss stemmed from three rare brain tumours. See SWNS story SWCAtumour. A teenage girl who was told by doctors that she was anorexic discovered months later that she actually had three rare brain tumours. Jade Asbury, 19, went back and forth to her GP for months after her periods stopped, her eye sight began to fail and she was going through unexplained weight loss. It was not until Jade went for a check-up at the opticians after having problems with driving that they spotted there might be a problem. After months of tests it was discovered she had three germinoma brain tumours which only affect ten people a year in the UK.

Childhood sweethearts

Andrew Wilson age 17. Childhood friends Andrew and Karen Wilson, both now 59, have finally married - after spending 45 years out of contact. See SWNS story SWCAchildhood. Two childhood friends who "fancied each other" at school have now married - after spending 45 years apart. Andrew and Karen Wilson, both now 59, were first introduced when they were "practically forced" together in first year at secondary school in 1971. The couple were originally "disappointed" when they were told to sit next to each other in their registration class because they "were the two stragglers" at Riversmead School, in Cheshunt, Herts., After a year of the pair grew close becoming friends, but "nothing happened" and they went their separate ways after finishing school in 1976.


Deer runner

Karen Brewer and partner Stuart. A woman was knocked over by a DEER during a 10K race offering the chance to ''catch a glimpse of local wildlife" - but still got up to WIN. See SWNS story SWPLdeer. Self-employed gardener Karen Brewer, 50, got closer than she ever imagined when a deer jumped out in front of her just a mile into the race - taking her out and landing on top of her. She suffered bruises to her calf and ribs but got up and ran on pure adrenaline to complete the race and record the fastest time in her veterans age category at the annual Haldon Forest Park 10k on Sunday. Karen, of Cullompton, Devon, said: "I was just about a mile in and heard a rustle to my left. The next thing I know I saw a flash of brown and was thrown onto the floor. "The deer had misjudged me and knocked me clean into the over-grass.


Picture of the day 25 June 2019

A misty pink sky sunrise over a poppy field in Sturminster Marshall, Dorset on 24/06/2019

WW2 shelter in my garden

***EXCLUSIVE***Kelly Webb and her son Riley with the Anderson style shelter they uncovered in their back garden. See National News story NNshelter. A family have discovered a Second World War air raid shelter hidden beneath tonnes of earth in their garden. Kelly and Sean Webb hired a mini digger to clear the mass of rocks and weeds at the back of their garden in Malvern Road, off Magazine Road in Ashford, and were told by workmen that something unusual had been uncovered. They watched tonnes of soil and rubble gradually being lifted away to reveal the tin Anderson shelter, which was unusually encased in concret

Tree Man Admitted Again In Hospital In Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh, June 24, 2019: Abul Bajandar, 28, known as Tree Man, who suffers from rare skin dosorder as he sits on a bed at burn unit of the Dhaka Medical College Hostpital in Dhaka, Bangladesh on June 24, 2019. He admitted again in the hospital last month as her condition getting bad.PHOTOGRAPH BY Rehman Asad / Barcroft Media ***Exclusive***